Phoenix's Wrath's Poetry/Sort of

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  1. Life is a rose

    Life is like a rose. It's beautiful textures, sights and sounds
    engulfing us in a
    joyful bliss as we go
    through it, wrapping ourselves in the petals of it's comforts.
    But as we go down we run into thorns.
    Sometimes we just prick ourselves and the cut
    isn't too deep, but it still stings and even bleeds a little.
    But it heals But sometimes we really just gouge ourselves, and
    the pain is horrible, the cut is deep and bleeds immensely. We let the
    wound fester and it becomes infected, but with some anti-biotics and comfort,
    we see the world at a new light, hear it at a new tune, the smells change to good and
    the feeling is amazing. Life is beauty.


    Intelligence means nothing if your heart's wisdom doesn't match your minds.
    Wisdom isn't a matter of IQ as much as it's a matter of how you handle things and treat
    A fool acts out of anger while a wise man acts out of understanding, and what is
    A wise man knows never to reply to hatred with hatred but to reply to it
    with compassion and love, and kindness.