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  1. Modelling. What can be said about it? The most attractive people money can buy displayed in various shots for the entire world to view. They sell products, advertise and generate interest in a company, as well as attract general consumers to a certain line. In short, they get paid to draw in people to buy more products. However, there's much more to the process then just the simple click of a camera while the model smiles. Its a long, arduous process filled with drama, anguish, annoyance, and hours upon hours of taking photographs.

    One specific model, a young woman, has seen a recent increase in her fame (and fortune). Due to this increase, the demand for product endorsements from her has gone up and it seems like every profitable company wants her to model for them. She's living the high life. In the short time since becoming famous, she's been in more then 50 ads a month, made multiple appearances on television and undergone countless interviews.. So why is it that she can't find a man?

    The answer is not because she doesn't have men ogling her (which, they do, especially her famous "Playbook centrefold" appearance), its that she hasn't found "the time or the one". She's been all over the world, and yet nobody has jumped out at her. Granted, she's had celebrity affairs and whatnot, but none of those really seemed to matter. However, while on tour in <insert country name here> (I was thinking USA/Canada or Europe/UK), she meets a young and promising photographer who has been recruited by her agent. As the two begin to get to know each other, tensions rise as the photographer is thrown into her world and dragged on a wild ride, all the while growing fonder of each other. Will the model find what she's looking for in the young man, or will something else happen?​

    So, I had a few ideas for this. Obviously its a slice of life RP that is commonly found, but I'd like to try this out.

    Firstly, I will be playing the male photographer and am looking for someone to play the female supermodel. You can play either an existing model (Brooklyn Decker, Kate Upton, just to name a few), or play an OC. Either one is fine with me, your choice.

    Secondly, you can choose what country your character is doing a modelling tour in. This will be important because the characters will have different settings to interact with, along with different scenarios we can go through.

    Thirdly, we will decide on when we want to start (what point in the story), and also come up with a dramatic twist for the RP. I have some ideas that I can expand on or we could collaborate on that could add interesting decisions and issues to the RP:

    • During one night of club-hopping and fun amongst the crew and other models, our characters hook up in a a drunken stupor

    • Same premise as the first, but instead of having sex, one of them is sober and takes care of the other person.

    • The supermodel decides to have a bit of fun with the photographer while they aren't filming, starting a sort of on-set affair (they can get caught if we want)

    • Despite falling for each other, they both wish to live separate/different lives and keep their relationship secret

    • The agent of the model is revealed to be part of some kind of sex industry, before trying to force the model into it against her wishes (we could deal with the consequences and sort of a "fall from fame" story)

    • As a way of annoying her ex-boyfriend (whom she actually began to fall for), the model claims that the photographer is her new boyfriend and begins a lie which the two need to uphold

    • The photographer has to deal with the fact that he's in love with the model, but he already has a girlfriend/fiancée and must decide who he stays with

    • The two (model and photographer) accidentally get married and spend a majority of time trying to get out of it, but slowly learn they love each other.

    That's a sample of ideas I have for this, but there are multiple more that I can come up with. So, let me know what you think and post below/PM me if you're interested.

    I'm only taking one person for this (right now), so it'll be a race to see who responds first. So, good luck!
  2. I'm very interested in this. ^_^
  3. Sweet! Lets begin planning. Shall we take it to PM or keep it here?
  4. Erin Evelyn Finnegan
    (Prefers to be called Evelyn)

    Twenty-Three | Scottish | Model

    * Enjoys socializing, drinking and strives to live her life without regrets.

    * Absolutely adores animals and small children, she hopes to become a mother someday.

    * Comes from a fairly small family, grew up without siblings and has an incredible relationship with both parents and her grandparents.

    * Can be quite reckless with her behavior, but she's a free spirit and doesn't believe in taking life cautiously.

    * However, she has a tremendously strong sense of justice and morality.

    Gabrielle "Gabby" Delacour

    Twenty-One | French | Fiancee

    * Traditionalist, conservative and not exactly accepting of her fiance's career path.

    * Prefers quiet environments, dislikes chaos and isn't the type of woman to set foot inside a club.

    * Absolutely loves to cook, and she's rather excellent at it as well.

    * Dreams of returning to Paris and living her life there, with Dylan of course.

    * Gabrielle and Dylan have a lot of similarities, which is why they connect so perfectly together as a couple.

    * Gabrielle's family is fairly wealthy and she enjoys a comfortable, lavish, lifestyle because of that.
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  5. Um is competition allowed OTL
  6. Oh it's a type of emoticon.
  7. Oh... Hmm.. That could make things interesting. Nica? You up for a joined RP, or individual stuff?

    Here, send me a CS privately and we can discuss stuff
  8. Cool, so we can discuss things here then.
  9. Um I don't know who to be or anything.. Like a role //slinks away
  10. You could be another model vying for my characters affections, just a suggestion. It would create more drama.
  11. Oh right! That could work just as well!
  12. Ah, no thanks. XD I'll step down.
    I mean I'll be more like a minor so not much will happen with my character if I join,
  13. Oh, okay then..

    Looks like its you and me again, Nica!
  14. Shall I post a CS for the girlfriend/fiancée as well?

    Dylan Eric Robertson
    (Also goes by "Dyl" for short)

    Twenty-One | British | Photographer

    * Tends to stray away from social events and loves to spend time by himself or with close friends.

    * Like Evelyn, he absolutely adores animals and small children, he hopes to become a father someday.

    * Comes from a fairly small, very wealthy family, but he was adopted at the age of 3. He never really knew his real parents, but he learned that they were young, afraid, and wanted to keep him. Circumstances just forced them to leave him in the care of another family.

    * Almost never takes risks and prefers being in his comfort zone rather then jumping into the excitement.

    * Dylan is totally a sucker when it comes to women, which makes him an easy target for manipulation. He's been lucky now that he's found Gabrielle, but women have used his docile nature in the past to exploit him, then break his heart.

  15. Sure, you can play her! If you wouldn't mind, I'd like her to be French. Keeping up the European style :3
  16. I added her to my original CS.
  17. Cool. So, anything else we want to discuss before we start? Also, could you start us off? I've got a ton of replies to work on today.
  18. Where shall we begin?
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