Philosophy and your Roleplay character

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  1. Alright everyone, I thought it would be interesting to pose philosophy questions to your significant other. Your Roleplay character! How this works is I pose a question and you answer it as your character making sure it fits with whatever rp(s) that character might be in. Philosophy is important because it acts as a compass of sorts in out actions, even if we don't always sit back and ask what our opinion on those actions are. Anyone can post a question and answer any amount of questions they want. This is not a how do you feel it's what you think and follow to motivate your character. Some if these will be heavy and no offense is meant to be given.

    My first question shall be; is there such a thing as a selfless action. Can your rp character ever truly do something without a selfish gain to themselves? ( please no yes or no answers details folks enjoy!)