Phoenix Hunting

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  1. I'm going to say it right now, I'm primarily looking for someone who can put up with replies at odd times, since my work schedule is absolutely horrid, and my sleep schedule is twice as bad as that.

    Now that piece of business has been taken care of, let's get on to RP details and specifics. First, this is mostly an action/story based RP, and there will be violence and blood involved, but maybe romance can become a thing later on. Anyway, let's get to the meat of things.

    1. Let's try not to pull any dissapearing acts. While my work schedule and sleep schedule are roadblocks, I will try to post whenever I can. Please let me know if you're getting bored or if real life needs to take priority for a bit.

    2. While the plot of this RP is meant to be pretty story heavy, insane amounts of content aren't a requirement.

    3. I'm not a girl. Just throwing that out there. Don't be afraid to chat about stuff and things.

    4. Plot twists and brainstorming more ideas are always welcome.

    5. MxF or FxF pairings only. Refer to rule 6 for more information.

    6. I will be playing the female MC in this RP.

    6.5. It's a plus if you can play multiple characters, even just minor characters.

    And with that out of the way, let's get onto the plot.

    Plot Time (open)
    "Welcome to the Zone. You're probably going to die here."

    The Ruined Zone is your basic hell on Earth now that the magical beings have gone rouge and began the plot for the annihilation of humanity. Demons are blocking any standard ways out of the Zone, witches are using people for sacrifices, and while humanity is slowly being brought to extinction, humans continue to work to survive and rebuild their world by eliminating the rouge magical beings, leading to the existence of Monster Hunters.

    One hunter in particular, a student of an academy for Monster Hunters, has gained quite the reputation for herself. A girl by the name of Crystal. Despite her age, she's taken on a few dangerous jobs such as a simple escort mission turned to a complex plan to eliminate an elusive creature known as a Copy Beast, infiltrating a secret underground witch meeting and putting a stop to their plans, and being one of few people to survive an encounter with a demon. The demon encounter is where the problem begins. During said encounter, Crystal had a pretty bad encounter with a vampire, hospitalizing her as a result.

    While she had survived the encounter, her companion and weapon had actually ended up far worse than she had. The only way to heal him is to go find a phoenix, kill it, and take one of it's feathers. In the state Crystal is in, though, it's suicide, but Crystal is a bit too stubborn to ask for help. Now, maybe you could help her out even if she doesn't want it, or maybe you run into her or something along those lines.

    • Things to Note (open)
      Humans do have the ability to use magic, since witches have given instruction to people in the past, so any two bit idiot can learn to use the most basic of magic.
      [*]The Ruined Zone, also known as The Zone by many, is, as the name implies, ruined. A lot of abandoned, desolate towns, the former highways are basic wastelands now, towns and cities that have people living in them are known as Safe Zones, and some natural areas have been altered, such as an increase in volcanoes in The Zone.
      [*]Things like cell phones and television are things of the past, at least until the invention of a wristwatch-like device called a Caster, made by a company outside The Zone known as Cast Corporation. It functions as a radio, can be used to call other users of Casters, and can even be used to watch television programming from the station outside the zone. It's a Monster Hunter's best friend.
      [*]Some Monster Hunters are pretty cold hearted and evil people, working to survive in this world. Most want something for their services since they're risking their lives. Cast Points (the replacement currency for money in this world), "favors," or something else.

    If you are interested in doing an RP like this, just message me here or send a PM. I can also explain more details if needed.
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  3. Oh right, forgot I still had that there. My original intent was to have it in Libertine requests, but then I reconsidered. I was half awake when editing the post, though, so I forgot to delete that part.
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