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  1. A recording clicks to life and a man clears his throat "The year is two thousand sixty four, thirty years after world war three ended. Thirty years after the worst decision mankind has ever made. A screen flickers slowly to life, on it a complex chemical equation. "Thinking back, it's funny in a morbid kind of way. More people have died at the end of that war then had ever died during it." The equation changes into an image of a molecule, which slowly starts to rotate. "What you see before you is my greatest creation, My most terrible child. I am Doctor William Murdoc, Architect of the single worst genocidal event this world has ever seen. This is an image of the rgs7x, a genophage designed to slow down birthing rates to cull overpopulation in animals." The voice takes on a proud sort of tone "I had finished it just before the war started, I was young and ambitious then, but enough about me. Millions were killed during the war, and once it was clear America had no chance of winning the war, weaponized my creation." The image changes once more showing what looks to be a missile of an unknown design "Launching it at other countries through the use of newly created intercontinental ballistic missiles, designed with steal in mind. by the time the world noticed what was happening it was too late. The warheads killed millions more all the while releasing the genophage into he air." The screen changes again showing the impact zones of the different missile strikes "After a week it had saturated the entire globe, the results were immediate. All the children under the age of 10 died, and soon after women were rendered nigh infertile. Realizing this countries every where started pulling back their soldiers." The screen is now showing images of mass burials and empty maternity wards "The world was now left with less than a twentieth of it's former population. America left with only a sixtieth of it's citizens, realized that in order to better protect it remaining number they had to be closer together. Issuing a general order that had every citizen of our once great nation retreating behind walls built to keep enemy soldiers out of it's major cities" the screen change once more this time for showing the tired and worn face of an old man " As a result of my creation, only one out of every twenty births is actually successful. To atone for my sins, I have dedicated the remainder of my life to making a cure. If you are watching this, then congratulations YOUR humanity's only hope of ever leaving the endangered list." The screen fades to black.

    This is going to be based in post apocalyptic america one hundred and six years after the above mentioned date. The remaining populations have withdrawn into major cities and walled themselves off imposing strict policies to ensure survival, nature has reclaimed what it had lost to mankind's ever expanding industries. Shut off from the outside world every city's government has diverged from what America used to be. Cities send out Caravans on what used to be America's highways to establish trade with one another.

    Education remains largely unchanged teaching what little children a city does have how to read, write, and basic math.

    Jobs in the cities are largely similar

    Farmers: Tend to the food and livestock raised the the city
    Militia: The guards and police force
    Hunters: By far the largest group, They are responsible for the protection of the outer city
    Nursemaids: They raise what children the cities have
    Doctors: Responsible for the health and general welfare of the city
    Traders: Drive caravans, to other cities enabling trade for supplies and medicine not for in their city of origin

    Settlers: People who have forgone the protective walls of the city and have chosen to live out side among natures bounty

    Starting city is up for debate but it will be based in america, preferably somewhere near a mountainous region.
    The only jobs I'd be willing to accept at first would be; Traders, Hunters, or Settlers. Because for the underlying plot we'd have to move around outside of cities. I'd be willing to accept another job if you could rationalize it, why would you have been allowed outside.
  2. Full name: Your name
    Age: Your age
    Ie: Medic, Scout, Nurse):
    If Hunter or Militia):
    (What are you like?)
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  3. Full name: Alexander "Xander" Grey
    Age: 23
    Job: Hunter
    Role(Ie: Medic, Scout, Nurse): Assault
    Rank(If Hunter or Militia): Captain
    Personality: (What are you like?) Xander Is cheerful and friendly, That being said he is a well qualified leader and can be extremely serious when the time calls for it. He may not be the most forward thinker and definitely not the most tactical, but he always pulls through in the end. He isn't afraid to listen to his squad in situations where they might be more versed then him.
    Appearance: Xander is 6 foot 2 inches tall and weighs about 200 lbs (thats about 1.9 meters and 90.8 kilos to those on the metric system). He has a solid build with broad shoulders and a dark skin tone. he keeps his black hair cut short and away from his brown eyes. his most eye catching feature, a diagonal scar running from above his right eye across his nose to just under his left eye. A reminder of one of his first excursions outside the city walls.
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  4. are we allowed to make more than one character? I love this whole set up.
  5. yea make as many as you feel you can comfortably use
  6. Full name: Isa Coles
    Age: 17
    Job: Trader
    Personality: Isa is quite an observant. She is friendly, cynical, but is a bit socially awkward due to the fact she spends a lot of her time sneaking around the city, stealing medicine and supplies. Her trouble understanding people leads her to be rash, and mean spirited. She does however feel remorse, and apologies. She chooses to live outside the city because she loves the outdoors. She is a harden survivor. She also secretly carries out dangerous tasks for others such as assassinating people, and raiding supplies. She is hard working, and is optimistic. She is fast, and is great at hand to hand combat. She is also good at disarming people. When she fights, she fights well, but can soon lose control and act quite merciless. Adding on, she can lose her temper easily, and gets into fights a lot. She can lock up under pressure and have panic attacks. She can go to the extreme when she can't think of an idea. She gets extremely reckless, getting herself injured or getting others injured.

