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  1. This goes along with the Phylus Chronicles RP posted under Roleplay Talk. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here or message me. If you need/want a preset character, I have a few in stock, otherwise you're free to make your own character to have it approved. My max party size is five or six people, so keep that in mind.

    "The Underground was, still is I 'pose, a dangerous place. Hell, just last week Jenson got shot, Mikey was stabbed through the groin with a vibroblade, and Jimmy took a frag to the face. Heh, why stay? I love it."
    - Benedict "Analog" Alder

    If you didn't work for the big names, you were no better than a scrubber out in Phylum. Forget ritzy apartments, solid meals, or even a safe place to sleep; in the underground it was kill or be killed. And that's why it was the perfect place to get people in on a job. Compile all the soldiers, Peacekeepers, Marshals, whatever you want, and they will fall short to a home-grown Runner team. They're cheap, expendable, and nearly untraceable: perfect for the dirty work. Sure, you might take a bullet in the process, but better to die getting paid then to die for your shirt, the saying went...

    Maybe you were a Street Samurai - some guy with an absurd love for Bushido and other long-gone Japanese ideals - who had the creds for a new arm, maybe a new leg and a shiny new gun. Maybe you were that scrawny, ported-up Netter puke at the video store. Or maybe you were just a guy with a gun and a want for cash, didn't matter to the Corps when they came by. When milNet came by that one faithful October evening, everything changed in the Underground of K22. There were less random gunfights. Less 'unfaithful' women on the streets. Less Underground, in short. Then they went around to every hole, every store, every 'ma-and-'pa bar they could find until a crew was gathered and brought in for the job, all six of them.





    Affiliation to the Underground (i.e. is he a Netter, a Street Samurai, a thug, etc.):

    Bio (At least two paragraphs, can be any format):

    Usual Gear (Be reasonable):
  2. Name: Jarred Desai

    Age: 33

    Gender: Male

    Affiliation to the Underground: Jarred in his old days had been a bounty hunter, offering his services to anyone willing to take a more aggressive approach to tagging their targets. His one rule about business: the target never dies.

    Bio: It used to be, if you wanted a man taken in, you hired Jarred. He was the most bang-for-your buck and always had the right strings to pull to make sure the job was done, until he had gotten into trouble with some of Phylum's more 'prestigious' gangs. He had been burned; all his creds, contacts, and information had gone entirely blank. Officially, he was a ghost. If not for the sole piece of junk they left in his life - a registered handgun - he would have never been caught for the murder of twelve affiliated gang members in the Underground, but as it was, he was roasted a week later.

    Now, fresh out of the sleep-tubes of K22's Peacekeeper tower, Jarred is back in town with that same handgun in the same bar, but with no cash. That was, until the job came. Four of them, all up in fancy 'duds and carrying briefcases. They asked for the best, the bar pointed, and Jarred strutted forward in his faded clothes and asked two simple questions, "How much? When do we start?"

    Usual Gear: An old, worn Smithson handgun with only six shots left.
    A Myrumesh bodysuit, much like a layer of bullet proof skin, over his torso
    One packet of water-vapor based cigarettes, a "gift" from a friend on his return

    "Now, now, girlie. Don't know where you think you're going."
  3. -Reserved-. Gonna apply once I read up some on the lore for this. For example, what the underground, or a netter, is.
  4. Underground just refers to the not-rich areas. The term "ghetto" or "bad side of town" doesn't even begin to describe it, because the wealth gap is so high that it is really just a collection of poor people resorting to all sorts of means to make it out in the city.

    As for a brief rundown of the "classes" so to speak (I might not have stated everything in the lore. Mind you, these are only unique to Cyberpunk in general):

    Street Samurai: A warrior/fighter who has taken the old Japanese code of Bushido to heart. Doesn't mean they run around with swords, simply they fight honorably. If you did have a sword, it probably would be katana-like. More often than now a street samurai uses cybernetic enhancements, not always there, but is a symbol of who and what they are.

    Netter: In short, a hacker who has to plug into the Net to break into devices. The Net takes a different appearance for everyone, similar to how Inception worked with the Dreamer and the Architect. So long as the Netter keeps his cool, his reality stays consist; however, corporate programs can easily turn the tables. Most notorious of this is turning the previously sword-armed peasants into gun-wielding mercenaries, just to name an example.

