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  1. So, I was looking over the thread 'Getting the S**t Scared out of You' today, and it got me thinking. What actual phobias do you guys have? How do you handle it when you get in situations where your phobia is staring you right in the face?

    How do you handle people not understanding your phobia, or worse, people making fun of it?

    I have a harsh case of amaxophobia (fear of being in a vehicle), globophobia (fear of balloons) and I have a phobia of talking on the phone. The first one people seem to understand, but the latter two make people laugh, or worse, force me in a situation that I'm with the thing I fear.
  2. I have coulrophobia (fear of clowns) and have since I was an infant (nobody knows why I'm afraid of clowns, either. No traumatic experiences or anything). For some reason people seem to think that it's okay to force me into situations involving clowns. Until I have a panic attack, or start throwing things. Then they don't think it's so funny anymore. But it's like everybody has to test it at least once before they realize it's legit.

    I also have arachnophobia, but that one most people understand, even if they don't understand the extent. A spider almost caused me to lose my leg. It's also the only thing that has ever put me in the hospital for an extended period of time.
  3. That's exactly the way people are with me and balloons. They'll literally bring one to my face or around my head. I have to force myself not to make a scene, but I literally start perspiring like mad, heart rate increases, and I just want to be anywhere but there.

    With the telephone, they just think I'm being shy or silly. But it legitimately takes me almost half an hour sometimes to dial a number. (Praise texting!)
  4. I am extremely claustrophobic. If I can't stretch out my arms and legs, I panic. Even if I'm tangled up in a blanket, I will have an all out panic attack. I have a very good reason for my phobia, although it's probably the strangest story anyone has ever told, and it it wasn't for the fact that my mom and several other family members can confirm it happened, people probably wouldn't believe it.

    After my parents got divorced, there was a lengthy child custody fight for me. It wasn't that my father actually wanted me, in fact, he had wanted my mother to have an abortion when he learned I was pregnant. He just wanted custody of me so that he wouldn't have to pay my mom child support. After the judge gave my mom full custody he decided that he was going to get custody of me in his own way....he kidnapped me. I was four or five and I remember very little of it. I remember him telling me that it was his weekend to have me, and to go get my stuff without waking up my mom. So I did, and the only reason I remember that was because I packed one of my favorite dresses that my mom was threatening to get rid of because I was out growing it. I don't remember if I got in his car the normal way or not, but I do remember at some point I ended up in the trunk for the hour and a half drive to my grandmother's house. Talk about fucking scary! I could hear all the cars flying past, and it was absolutely terrifying. After that hour I could not and would not be in tight spots. Any time I was in cramped quarters I'd scream bloody murder, and it only got worse as I grew up. To this day just the thought of being in a confined space is enough to freak me out, and not in a good way.

    People kind of understand the claustrophobia thing, but they underestimate just how terrified I get. When my husband and I were dating we were driving with friends and I was stuck in the backseat of the car with him. The entire time I kept shoving myself against the door and stretching my legs out as far as I could which he took as a sign of me trying to get as far away from him as possible. It wasn't until I told him I was claustrophobic that he understood. Later on when I found out I was pregnant with my daughter and tried to form some sort of relationship with my father, my mother pulled my husband aside and told him why he couldn't let that happen. She told him all about the kidnapping and other accusations that had been brought up in the past, most of which I had no damn clue about. Now I don't have to protest about being in cramped spots though, because he's the first person to jump in and tell people no for me without me having to explain myself. It's sweet in a way, even if he often talks about burying me when I'm dead rather than cremating me like I want to be. The thought of being stuck in a coffin, even if I'm dead......UGH!
  5. OMG! Yeah, anybody would be claustrophobic after that...
  6. I've got misophonia, hearing people make mouth noises, slurping, etc is torture to me. I cannot stand it. I've also got Astraphobia, which is the fear of thunder and lightening (I got locked on the roof of my farmhouse when I was around five and it was during a huge lightning storm with lots of thunder, ever since I have not been able to handle it).

    Achluophobia, I've got a pathological fear of the dark.
  7. Yikes, you guys had some really scary experiences! I don't think anyone should make a fuss about your phobias in general, but especially after such traumatic experiences.

    And it really pisses me off, because people don't understand this is a legitimate WHOLE ORDEAL for me to actually vocally call someone. I have to fucking prep for it, with a list of questions someone might ask, and be calm and everything. And if someone tries to rush me in to calling a stranger I'll have a panic attack. @___@

    I will not answer the phone if I don't recognize the number. Ever. NEVER EVER.

