Philosphical Debates with Fluffy: Gravity Does Not Exist!

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That's right. I don't believe gravity exists. Why?

Because you can't just grab a handful of gravity and give it to me. Also, it's named by a guy who decided it exists since an apple fell on his head. That's not proof it's just a force made by the Earth! For all we know, the atoms of my face may desire to be with the atoms of the floor. (Theory of Aristotle) Gravity is an illusion, people!

So as long as there's no undeniable proof of what's keeping us on the planet, I am putting a question mark on gravity.

I'm a hardcore Empiricist. What's an Empiricist, you ask? Someone that doesn't believe in another thing if they cannot sense it. For example, if I didn't hear the tree fall in the woods, then it didn't happen. There are other explanations for it, I'm sure. Someone could of picked a tree up and dropped it into the other forest!

Roit. When I'm bored with this one, I'll make another; I got tons of them. I'd like philosophical replies, not scientific because I don't speak that language. I want to hear ideas and..stuff.

*Faints from the energy she put into typing and thinking about this and lays down so her fever will go away*
I don't want to sound like an asshole, but how the fuck do you explain how force works? "Shit is heavy, suck my dick"?
The last part, Darkness, is the theory of cause and effect...we cover that next week.
I can't explain how force works, Darkness. I couldn't even if I went to a class that tried teaching it to me. :| This is why I prefer philosophy, it's mostly ideas than it is shoving scientific crap down our throats. Even if it might sound ridiculous.
And Jack is right, cause and effect is another way of looking at it. It happens just 'cause.
So does this mean that oxygen doesn't exist too? ITS ALL A LIE?! D:
I can't just grab a handful of color, magnetism, or energy; do they exist?

"Gravity" isn't a thing, it's just a short way of describing a phenomenon. Many scientists, most famously Newton, have observed, tested and measured its effect in real life. This should satisfy any classical empiricist!

Gravity is a force that attracts things to each other. Since the earth is so big compared to the things on its surface, from our point of view we can say that gravity makes things "fall" (even though, technically, while a ball is falling towards the earth, the ball is also attracting the earth to it, by a tiny tiny amount). Gravity keeps moons revolving around their planets, planets revolving around their stars, and stars revolving around the center of their galaxies. It keeps planets together so that they don't dissolve into space-dust. Precise equations have been calculated to predict the effect of gravity based on mass and distance.

I think the issue here is that we need a precise definition of what you consider "exist" to mean. Does "blue" exist? Does "cold" exist? If your definition of exist only applies to physical objects, then you're right, gravity doesn't exist. But objects do behave in a special way, consistent every time it has ever been tested, and that special behavior is called "gravity."
I take it you don't think ninjas exist, either?

...that's a pretty huge risk, man.
lol Towarzys. ^_^

Good argument, Char. If I wasn't running a 102 degree fever I'd counter it with something more epic. That's actually close to the argument I gave to my philosophy instructor a long time ago. And he actually did say, it all depends on one's definition of existence. He even came up with a valid argument that even us, living beings, are as imaginary as gravity. But I don't take it that far... If I even remembered what he said, I'd quote him. Right now it just sounds crazy. All gravity truly is is a phenomenon.

"Blue"... It's just a name for a colour. We could call it anything else. Some don't even call it blue, I had a friend that would use her own names for colours. What people believe is blue is made into solid colour like crayons and clothes. Without names, we can't distinguish the different sorts. But you don't need me to tell you that, you're obviously way more scientific than I am.

xD Angl, Oxygen does exist. Scientists have been able to prove it. I'd rather not question the table of elements, especially since I haven't started my dreadful chemistry classes yet.

This is a dumb thread. I can't believe how bored I am. XD I'll keep my serious discussions to the serious people, I can't stay serious in here.
I do believe there is a theory that we are a holographic universe and nothing exists :D
I do believe there is a theory that we are a holographic universe and nothing exists :D

That's the sort of response I've been secretly waiting for! *Rewards Honeybee with a hug and a bag of cookies*
If gravity didn't exist, I'd be swimming in space right now.

This sounds like a troll thread.
Nah. If I was trolling, I'd be aaalll over the forum making threads about why I hate people. I think the only time I'd troll is if this was a Twilight forum or if I was about to die too young. So we're safe.