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  1. Okay, OCC for thoughts.
  2. Well i think we should start from the beginning :P I could list the squadron characters if you want to choose one. except for the assassin spot and the Character known as arksas's spot E.E The assassin must remain a non npc :|
  3. Well, I have no clue about this story though, which will make it hard to really play it according to the layout of the book.

    Can we like work out characters that relate to the concept, but create our own story.
  4. Yeah, Thats actually fine :P
  5. Okay, so give me some basics and let's see what we can create - or recreate.

    Rebel forces!

    That was the random word that decided to pop out.... don't ask why.
  6. So basically the story is mainly about a guy named Arksas. He signed up in the military at age 18. They picked him up and chose him to run a project. He accepted. And... stuff happened. Anyway he ends up in a group just like him. So anyway one of the other ones start freaking out and going on a rampage. Arksas was the only one in sight so he had to be the one to 'terminate' the other one. He got caught killing the man and was accused of going haywire himself. They studied him for a while then sent him away. He was actually sent to a prison like place. They had removed most of his memory. When he woke up they sort of found out he wasn't properly treated. People have been sent to retrieve him and haven't come back. He is being followed. They covered there tracks and said he was a mass murderer. He doesn't even know why either :P
  7. That almost sound like an RP I read once called "Fall of Man", and the sequel, "Man of War".

    It was the same concept, but it was a group of people who were Army Cadets that were chosen for a special training assignment. They thought is was all legit, but basically they have been watched since they were young. They were considered to be extraordinary specimens for testing on transhumanization; which basically is altering the make up of the human body in a manner to create a 'perfect' bio-stasis.

    The memories they had of their childhoods and such were wiped clean, and they were tested beyond the break - building their pain resistance, their courage and them to kill. Then, the company that was doing all of this stuff for the military, decided to add nanotechnology to these perfect cadets... which mutated them into beings with psudo-psycho skills.

    The leader of this group of cadets ended up having a breakdown - the nanos in his brain reacted differently, causing him to hallucinate and explode in temper. There was only one cadet in the group who was capable of subduing his rage, but she had to pay a major price for trying. Anywho, the hallucinations were actually predictions into the minds of the scientist who actually created the nanos. He was able to see the plans the man had for their future...which was practically a suicide attack against a warring nation, of which they were to take down the enemy - and even their own nation's military. Basically, it didn't matter who was in the way, they were to kill everyone who got in the way. The reasons for this was still unknown at the time, but the scientist was trying to take over the United Nations by using these enhanced cadets.

    Well, the cadets believed their leader and investigated, finding out what had happened to them, what the military was going to use them for, and then what the scientist had planned instead. When the scientist realized they'd figured him out, he turned them against each other by using his influence on one of the members. Next thing you know, the group was split - two sides fighting against each other. Many cadets were lost, leaving the leader, the girl who's power helped his control, and two members who were helping the scientist.

    Eventually, one of the bad cadets changed sides when he learned more about the scientist that scared him straight. The scientist held onto the only cadet he had left, feeding him lies about everything, including his friends. That cadet went on a rampage, totally out of control and the good cadet group had to stop him from destroying everything. While they were dealing with him, the scientist fled, but not after he alerted the press, the FBI, the Army, and whoever else he could, telling them that the good cadet group are terrorist who are trying to infiltrate Army intelligence in order to sabotage the UN talks that are preparing to begin that week.

    So, not only did the group have to stop their bad cadet friend, and find the scientist before he sabotaged the UN talks and start WW IV, but they had to convince the FBI, the CIA, the Army, and everyone else who was chasing them that they were chasing the wrong people. The leader was captured a few times, interrogated, tortured, but the group always got him out. But, when the others were captured, being less powerful as he was, they were tortured worse and eventually one of them told them about their hideout.

    I can't remember what happened after that, but I know they had thrown in a twist by using a Russian scientist who knew the bad scientist's plans and was trying to stop him before. The Nanos were suppose to be used for medical purposes only, but the bad scientist decided to steal the plans from the Russian and use it for evil intent. So, the Russian, with all of his technology and such, found the group and hid them at his Siberian underground lab, fixed their wounds and told them the truth about the bad scientist and all the problems he was trying to cause and why. I believe they ended up capturing him and using the nanos to kill him from the inside out. And the Russian cleared their names with the FBI and such and removed the nanos from their system.