    Appearance: Isa is about 5,3. She's 110 pounds, with an athletic body with several cuts, bruises. She has a few bandages wrapped around her left shoulder. She has a variety of clothing, but mainly wearing a dark green sleeveless vest with a grey racerback tank top. Isa has brown eyes, and chin-length light brown hair with side bangs also with several green hair streaks. Her face has several freckles on her cheeks. She is mixed Asian and White.
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  7. Accepted
  8. Full name: Adein Zykain
    Age: 17
    If Hunter or Militia): Commander (Shepard, haha)
    Personality: Adein is a straight forward,kind, and generous guy. He's basically a ninja when you piece all his abilities up. He's a really competitive person, in which he loves winning and hates losing and will probably get out of hand if left alone doing a competitive sport.
    Withan incredible sense of humor, he loves making people laugh. Of course not at people or bad remarks of them, but he always laughed all the time with someone or at something alone. He's part of a special resistance in the city and does inside jobs all the time. Great with guns, assassinating, and everything you need to be a soldier, he's the guy to go to when you need something done.
    Appearance: 6'5, metallic cobalt blue hair, doesn't look so buff, but he can rip someone in half. Weighing 150 pounds, he's great as a shock trooper and/or scout.

  9. How many people are needed to start this RP?
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  10. I'm hoping for at least six in total more would be great but six to start
  11. Here's my second Character:

    Full name: Abby Torres
    Age: 25
    Rank: (gang) Leader

    Personality: Abby is the leader of the leader of a gang that smuggles supplies. She's imtiminating, and is looked up to/and terrified by her employees. She
    does have a soft side, being easily offended but just rubs it off and if she's pushed to the limit, Abby'll go berserk. She has a vendetta against Isa- which was her best employee. Her grudge comes from Isa stealing loot for her needs. Her daughter's death causes Abby to be unhinged- talking to her daughter's dead body, and sometimes becoming suicidal.
    She's a good fighter, and good with firearms.

    Appearance: Abby is 5,8 and weighing 143 pounds. Her long, dirty blond hair is usually tied in a ponytail, and has brown eyes. She comes from a asian decent. Her usual attire is a brown leather jacket, with a grey tank top underneath. She wears jeans and boots. Abby wears a weapon holster, with 2 pistols and a knife. She has a scar on her nose, which was inflicted by a knife.
  12. cool accepted and i'm also looking for a co-mod if your is interested, you know just so if i get caught up in work things still go smooth
  13. I'm in. What do I need to know for being a co-mod?
  14. not much there isn't much plot right now and i'm still writing up a loose outline for the basic story. So really it's an evolving story, all the rules are the same as Iwaku's, no godmodding and all that jazz. just helping with big decisions and other characters
  15. Full name: Zera Una
    Job: "Princess" of a Settler "tribe", acts as prospective Ambassador
    Ie: Medic, Scout, Nurse): Settler
    Personality: Zera is wise beyond her years. She is often followed by a barrage of younger girls who act as her "ladies in waiting" because her father wants it that way. She can have a bit of an ego at times, but she tries not to be rude. She can be kind and understanding. However, she is unyeilding when it comes to her religion. Her tribe believes in a goddess of the moon. She can become violent if provoked, otherwise she's peaceful. Zera is a skilled fighter and archer. She is traveling towards the nearest city in hopes of trading goods. Her tribe harbors skilled craftsmen, but no farmers or people who know how to work the land. (Zera descends from a people who remained in the wilderness and never went into the city after the world fell apart.) She hopes to find a solution to their impending famine.
    Appearance: She is very attractive. She has bronze skin, clearly of native american decent. She has long black wavy hair and large brown eyes. She is slender, yet curvy. She wears animal skins ( held in place by tree twine and random bits of cotton or jean from re-purposed clothing) in the shape of a halter dress, arm and ankle bands, and a woven tree fiber band crown made with golden trinkets. She carries a machete, bow and arrow, and a hidden dagger in her ankle band.
  16. Sorry it took so long, but I just got my computer back. :)
  17. Full name: Taylor Green
    Age: 31
    Job: Hunter
    Settler Escort. He walks with settler groups to keep them safe until they reach their destinations.
    Senior Patrolman
    Taylor is a fan of good drink (when he can find it) and good company. Generally seeks larger groups of people to cover for his general fear of being alone. He finds arrogant people irritating and can't really get a read on those who don't talk much. As a result, he tends stays away from both types. He tells jokes even when he shouldn't but can get serious if the situation really, really demands it. Has had a history of slacking off, and joined the settler groups to find a new life beyond the walls to escape the cramped quarters of the cities and find some proper breathing room out in the wilderness. Or, so he tells people. In reality he's just trying to escape his family and past. Mistakes were made, and he believes that it's in his best interest that they not leave those city walls.
    Appearance: Taylor is relatively tall and stands just above six feet with a fairly average build in terms of muscle mass. He has a vaguely square jaw and sports a well-trimmed goatee upon his face. His hair is tied back in a ponytail extending just past his neck. His face has a fair skin tone and some signs of aging are appearing around the corners of his eyes and lips. He wears a green and blue plaid button-up shirt with a pair of woodland camouflage cargo pants. On his feet he has a pair of normal-ass socks with his brown hiking boots. Should the need arise, he also wears an olive drab hiking pack.
    He wields a Winchester bolt-action hunting rifle with a suitably sized telescopic sight attached. On his belt are six small loops, each holding a shining brass round. Attached to the other side of his belt is a small sheath holding a hunting knife to complete that woodsman look.
  18. Is it ok if I start the role play here on my own? I really want to start this and I have my story completed.(well not all of it)
  19. sure, i've been busy so i haven't really had a chance
  20. Thanks!