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Accepting New Characters: Yup :D
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Rating: PG-13/PG-16
Genre: Mystery, Supernatural, Highschool Drama
Atmosphere/Mood: Emotional Tension
Timeline: Current [21st/22nd Century]
Basic Plot: Twilight Academy has always been strange so its nothing new when students form the Phantom Brigade, but this ghost-hunting team is like none-other & what they discover, shatters everything they once knew about their school...& their lives


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Strange things have been happening at Twilight Academy. Disappearing items, missing teachers, and those creepy sounds through the hallways after dark. Some say its the ghosts of those murders that happened last summer.

Some say the pyschotic janitor with the strange markings on his forehead is to blame. Others say that it might just be nothing at all, figments of wild imaginations...

But one unlikely group of students is about to find out the truth behind it all...

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Twilight Academy has ALWAYS been the center of attention in this busy Metrapolis. Whether it was the mass murder shooting last summer, or the government investigation regarding smuggled drugs in the old locker room last term, two years ago there was that case of a serial killer hiding in one of the dorms, and now, even the haunted house creepiness that happens after school! Whatever's going on, the students still aren't sure where to point fingers...

This time around, the student council has decided they've had had enough! Enough of the rumours, enough of the students and teachers cowering in fear when going to after school programs, enough of the problems with stuff missing, enough with the complaints of living at the dorms. Frankly, they've had Enough of Enough!.

Fed up with it all, they puts together an unlikely group of students, bringing the best of the best & the worst of the worst to get to the bottom of this academic mystery. Can the smartest kids in school get everyone to cooperate? And can their efforts even to bring an end to this school's haunted reign of darkness ?

One thing is for sure, they're not going to take a no for an answer! The only way to do it, it's going to be a DOUBLE DARE!​

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~Pick a character trope (title) from below [Or make a different character: janitor, teacher, random person]

~**You can change: the people for HATES & LIKES, the captain/president POSITIONS to different clubs, the CRUSHING ON choices. :) Just make sure it makes sense ;]

~***Crushing ON can be decided later on

~Fill out the Character Template


Title: [see below]
Date of Birth/Age:
History: Briefly. Any paranormal experiences ?
Position: [in lieu of title, i.e captain of cheersquad etc]
Worst Fear of Haunted School: [what bugs them the most? why?]

DarkRed is Taken

-The Primadona: Cheer Squad Captain
She's Queen Bee and no one will deny it. She's flattered by attention, has her own fan club, and has everyone, including the staff wrapped around her finger. Twice.
~She L.I.K.ES: The.Devil's.Spawn.
~She H.A.T.E.S: Little Miss Sunshine
>>She's Crushing on: The Prince Charming/The Jock/The Teddy Bear

-The Little Miss Sunshine: Student Council Secretary
She's absolutely adorable and everyone totally agrees. Cheerful, Bright and Action-driven, she makes the world go 'round with her perfect little smiles.
~She L.I.K.ES: Everyone
~She H.A.T.E.S: The.Primadona.
>>She's Crushing on: The Prince Charming/The Silent Artist/The Teddy Bear

-The Tomboy: Volley Ball Team Captain
She's your resident tomboy and all the guys have got her back. Loud, Determined, and Charismatic, she's a total social butterfly. She's got something up her sleeve all the time and she's one heck of a pretty...that is...pretty laid back girl~![/i]
~She L.I.K.ES: The Sunshine, The Big Guy, The Nerd and The Prince
~She H.A.T.E.S: The.Devil's.Spawn.
>>She's Crushing on: The Silent Artist/The Jock/The Big Guy

-The Miss Pretty Perfect: Head of the School Uniform Committee, Student Council Treasurer
She's undeniably perfect and has everything under control. No matter how difficult the task, you know she'll get it done in no time and with no mistakes! She's a one of kind, hard working, prim and proper little princess.
~She L.I.K.ES: The.Primadona, The.Sunshine, and The.Sweetheart.
~She H.A.T.E.S: The.Tomboy.
>>She's Crushing on: The Nerd/The Prince Charming/The Silent Artist

-The Devil's Spawn: Head of Prince Charming's Fan Club
She's second to Queen Bee and you'll never see them apart. She takes control of a situation without another care in the world and makes sure that The Prince is in constant knowledge of her undying affection for him. And she's not afraid to get her hands dirty, even if it means total sabatoge.
~She L.I.K.ES: The.Primadona.
~She H.A.T.E.S: Anyone.who.gets.in.her.way.
>>She's Crushing on: The Prince Charming

-The Sweetheart: Student Coucil Member
She's The Mediator, always ready to listen and always ready to help. She's sweet, lovable and extremely kind. If there's only one person in the world that you could run to, it'd be this wonderful, upbeat and diplomatic girl.~She L.I.K.ES: The.Little.Sunshine, and The.Tomboy.
~She H.A.T.E.S: The.Devils.Spawn and The.Primadona.
>>She's Crushing on: The Silent Artist/The Nerd/The Teddy Bear

-The Jock: Football Captain
He's the best of them all. He loves the ladies, hates to study and always wins any argument he ever starts. He's manipulative with a smile and will do anything to get his way.
[/i]~He L.I.K.ES: The.Big.Guy. and The.Prince.Charming.
~He H.A.T.E.S: The.Silent.Artist.
>>He's Crushing on: The Sunshine/The Sweetheart/The Devils Spawn

-The Prince Charming: Student Council President
The only simple way to put it. He's beyond handsome and he's worshipped by nearly every single girl in the school. And the occasional guy, too. O.o
[/i]~He L.I.K.ES: The.Silent.Artist and The.Teddy.Bear
~He H.A.T.E.S: The.Jock
>>He's Crushing on: The Sunshine/The Sweetheart/The Pretty Perfect

-The Big Guy: Wresting Champ
He's the biggest man out there. Literally. This guy's got the six pack, the muscles and the huge body. He can lift, he can shove and he can break a nose as though he's flicked a fly away
[/i]~He L.I.K.ES: The. Jock, The.Prince.Charming and The.Teddy.Bear
~He H.A.T.E.S: The.Nerd.
>>He's Crushing on: The Primadona/The Tomboy/The Devils Spawn

-The Teddy Bear: Student Council Vice President
He's the sweetest thing on this planet and he can't get any sweeter. He's got a smile that makes a girl's heart melt and he's always there to lend a shoulder when you need one. Sweet, Kind, Handsome, What more could a girl want?
[/i]~He L.I.K.ES: The.Prince.Charming, The.Silent.Artist, and The.Nerd.
~He H.A.T.E.S: The.Jock
>>He's Crushing on: The Pretty Perfect/The Sunshine/The Sweetheart

-The Silent Artist: Head of the Art Fair Committee
He's the kind of guy that speaks only when spoken to, stands in the shadows and admires from the background. He's observant, kindhearted, and a little bit lonely, but his paintings are works of art that leave you absolutely breathless
[/i]~He L.I.K.ES: The.Teddy.Bear.
~He H.A.T.E.S: The.Big.Guy
>>He's Crushing on: The Pretty Perfect/The Tomboy/The Sunshine

-The Nerd: Smartest Kid in School
He's got straight As, is aiming for valedictorian, and could be possibly be the next teen genius. The only thing he's missing is a social life, but he's definately getting there.
[/i]~He L.I.K.ES: The.Silent.Artist, and The.Teddy.Bear.
~He H.A.T.E.S: The.Jock, The.Prince.Charming, and The.Big.Guy.
>>He's Crushing on: The Pretty Perfect/The Sunshine/The Primadona

****If there's a type of character that isn't here or a variation on something that is here that you want to play, just PM me :)

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