    It was a crazy story... and I really didn't mean to type all of that out, but I truly can't believe I remembered all of those stories! :D

    I definitely don't want to do a large group thing though - even as a one-on-one. But, I'll hold two main charries for whatever we do, if need be. one good and one bad.
  8. Got darn it.. Everyone has a similar story now a days... I was actually planning on letting the main character die in the end when he turned himself in. He had fought most of the other ones the others had fought between themselves. He was going to be the last one. He destroyed the facilities and their decades worth of research. And then he walked up to the head office and just... turned himself in. :P
  9. Thats perfectly fine as well.
  10. I know! My writing instructor told me once that all the great stories have been written and rewritten. When someone takes a classic and turns it into something completely different is basically what these published novelist do everyday. They're successful because no one can tell what classic story they've used. It looks completely different from the original, and stands out from all others who tried to do the same thing.

    So, it's like recreating the wheel.

    Ohhh no, that idea for the ending is awesome! It would be nice to have an unhappy ending sometimes. That reminds me of Wanted, when Jolie's charrie killed all the super assassins, including herself. That was epic!

    No, if you want to play off that layout, with that ending, then let's do it! I like that a lot. K, don't know if you want to throw in a romance side plot, or a something that draws a reader towards the main charries, giving them a more realistic touch that will cause heartstrings to break when they all die?

    And do you want to start at the very beginning, like when they are in the military, or start somewhere in the middle?
  11. I'm posting a small template, cause this charrie popped up in my head and I don't want to lose her.

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    Name: Giavanna Pargac (Gia)
    Age: 19
    Sex: Female
    Looks: 5'7", 125lbs, blond hair, chameleon eyes (alter based on her moods or what she wears, but usually blue).
    Skills: Martial artist, Basic weapons, Helicopter pilot. Field Medical background.

    Is like a walking computer. She was enhanced with various types of cybernetics: the eyes, ears, voice box, arms, legs and an addition to her brain. This gave her strength, speed, and a mental connection to the world wide web and every computer linked to it. (Instant Hacker!) With the nanos, it caused her to become a technopath, able to understand and control any computer/electronic device through her mind.

    Other: Following her father’s footsteps by joining the Army. It’s been a lifelong dream, and after his death a year ago, she decided to go for it.

    She's a strict cadet, being harder on herself than others. She's had to hid the party girl within her that emerged during her last year in high school. When her father died, she was determined to change her ways in order to be a soldier he can be proud of.

    ((I may make up another charrie... probably the scientist... or someone else that will be seen often... ))
  12. (that char. Seems amazing. You should create a Deep background!!! Anyway give me a sec to put al my characters stuff in there.
  13. Name: Arnold Ksasford (Arksas.)
    Lastname pronunciation: (Kaz-ford)
    Age: 20
    Physical traits: eyes mix colors together in beautiful forms. LIke an aurora borealis in his eyes. Exceptional speed and strength. Captivating looks.
    Abilities perceived with experiment. His gaze can keep someone from moving, have that person not want to look away from his eyes. Will stand where he is and follow it. He can do this for minutes at a time. His strength is unmatched to al the others. He is the fourth fastest and the quickest thinker on his feet.
    Bio: Arksas was actually a british person. He went to high school in the USA. He loved it there. He actually was in a band for the most part of high school. He was a very good singer. And was good with a guitar. He couldn't find another job he rather would have and when he graduated high school at the age of 18. He joined the army. He was very physically fit. They asked him if he would like to join a group for the better man of human kind. He happily accepted. He did not realize he would have to go through the painful surgery on the one day they did not have any sedatives. He watched the procedure. He stuck with it through the end. He was determined to see it all through. He lived through it and went on through testing himself. He was put through trials and quickly ascended among the ranks. He is now the leader of the projects squad. Although he han't been officially promoted yet.
  14. What do you think .3.
  15. And yes there can be magic :F
  16. Is that Zach Efrom?


    This is cool... It's almost like he's a Pusher, but he's like able to control a person's actions, probably even their thoughts and personality, just by staring at them, holding their mind with his eyes, and just.... WOW, that's like forcing mind salad on them! He can manipulate a person - hypnotizing them in a way...

  17. I thought it was him too. But no apparently this is really a brittish guy. He just looks like him. :F I was like... WTH??? But my character can only do his ability for short Periods at a time.
  18. But, they will probably grow stronger after a while, ya know, or the nanos - if we use that concept - enhances his ability further... which will only make him more epic!

    I'm going to go with my idea of the cybernetics... and build a history with that... yea
  19. Well any other ideas you might have?