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  1. [​IMG]
    P H O B I A S & F U N K


    I'll be putting the characters and stuff here when they're all completed.
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    Every minute, of every hour, and every day, love blooms between two people. Sometimes even three or more, depending on their preferences of love. It's something natural that people feel, so be it if it happens slowly, or if it's love at first sight.

    Love will bring people happiness, sadness, anger, pain, and... Fear.

    That's why we're here today; fear. Everyone has something that they're afraid of, some would even call it a Phobia if the fear was just that deeply etched into their bones.

    What is a phobia, you may ask? Well, some speculate that they come from how you died in your past life, others just think it's just an unexplained fear. Some tend to stay away from what they fear, but not all. The ones who try to face those fears, are the ones willing to get over it and finally live life like a normal person.

    Now, back to the beginning, love. It happens, right? Well, how would you feel if you fell in love with someone who craved the thing you were most afraid of, your phobia? Love may be able to overcome anything if it really means that much to you, but, fear has the same reaction.

    Well, we'll have to see how everything works out, huh?

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  3. [​IMG]
    You can choose any Phobia you want! It doesn't HAVE to be on here

    ★ A s t r o p h o b i a ★
    Fear of outer space​

    ☹ S c o p o p h o b i a ☹
    Fear of being seen​

    ☁ N e p h o p h o b i a ☁
    Fear of clouds​

    ☼ H e l i o p h o b i a ☼
    Fear of the sun

    ☟A l g o p h o b i a ☟
    Fear of pain​

    ♀ A n d r o p h o b i a ♀
    Fear of men​

    ☠ A t e l o p h o b i a ☠
    Fear of imperfection

    ✞ D e m o n o p h o b i a ✞
    Fear of demons​

    A p o t e m n o p h o b i a
    Fear of persons with amputations
    A t h a z a g o r a p h o b i a
    Fear of being forgotton or ignored or forgetting
    A t a x o p h o b i a
    Fear of disorder or untidiness
    C a l i g y n e p h o b i a
    Fear of beautiful women
    C l a u s t r o p h o b i a
    Fear of confined spaces

    D o x o p h o b i a
    Fear of expressing opinions or of receiving praise
    E i s o p t r o p h o b i a
    Fear of mirrors or of seeing oneself in a mirror
    H a g i o p h o b i a
    Fear of saints or holy things
    H a p h e p h o b i a or H a p t e p h o b i a
    Fear of being touched​

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  4. [​IMG]
    ›ew, rules, I know :p‹

    Rule 1: Wait at least two or three posts before you post again! I'm saying this because I don't want anyone to get lost or confused, or even feel as if the RP is moving a little too quickly!

    Rule 2: Romance is obviously suggested (I mean duh, it's pretty much what the whole RP's about), but Smut will be put into PM (Or fade to black, but you have to ask me beforehand) AS LONG as the person is in the same age group! I'm saying this now so no one gets into trouble!

    Rule 3: Swear as much as you want, just don't have every other word "Fuck!" or something like that. I swear a lot myself, so I don't care lol.

    Rule 4: No one liners please! I do understand that sometimes it's hard to respond, but at least try to keep the minimal post at a paragraph! I want to make sure that this lasts for a LONG time. One liners, or even two liners, will certainly not help that.

    Rule 5: Of course, no Godmodding, metagaming, Mary sues or Gary sues! Just try to keep your characters as realistic as possible. (I guess in this case, you can only have one Phobia.)

    Rule 6: Make sure to try to respond at least twice every week, I'm not very quick to respond myself sometimes (Especially when school starts back up again) but as I said before, I'd love for this to last a long time.

    Rule 7: DRAMA IS VERY MUCH ENCOURAGED TOO! But make sure to keep it in the IC!


    Rule 1: As mentioned before, I would love for this thing to go for a long time! So do not join if you know that you're not going to be able to stay! I understand if you have to leave for a few days, but if you just don't respond anymore then you're definitely kicked from the RP and I will definitely be a little mad. (If you're leaving for a short period of time, maybe let others play your character for a little while! Just so we can keep it going and no one has to wait!)

    Rule 2: IF YOU ABSOLUTELY CANNOT STAY, THEN PLEASE TELL ME THAT YOU'RE DROPPING OUT! I may be a bit scary, but I promise I won't be mad AS LONG as you inform me that you need to drop out. (Give me a good reason as to why you need to go. Not "I JUST DON'T WANT TO ANYMORE LOLLOLOLOLO TROLL" Because I will most likely hit you so damn hard, in someway. I'm not going to be a very happy Gal.)

    Rule 3: Have fun!​

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  5. @-Vesper- @Vellichor @Sakana @Vio @kimsim12 @sleepingxdragon @King
    I think that's everyone?

    So I know the whole kind of sucks, and I'm really sorry xD This is why I don't make things like this. :> But it's done, and I'll be creating the Sign Ups thread soon! (Make sure to tell me what you guys wanted, 'cause I totally forgot lol.)
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  6. Awesome! I shall then I guess reserve two male characters - A Sadist and a person with Teutophobia (phobia of Nazism) - Is this cool? xD
  7. Of course xD
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  8. A stubborn female cenophobic.
  9. A rather handsome male stage actor, who is known to have an insatiable deviant sexual desire, and also happens to be a wiccan as well.
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  10. Holy shit. xD
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  11. Yo, what is "Color Resource" on the CS supposed to be for?
  12. Just in case if I decide to make banners for your characters, which may not happen? You don't have to do it though if you don't want to :p
  13. I still don't... understand... what to put there? Like, are you asking for a picture or... sorry, I'm too stupid :(
  14. Color resource, it's basically the color you use (If you do use one) for your character sheet. But you're not stupid, don't worry!

    Example (I guess):

    sexy hoe

    so the color resource would be #d11d1d, that's pretty much what it is, I guess if that makes any sense? xD​
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  15. *facepalms* Dah, of course! I rarely use colors and never seen this term referenced before, so I didn't realize what you meant. Great name, btw lol
  16. Well that's alright! It happens man lol. But thank you~!
  17. [snorts] I forgot to add Sexuality in there :> It'll be underneath Birthday~
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  18. I may just scratch that plot (it'll be the same idea) but I'll probably try to make it better and whatnot if I can get my brain to w o r k.
  19. I'm pumped for this! Where is everyone at xD I almost got my first guy finished~
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