Photographer's School (Always Accepting) [IC]

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  1. Welcome to the first annual "C.B.A.T" or "Camera Battles of Actual Torture." Photographer's from all over the world will unwillingly risk their lives to kill each other with custom grade-A camera's we call "Kill Cams." These camera's are customizable to each photographer's liking, with as many upgrades as they want. The extremely simple job is: take a picture of your victim. They die. Simple right? There are three divisions you have to go through when your rank levels up.

    First Rank, Reloaders: These are photographers who had just started using Kill Cams. So all of you. You will start killing in a phantom state as they are just learning to kill, which means they won't die if they are caught. Second Rank, Snap Shots: They are more advanced, but they aren't as skilled as level three's. Snap shots can also "play doubles" which mean they are in team's. Same game, just friendlier because you have buddies. Last we have the Third Ranks, Camcorders: At the top of the food chain, we have the Camcorders, the fastest, strongest, coolest. They are allowed to join, contest. These are three person wars that have major prizes at the end!

    Now that you know that, let's get to your living quarters!

    DORMS: These living quarters are called....Dormitories. Simple enough, each photographer has one room, which is shared between two or four people. That's it for the rooms, moving on.

    YOUR SCHOOL: This is where you will be spending most of your time when not "killing" your friends. The purpose of the institution is to show that defiance is the key to opening one's opportunity. I think. Now get to the entrance ceremony.

    That's all the school board said "I only have to do this cause my stupid mom, wouldn't leave me alone..." A slightly short kid with glasses said walking through the gate towards the giant cathedral of a school. Looking up at the stupid motto the school had "Don't be defined by defeat!" What did that even mean? Well it didn't matter, he's a photographer not a psychiatrist, he thought while taking a seat in the auditorium to listen to the speech, that was being set up while more kids walked through the doors.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.