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  1. It's been more than four centuries since the SEED came to Gurhal. The planets and their inhabitants were sure that the peace was finally here, forever to reunite the worlds together.

    Soon after the peaceful years, the SEED came back to finish what they started. However, they seemed different. They were stronger, they were harder to track, and they corrupted the lands faster than they every did.

    With the next generation coming into play, children and descendants of old heroes must rise up to the threat, though they are not as prepared as their parents and ancestors.

    Will you be the hero that they were like?

    Will you be the adaptable and diverse human? The TECH-bound and proud Newman? The fierce and strong Beast? Maybe the calculated and precise Cast? Or will you claim the planets with an iron fist along side the SEED?



    Humans - The universal race that can live on any of the planets. They are the jack-of-all-trades, able to use any weapon skillfully, but not as effective as the other races. Are able to summon elementals to aid them in battle, if only for a short while. Cannot summon the elemental of Light.

    Newmans - Pointed-ear mutation of humans that mainly live on the planet Neudaiz. Adept with TECHNICS and primarily skilled to wield staves and wands. Like the humans, they can conjure elementals for a for a while. Cannot summon the elemental of Dark.

    Beasts - Animal-like mutation of humans that inhabit the planet Moatoob. Built to withstand extreme weight, they are skilled with heavy melee weapons. Can transform into a more beast-like and stronger form of themselves for a short time.

    Casts - Synthetic humanoids created to serve humans, but servitude did not last long. They live on the artifical planet Parum, which is governed tightly by Casts. Excellent marksmen, allowing them to better wield many types of firearms. Can summon large weapons to aid them for a time.

    SEED-infected - Races that were infected and corrupted by the SEED, but still retained their senses and some of their humanity.

    Shirakus - Ethereal and almost immortal beings with horns and pointed ears that were once mistaken for demons, causing most to become extinct and the rest going to hiding. They can be seen when mortals enter the Realm of the Reincarnates, the place where those who were not able to be revived go to be given another life.



    Hunter - Fighters that work with any type of melee weapon.

    Ranger - Fighters that are best with firearms.

    Force - Fighters that use TECHNICS, or magic as some call it.

    Vanguard - Jack-of-all-trades class. Can use multiple classes' attributes, but effectiveness is lowered.


    Partner Machine Types:

    GH 410/ Maid - Hunter Class. Stays close to you in combat. Has greatsword, dual blades, and wand.

    GH 420/ Dancer - Hunter Class. Roams around and attacks enemies with claws. Has claws, dual daggers, and wand.

    GH 430/ Waitress - Ranger Class. Stays with the group. Has handgun, rifle, and wand.

    GH 440/ Magician - Ranger Class. Frontlines. Has shot gun, dual handguns, and wand.

    GH 450/ Nurse - Force Class. Heals owner and attacks enemies. Has two staves and a wand.

    GH 470/ Boy - Force Class. Young and eager supporter to the group. Has staff, bow, and a wand.

    GH 480/ Butler - Hunter Class. Loyal and proper, staying very close to his owner. Has sword, spear, and a wand.

    GH 490/ Pet - Hunter Class. Aggressive canine-like that loyal follows its master. Has axe, dual swords, and a staff.


    TECHNICS: (Everything in blue can be used once every 6 posts, everything in orange can be used every 12 posts, everything in purple can be used once a day, support TECHNICS vary)


    Foie - A ball of fire that shoots out from the hands or weapon of their user.

    Zonde - Caster can call forth a bolt of lighting to strike a single target.

    Barta - A river of ice seeps out of the caster's hands or weapon and damage anything in its path.

    Gifoie - A fireball comes out from the caster and spirals along the ground, hitting what enters its radius.

    Gizonde - A lightning bolt flies from the caster, whether from their hands or weapon, and hits the closest target as it multiplies and strikes many targets.

    Gibarta - A cloud of ice comes forth from the caster, damaging all that it hits.

    Rafoie - Engulfs targets in a ball of flame, damaging the target and those close to it.

    Razonde - A circle of lightning surrounds the caster, damaging nearby enemies.

    Rabarta - A cloud of ice surrounds the user and damages enemies too close to the caster.

    Grants - Arrows of light rain down from the sky and hits multiple enemies, followed by a large blast of energy.

    Megid - A dark ball of energy that will follow its target. It will not do immediate damage, but it has a small chance to kill the enemy, for a price.


    Resta - Heals the caster, can heal others when it is upgraded.

    Anti - Can cure many aliments, depending on the caster's level.

    Reverser - Can revive a fallen ally to full health.

    Shifta - Boosts a party's attack stats for a time.

    Deband - Boost a party's attack stats for a time.

    Jellen - Lowers nearby enemies' attack stats for a time.

    Zalure - Lowers nearby enemies' attack stats for a time.


