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Everybody has something that makes them tick, causes their skin to crawl, or make them much inclined to ruin their undergarments. Some of these perhaps they have good reason to be afraid of these, some of these perhaps not so much.

That being said, what causes you to sweat, your hands to feel clammy, and for your mind to go on high alert?

More importantly, why?
I am terrified by needles, the kind used to go through skin. I'm afraid of certain ones more than others. Hypodermic needles, like shots make me uncomfortable, but I can usualy keep calm when I see one, it just makes me nervous. IV's terrify me I hate them even when i see an IV bag on a TV show or something I will feel sick, and finally blood drawing needles, They are most likely what I am most araid of, ever. Blood drawing needles for some reason make me flip out.

as for why I am afraid of needles, I got sick when i was really young and I had to be hospitalized and I had to have an IV get shots every two days, and have my blood drawn every day. This is one of the most traumatic times of my life.
It sounds stupid but I'm terrified of 18 wheelers :/
When i was around 8 my dad had taken me on a road trip and I guess some trucker had bad road rage cause next thing i know, my dad and the trucker are flipping each other off and yelling. It got to the point where the trucker almost tried to run us off the road. Now ever since then I freak when I'm making a turn and an 18 wheeler is right next to me turning.
Talking on the telephone. c__C Especially when I have to call someone. I've NEVER liked it, though I can get used to it if I talk to a single person enough. I'm never the one that calls people, they always called me, cause I just can't stand picking up the phone and then waiting for them to answer. I have no freaking idea why it bothers me so much. It IS hard for me to understand people over the phone, and nearly impossible to concentrate on listening to the voice. x__x Yet, I don't have this problem with people over Skype at all. It's weird.

I'm terrified of MY TEETH FALLING OUT. To the point of having nightmares about it. o________o

And the dark. D: I still run and jump in the bed after I turn out the light.
Well one is high areas like in a house when you look down at the ground floor it feels like I’m gonna fall. Just something that always freaks me out for some reason. Another would be walking outside at night I always feel like someone is going to walk up behind me >< and I really hate that. Why well I don't know just Paranoia I guess...
...Walking on carpet or wood floors with my bare feet. It sends shivers of disgust to be walking around in my or anyone else's house without slippers on.
The current recommended psychiatric guidelines for treating phobias is exposure. I think thats hilarious.
I'm a bit creeped out my needles. I can't watch when they give me a shot, or put on in to take blood. Though I'm somewhat fascinated to watch the blood going into the vile or bag. Likely having me and the nurse jump when I was 3 or 4 when I was getting a booster shot cause someone accidently dialed into the room is the reason.

Trauma blood. I hope that I never have to perform first aid on someone bleeding heavily. I don't know that I'd be any help despite taking first aid classes every other year since I was 18. I won't watch horror flicks mostly because of the blood, even though I know it's fake. Dramatic reenactments have sent me out of the class room as a middle schooler in home ec. I think it all comes down to too much empathy/imagination.

I can be girly about creepy crawlies, but sometimes I'm more science geek about them. Startlement might be a factor.
When i was younger i was terrified of spiders, but one day I just got over it. Now they don't bother me at all.
Mine isn't tangible, really. I'm not fun in amusement parks and haunted houses because I'm not easily scared. I had to get shots all the time as a child, so not even needles worry me.
My only real fear is entirely clingy .-.; The thought of having no one who cares about me. I don't mean romantically, just at all. That thought makes me do silly things in order to try and reassure myself that won't happen.
I've got clausterphobia, it's not a severe thing but I get squirmy and my breathing gets shallow, if it gets really bad I can freak out. Other then that I'm pretty good with anything, I'm sometimes an adrenaline junkie like that
Spiders, water/drowning, the dark, dead things, heights, unusually tall women, driving... I'm a scaredy cat.

If spiders had less legs, I wouldn't be so afraid. That's really what scares me! Not the fact some are poisonous, but because of their legs...
Water/drowning is just from bad experiences in swimming pools. I never want to swim because I fear I'll drown and die. No one would ever notice me crying for help. :/
Always been scared of the dark, ever since I was a little girl. Makes me feel alone and vulnerable...
Dead things are...dead...unmoving... It just creeps me out and makes me sad. :[
Heights is self explanatory. XD;
I don't know why, but tall ladies just freak me out! o_o; Can't. Explain. Why.
Driving... I still don't have my license, however I have a permit. So afraid of a car crash or hitting someone and I feel so scared behind the wheel. Doesn't help that I suffer from so much paranoia.
"The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself."

"Fear is the mind-killer."

I have a very real fear of failure. It's stifled me since I was a child. I've taken steps to put that fear behind me, however, especially recently.

I am very scared of spiders. The fact that they could bite me and then my flesh will fall off just freaks me out.

I used to have a fear of home invasion. I don't fear it any longer.

I actually am frightened of driving. I can't help but think I'll crash and kill myself or someone else. I'm not scared of riding a motorcycle, however... Go figure.
Humiliation. Strange fear for a virtual recluse to have...

Body horror get to me, used to have breams about creatures invading my body (not int he hentai way) even before seeing aliens. I suffer mild spells of both ergophobia and claustrophobia. Claustrophobia hits more often in crowds than tight spaces though. I have a fear/disgust for fish.

Needles, getting tatoos and donation blood was a way to get over that.
I realized the other day I didn't state my biggest fear. Why? Because I forgot. Not in the "I got over it", but because it's such a part of my life. I have a fear of dogs. I'm timid around overly hyper small dogs, and will move far away from any large dog I don't know. My best friend in Middle School had a large black lab that would bark all the time. It took her and her family forever to get me to go first out in the back yard, which was his domain, and finally to touch him. During that time they were kind enough not to have him near me in the house when I was playing or spending the night, but eventually I got use to him. This didn't by any means cure me, but if people are patient with me and let me and the dog get to know each other I can handle it. This all stems from getting bit by a family friend's dog when they were baby sitting me when I was a li'l. Damn cocker spanials!
I have a paranoia of being alone. I used to get lost a lot when I was little, and there was one time that I got on a bus to go from school back to my neighborhood and I ended up in the wrong area for three hours. I hid behind a tree and then ran out when I saw my dad's car.

I have a fear of cigarettes with too much ash clinging to them. I have a small scar on one of my ankles from something like that.

I fear being burned, and I have a phobia of.... well.... priests. Nothing against them, just a bad run-in when I was younger, this also accounts for one of the reasons why friends are VERY reluctant to try to convert me.

I have a fear of TVs on carts. I got pushed over by one in sixth grade and it also got caught on my heel, much skin and a surprising amount of blood was shown.

I dislike most spiders, but I love Daddy Long Legs. I've had an entire group crawling all over me once.

I saved the best for last:

I have a subconscious fear of needles. I'm not consciously afraid of them anymore, because I've had to deal with them so much. But subconsciously I still fear them, to a point where I will pass out six seconds after having a needle in me sometimes. Yes. Six seconds. that's the average time. I'm slowly getting over that, getting piercings helps me with it. Plus watching people get piercings helps. YAY FOR TATTOO PARLORS.
Despite my rampant vanity, my real fear is... mirrors. Particularly, mirrors in the dark. If seeing a shadowy mockery of myself isn't scary enough, the creepy feeling that it's moving just a bit slower than I am, as if it's not a reflection at all, but something copying me, sends shivers all over my spine. I can't stay in a dark room with a mirror in it for long.