Phase: End the Cycle

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  1. Almost five hundred years ago an alien race conquered the earth. Every one hundred years, they reset the planet to a population of only one million survivors. To help keep order, they grant random humans powers. Those that are the strongest in their fields of speciality are 'alphas' and all others are 'omegas'. When one is an alpha, they mysteriously no longer age, cannot become sick and are not killed during the phase purges. Only an omega can kill an alpha- upon killing an alpha, the omega is then an alpha and gets all of their benefits until killed. The fifth purge is approaching, and you receive a mysterious invitation to a warehouse outside of Kory Wen, one of Phase 4's largest cities. Nothing is on the invitation but the directions and one simple instruction- bring extra clothes, your weapons and anything from home you will miss.

    Some bonus unnecessary information:

    I already have my two characters established, one of which is the character hiring everyone and the other is a bounty hunter. As for powers, there is:
    Strength, flight, speed, elemental, regeneration and perception.
    You have four 'points' to distribute to the powers, with all powers having a current capacity of three 'points'.
    For having specific combos you could unlock a mutation- mutations only work if you have a certain combination of power 'point' distribution, and can award you an extra power point to an area of choosing or to an assigned power. Mutations can also drastically alter your character's appearance and have to be initiated in the RP, such as the 'robotic surgery' mutation where you become a machine. Mutations are unlocked by killing alphas.
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