    Swords (Two-handed)

    Knuckles (Two-handed)

    Spears (Two-handed)

    Double Spears (Two-handed)

    Axes (Two-handed)

    Twin Sabers (Two-handed)

    Twin Daggers (Two-handed)

    Twin Claws (Two-handed)

    Sabers (Main hand, One-handed)

    Daggers (Main hand, One-handed)

    Claws (Main hand, One-handed)

    Whips (Main hand, One-handed)

    Slicers (Main hand, One-handed)

    Rifles (Two-handed)

    Shotguns (Two-handed)

    Longbows (Two-handed)

    Grenade Launchers (Two-handed)

    Laser Cannons (Two-handed)

    Twin Handguns (Two-handed)

    Handguns (One-handed)

    Crossbows (One-handed)

    Cards (One-handed)

    Machineguns (One-handed)

    R-Mags (Automatic firing device, One-handed)

    Rods (Staves, Four TECHNIC slots, Two-handed)

    Wands (Main hand, Two TECHNIC slots, One-handed)

    TECH-Mags (Robotic helper, Two TECHNIC Slots, One-handed)



    Parum - Once a beautiful and lush planet, turned artificial after several centuries of war. Home to Casts, Humans, Synths, and Copy-Casts.

    Neudaiz - Covered by 80% of water, the inhabitants of this planet live in harmony with nature. Inhabited by Newmans.

    Moatoob - Harsh with most of the planet covered in deserts, but hiding secrets under the surface. Home to Beasts.


    Guardians Headquarters - Home and main headquarters of the renowned GUARDIANS, a private security company that helps the Gurhalian police with minor to extremely major tasks.

    Clad 6 - A resort colony with workers akin to mercenaries. Holds the security offices of Little Wing. Accepts any mission given to them, even illegal missions.

    1. Make a profile and have it approved before you rp, alright? I'll need to put you on the cast list.

    2. Do not make more than two characters. This will avoid too much confusion.

    3. No GMing on my watch. This includes but it not limited to: Mary-Sues, picking up ultra powerful weapons, instant-killing, auto-hitting, controlling other persons characters, obtaining too powerful abilities, etc, etc.

    4. Unless you're a bad guy/girl, you will not kill anyone from the races. Bad people: you need consent from the one you're fighting to kill them.

    5. If your character dies, do not bicker or get agitated. Just calmly put DECEASED and time of death, then you are allowed to make another character.

    6. You cannot use the characters from the games. You can, however, make a distant relative from the characters.

    7. Like in the first part of all of the games, you will only have a certain set or amount of items (depending on your race and class). I will tell you what to hold, unless you already know what weapons and items go to which race/class.

    8. Romance is allowed, but nothing too extreme. I want this child-friendly.

    9. I do not expect a novel, but I will like at least one nice paragraph (4+ sentences). Anything more is acceptable. Anything less is not tolerated.

    10. There can only be one main bad guy/girl. It's first come first serve for that spot. After the spot is filled, you can only be henchmen or SEED infected races.

    11. Since the Shirakus are near extinction, there will only be a selective few who will get a spot for these beings.

    CrimDemon - Lumina; Asa Setsu

    Uuko - Iota Barren
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  2. Um, is this where I can ask questions? Sorry if it's not. Anyway. I've only played PSO, PSO2, and 0/zero but the setting for this seems to be from the Universe games? Is it a big deal that I haven't played any from that timeline or no? I mean the basic classes and techs all seem to be the same...
  3. As long as you know the basic stuff, you don't need to have in depth knowledge. If that is what you're asking.
  4. @CrimDemon more-or-less yeah. The plot stuff is different, planet is different... But mechanics seems the same. In those games you are hunters and go on quests and things in the original PSO the main plot is one large quest to solve the mystery of what happened on planet Ragul, whereas Zero and PSO2 you just do like general mercenary work type of stuff and certain quests cause the story to progress...
    Basically the formula is: Fight monsters, explore the planet, and then beat dark falz and youuu win!! Yay!!! I'm guessing it's something like that? :x
  5. That's about dead on. Just different plot. ^^''
  6. @Uuko Your Beast is approved~ I'll try to get more stuff in here done while more people (if they decide to) join.
  7. @Uuko Can you move it to the SIGNUP Thread, though?
  8. There's a sign-up thread? My bad.

    EDIT: Can you explain to me what these on the CS of the sign-up thread is?


    Company You Work Under:

    Partner Machine: (villains have similar ones, that look like the SEED Pannons)

    Heroic/Tyrannical Ancestor:
  9. Affiliation is how your character's morality is. For example: Lawful Good, Chaotic Neutral. I'll send you a link if you need more information.

    Company you work under is that, a company you work for. Like the Communion of Gurhal, GRM, the GUARDIANS. If you want and don't know what to put, just put freelancer or none.

    A Partner machine is a small android that helps you in battle or manages your inventory.

    Heroic or Tyrannical Ancestor is just someone that your character may be related to. This is optional.

    I hope this helps.
  10. Alright I made a few adjustments and posted in the right section, namely Sexuality, Affiliation, Company, Personality, Technics and Partner Machine.
  11. I already saw it. Welcome aboard~
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