    Rigger: A rigger is a gadgeteer, often working illegally with unlicensed weaponry for sale. However, their role goes beyond simple tinkering. A rigger can, like a Netter, hook into machinery and control it: the only difference being that most Netters make poor riggers and most riggers make poor Netters. Often times, riggers are used to automate security systems and put them to their fullest efficiency. After all, an extra set of 24/7 eyes helps.
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  5. Well damn.. the netter thing could be a whole RP in itself. I think I have made my decision. I'll make an app when I finish doing all my general household tasks.
  6. (I like the sound of this so I'm just gonna put this up)

    Name: Dun Maupin



    Affiliation to the Underground:
    Demo man/Rigger. Dun Maupin is an up and coming rigger. Unlike most riggers who make weapons and avoid conflict, Dun loves to test his homemade weapons himself. This has led him to be hired by several groups when they want a target eliminated in a very unique way. He currently is in between jobs and is looking for someone that will lead him on an exciting adventure.

    Dun was born in the city of Valhalla to a father who had worked in the weapon R&D for several of the big name gun companies (BOOMtech and Dual). As his father retired from the business he ensured that Dun grew up to appreciate the creativity behind weapons. Dun led an isolated life and therefore has several personality quirks. He likes to make friends and is friendly to most people. But he has an almost useless moral compass since he did not learn right from wrong growing up. This often results in Dun being classified as having a split personality, because at one moment he can be happy and caring, and in the next situation he could be a sadistic psychopath. After years of training and learning Dun was told by his father to go out and seek his own fortune. But sitting behind a desk all day did not appeal to Dun, he likes to be in the middle of the action to test out his weapons personally. This has earned him a reputation as being unstable and very blunt with his tactics.

    Dun has an almost hipster-like attitude when it comes to weapons. He never makes the same gun twice and hates conforming to a standard format. This means that each gun he makes is deadly in its own unique way. He was recognized for this when a powerful crime boss commissioned him for a personal shotgun. Dun came back a week later with a shotgun that fired volatile pellets filled with radioactive waste. Needless to say the boss was pleased. Dun occasionally tinkers with automated systems but they simply do not hold his attention. He is a follower by nature since he is not very tactical when it comes to planning. But if a leader gains his trust he will follow their orders unquestioningly.

    Usual Gear:
    clothes: an assault outfit kindly "donated" by a black ops squad. Made of ballistic mesh and armor plates over vitals. Plus Dun's personal "smiley" mask to protect his face from explosions/flying limbs.

    Primary Weapon: Custom Built grenade launcher that can fire a wide variety of ammo

    Secondary: Custom Machine Pistol

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  7. what is your preference to how large the group is?
  8. ok cool. cant wait for this rp!
  9. random thought. Since my character is a gun maker could people ask him to make guns during the rp? I have tons of unique guns saved and it would be kinda interesting to see how it plays out. But its just a suggestion, you dont have to if you dont want to
  10. Depends how long the RP goes. Making a gun in the thick of combat doesn't work, but it can make a profit otherwise.
  11. yeah sure, i meant if they had a base or something. not in the middle of combat
  12. You'd probably work from your garage or something - still is illegal to make these things.
  13. yeah but that wont stop a rigger right? I mean it is the underworld and all
  14. Yeah,just don't blab about it.
  15. ok that makes sense..hopefully we get some people so we can start...
  16. If I may I want to reserve a character, I am in progress of making it. Gathering information, pictures and etc. Thanks. :)
  17. Notice to everyone interested:

    I do hope to start this RP during next week, so make sure preparations and all are finished by then.
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  18. Name: Jack “Bushido” Blackwater

    Age: 24

    Gender: Male

    Affiliation to the Underground: Jack has been seen to take liking to the code of the Samurai from little legs thus when he grew up he earned himself the nickname of Bushido… he is known as a Street Samurai

    Bio: Raised in a very poor family Jack spent most of his childhood time watching the anime cartoons on TV and stealing. His affection towards the Samurai was un-explainable the cartoons that he was watching sparked his affection towards them… since young age he would do anything to obtain a story or scrap that related to the Samurai’s; he was obsessed by them but he was also a skillful thief… never did he get caught even once. These days he is seen doing bounty hunter contracts with a set of cybernetic arms; he gained a reputation as a man not to be crossed with.

    Usual Gear:

    Dual Katana Swords


    Atlas Handgun


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