    I don't even like calling people I KNOW because I have this huge fear that someone else is going to answer their phone, or the number will be wrong and I'll have to speak to a stranger.

    Just nope. Nope. I hate phones. Hate them. I can't hear people properly, I don't talk clear enough, I don't like unexpected questions, it's all full of suck ass.
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  9. Man you don't know how happy I am that I'm not the only one. T.T I mean, I'm not happy that we have this issue, but it's so nice to have someone who understands what it feels like. Like serious, tears being shed here.
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    I hate it. I hate it. I don't care if they are water balloons or shit, don't pop one near me.

    Even anything that remotely sounds like a balloon popping (ever heard of the classic sound of someone popping a ziplock bag full of air?), I hate it.

    It's literally the sound I fear and hate the most out of all sounds. EVEN THE SOUND OF CHALK ON BLACKBOARD AND METAL ON METAL IS BETTER THAN THAY SHIT DX
  11. What actual phobias do you guys have?

    None, because I never got anything diagnosed by a medical professional. And I have a BIG dislike of self-diagnosing, because it turns rather serious conditions into something can claim they have on a whim to avoid criticism. And the popularity of such behaviour of late makes me sick to my stomach.

    So for the sake of this thread, I'm just talking about what big fears I tend to have since that's the closest I'll have to a Phobia.

    And the fears I have mainly are:

    1. A fear of Bee's/Wasps
    This was the result of 6-7 year old me being at a carnival. I see a gun shooting range and get excited, I slam my hand on the counter in a "I'll be next!" sort of manner. Slammed my hand right on top of a bee and it went straight up my hand. Hurt like hell for hours.

    2. A fear of Driving
    You can blame a combination of three things for this one. First general logic, I look at driving, I look at the rate of deaths, at how careless a lot of drivers are, it's not a safe practice by any means. Secondly, I am naturally rather clumsy, I could be fine 99.9% of the time. But if I slip up, I slip up BAD. So there's always that fear when driving of "What if I make such a mistake today?". Third all the drunk driving/safe driving ads, I completely agree with the media being shared. WAY too many people take driving for granted, but seeing so much of it has also implanted a "I don't want to get close to this shit" fear in my head.

    How do you handle it when you get in situations where your phobia fear is staring you right in the face?

    The Bee's and Wasps? Instantly transform into Pewdiepie or Markiplier. Or in other turns, run and scream like a little bitch.

    With Driving? My first time response was to vomit. Now? I just freeze up to the point that I'm strictly focused on what I'm doing, but I'm so frozen up that my 'strict focus' over focuses, and I end up with a lack of general awareness on the road. I also become very irritable, I'll be naturally snappy as long as I'm driving. And if you're the kind of Instructor to constantly go "No! Stop! Wrong! WTF are you doing!?" we're going to argue, it's unavoidable.

    How do you handle people not understanding your phobia fear, or worse, people making fun of it?

    The Bee one has been pretty minor, most people might laugh at it briefly but they understand it so it never becomes an issue.

    Driving though? I get people who go "Driving is so easy! How could anyone possibly have trouble with it?", which falls under so many logical fallacies it ain't even funny. This usually results in me getting mad at them, and ranting over both the dangers of driving and how not everyone learns something as easily until they give up and go "Well... Whatever, *I* have it easy so I don't see the issue...".
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  12. Strangely enough, I'm totally alright with other things popping, like bags being filled with air. I don't know why, it's just the balloons that get to me. If I see one in a room, my eyes will stay on it, making sure it doesn't come near me. If it does, I'll get up and move somewhere far away. Heck, even watching balloons in a video fills me with dread. Like OMG that thing is going to explode any second! DX

    My brother is a rather rough driver, and for a while he was the only source of transport I had. Being in a car in general causes me nausea, being with him would cause me literal panic attacks. I recorded myself in a car with him and the entire time I could hear I was pretty much close to tears. But being the car lover he is, I don't think he really gets it D': The worse for me is winter rush hour. i swear it's like the worst horror movie ever. My stomach is in knots and I feel like I'm going to puke at any time.

    I tried to explain it to him once, how I felt. To me, it's always like the tension you feel while watching something really, really scary. Stress, heart race up, dread, feeling sweat trickling down your sides, knowing something bad is going to happen but not when nor how.

    Note my brother's not the cause of this fear of cars. My Mister's like a super careful driver, but even with him I'd be freaking out, sometimes ending with him making a mistake because of my panic attack. After that I tried to control myself but it's very hard. v.v
  13. Feareth me m'rtal
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  14. @Icy But why? D:
  15. I'm claustrophobic - packed elevators are the worst for me and if I could, I'd take the stairs.

