Philidelphia Riots

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Rated R for Drugs, Alcohol, tobacco, murder, torture methods, and prostitution.

The year was 2000, two childhood friends had parted ways after college, one for a normal life, and the other for a big business life. They both succeeded, the first had made a nice home for himself, had a good paying job, and had been dating a great girl for a while.
The second, had made his business, first it was a technology business, and over just two years it had grown exponentially, and had taken over several other companies including pharmaceutical companies and assimilated them under the Biceri Corporation title. Five years pass and the second gets into politics, with every intention to make life for the lower class better. The second reaches a seat of power so that their plan might begin to set in. However a year after (2006) the company begins to lose stock, and starts to go under. When things look the worst for the businessman, other companies come to their aid and line their pockets to keep their business afloat, in exchange for favors. These favors entail legislation that would favor the rich and take advantage of the poor. The 2008 election comes around and a right in candidate for the big companies wins the Presidential seat. Now the big companies control America.

Shortly after the individual states are taken over by big businessmen and women. Cities are sectioned off, upper class citizens are allowed to live in the main city area, and the outer area's of the cities are sectioned off into Ghetto's. Only those registering as Middle Class (making 40-70k a year) are allowed to live on the inner edges of the Ghetto's (closest to the walls seperating the Ghetto's from the city). Middle class citizens are given special cards that allow them to travel past the walls. Either because they bought the cards which are very expensive, or they work for a company inside the city. Lower class citizens are forced to live in the outskirts, the slums where crime, murder, drugs, and prostitution is rampant and uncontrolled.

Since 2009 people have tried acting out, through protests or terrorism, but examples are quickly made of them and any other rebellious actions are halted. Now everyone accepts what has happened and just tries to live on with their lives, at least that's the illusion that most put on. Some wait for the day a mass uprising is instigated, others just don't want to lose their lives or their family anymore.

Guns have been made illegal within the ghetto, only the upper class inside the city is allowed to own a fire arm, the radio within the ghetto's is moderated and filtered. Highways have been built like bridges over the Ghetto's so that the rich does not have to travel through the ghetto to get out of the city to travel. Many area's are covered by the overpasses, and the overpasses are so high up that it is impossible to get on them (Unless your spiderman).

Now the question is, who are you? What do you do in this cracked and screwed up society that has become America? And then, when a call for rebellion is made, will you answer it?




Current Job:

Old Job: (before the government shift, yes most people would have lost their old job, but not all)

Bio: (Be sure to include how you lost your old job if you do not have a new job, and how and why you are doing your current job if you changed jobs, yes you can be a drug runner, criminal, or prostitute)

Appearance: (If you're lower class you're not gonna look like hot shit, and if you do...your a prostitute most likely. Middle class is a little dirty but they look better taken care of than lower class. Upper any of you will be so lucky as to play one of those characters)

Mental problems: (Do you have any or none at all. This is basically any mental issue, ADD is included in this. If you have ADD how severe is it? Do you get distracted by the smallest of shiny objects, or do you just drift off from time to time. Do you take medications, if so how do you get it.)

Class: (Lower or Middle, it is rare i will let someone be upper class.)

Side: (Are you the business's little bitch? Do you not care, so long as your getting food in your stomach and a paycheck to keep you alive? Or do you want to see the Business run government fall to its knees and help rebuild from scratch?)

Motivation: (What motivates you for the above. Please provide at least three sentences for your motivation) this post will be for my character sheet.


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