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  1. "When you want to calm Anya down after a fight. Your father use to bring me flowers and jeweleries. But I never wear any nor do I take care of flowers so I just make him work for my good graces with his skills."
  2. "I wouldn't say that. We all felt the tremor of that girl's awakening. Who knew that girl always following Mars around wasn't a stray." Harmony laugh, "It's a shock to know Kuna hime could hide a scandalous secret."
  3. Harmony shrug, "And your father never blamed her. He keeps going back."
  4. btw, after we finish this introductory arc, i'll probably start up an Interludes thread.

    we've got a lot of untold backstory with our chars (I get the sense the bulk of it lies with Cross, Jade, Sam, Ruth, and the interactions of Hushcobb/Specter).

    we can use Interludes as an opportunity to flesh that out without sidelining Volume 1.