    I'm also scared of escalators. Weird I know, but let me explain:

    I wasn't always afraid of them - in fact as a kid they were probably one of my favourite things - but when I was about four my parents and I were at a movie theater. Now this cinema is massive, it has two or three floors and about 20 to 30 theaters from what I can remember. We were just leaving the theater and getting ready to go home when they ran into some friends coming out of another theater and stopped to chat. I was holding on to my dad's hand and because we needed to go down some stairs to get out of the building my parents had not given me back my crutches yet since they'd have to take them back for me to walk down the stairs anyway. Holding onto one of dad's hands was not enough support though without something to support my other side and my legs were getting sore. I think I asked for my crutches but my parents assured me that they wouldn't be too much longer and just to wait.

    Well, they were much longer then they thought they'd be.

    So, legs already tired and sore and my ability to keep standing slowly fading, I tell my parents were I'm going, let go of my dad's hand and head toward a railing maybe five steps away to hold onto and lean on instead. That's when I spotted the escalator. I figured since we were headed downstairs already, I'd just wait by them. It did not occur to my four year old brain that the railings of the cool moving stairs also moved. In my world railings were stationary - a safe thing to hold onto.

    I'm sure you can all see where this is going.

    I grab onto the railing and down I go. The way I fell had pinned my arms underneath me, effectively keeping me in place as we moved downwards, and my eyes were locked onto the metal grate that the steps disappeared into at the bottom. Specifically the jagged pointy edge. The jagged pointy edge that is at perfect level with my eyes.

    Thankfully, my dad, moving faster then we all thought he could, practically lept down the normal stairs and scooped me up just before I got to the bottom. I haven't been able to get on an escalator since and any mention of using one makes me panic something awful.
  16. I don't like bugs.

    The only good bug is a dead bug.
  17. I have some actual phobias... Namely: Birds, hypodermic needles, heights, and agoraphobia...

    Birds startes out when i got attacked by a friend's bird when I was young. And its just gotten worse cuz I get scared around birds and it rouses them to get all riled and attacky. It didnt help that for most of a year, I was attacked 1-2 times daily by a large predatory bird (mississippi kite) when I'd do my rounds around town for work... I get freaked out and start hyperventilating around birds and am veeerrrry avoidant of them (and a lot of the places they might be)

    Hypodermic needles came when I was little. First was when i had to redo all my vaccinations when I was little... Now the problem with this... My parents used to threaten with "the big needle" for hospital visits... And now that ive seen the big needle (for fluid draining) and had it used on me, i get why it made me so fearful... But its to the point I freak out a bit if i hear i need blood drawn or a shot. They have to be careful when they do it because ive been known to get light headed and even feint.

    Heights... I was small again when this happened. I got stuck in and left in a tree thanks to cousins.. And then a cousin broke his arm by falling out a tree... And again, its just been reinforced. Its anything that feels off thw ground and unsteady. Family used to think it was funny to shake bridges or jump in elevators and stuff. I've broken down bawling in the middle of stores because of this... And ever since i broke my leg falling down stairs, even those have me freaked out...

    Now, Agoraphobia. I dont know what brought it up... But any situation where i feel confined or i dont have an easy escape route, i panic. You'll usually catch me checking rooms when i enter, looking to keep track of everything and the exits, and usually place myself somewhere with plenty of room and near an exit. And I freak out caught in wide open areas i have to cross (food courts) or in crowds. And i start to panic. And start running towards my "exit" from the situation.
  18. None.

    Inb4 we got a badass over here meme
  19. I'm scared shitless of bugs to the point I will stop everything and avoid them at all cost. Talking to someone and a big flies near me? Fuck dat I'm out of there. Like people always tease me about it but like I'm the smart one here. These flying bastards can poison your ass with one strike and I'm suppose to be like "Nah bruh I don't fear you." Fuck no they are death on wings! Some of the bastards have killer in their name!

    So yeah bugs are scary. Also needles but hey they are giving me the damn flu to build immunity to it. Of course I will fear it a bit. What if it turns out I'm highly prone to death to this one flu?
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  20. I can relate to that, I'm like that with moths (of all bugs x.x). The other day there was one that suddenly flew into the room while my husband was talking about something important. I just jumped off the bed and put my arms over my head constantly saying "No, no, no, no! No. No! NO!"

    I'm actually the same way with beetles since I was once attacked by a couple in the worst place possible, a bathroom. Thank goodness there aren't many around here.
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