Phantom of the Opera Idea

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  1. Sancuary of Song lovers, The Paris Opera house, rising nobly over medival torture chambers, hidden dungeons, long forgotten.Melody floats through hall and corridor, even to the executive offices, where a strange deal is being closed.
    Many speak of him, however Joseph Barquet has seen the phantom "His eyes are ghastly beads in which there is no light-like holes in a grinning skull!"--"His face like leprous parchment, yellow skin strung tight over protuding bones!"--"His nose-there is no nose!"--
    The ruins of the Opera House stand as a tomb to unrequited love, the sancuary of Song Lovers hidden above torture chambers. Though long abandoned, an undying ghost still wanders its halls, plotting the return of its heart's desire. You have been invited to the opera house by a mysterious letter. Walking in you find yourself locked in by an questionable force, The ghost of the Opera House has you trapped and wants your love. Will you love or destroy the Phantom of the Opera.


    The phantom can be any creautre you wish. If you want to be the phantom or Crystal(Cristines daughter) please pm me. Crystal can be any creature as well she just cant be the same creature as the Phantom.
    Pm me is interested and we can come up with more plots and ideas!!

  2. haha this is such a win!
  3. Why Thank You! :wink:
  4. Found anyone yet? I'd volunteer if you haven't.