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  1. Phantasy Star: Dark Realms


    Prologue Theme:


    Centuries ago there was a gigantic space colony vessel called "The Oracle." This particular vessel boarded thousands upon thousands of different races, civilians, classes, and explorers from across the entire universe. Ultimately, "The Oracle" was used mainly for exploration and travel to distant and far away galaxies, virtually an open ended transportation system for anyone with an itch for adventure and a dose of curiosity. After years of operation the embassy of "The Oracle" decided to make their ventures easier, and allow them to go even further. So the embassy and the fleet of the entire vessel forged smaller vessels and mighty creations in technological advancement called "Arcs" which allowed for instant particle accelerated travel to other worlds and dimensions, also known as, teleportation. These Arcs were made in the count of hundreds, being placed organically all over various worlds, spaces, and galaxies to allow a cutting edge in guest and explorer travel.

    As the years progressed even further beyond the Arcs, the embassy unwillingly found out the true dangers beyond the safety of their vessel causing curious travelers to die from horrible creatures and dark beings from across the universe as they teleported through these Arcs. Slowly losing their population and intake of intergalactic travelers, the embassy hired a specialist group of hunters, warriors, assassins, and mages experienced in the photon arts to travel to these Arcs themselves and wipe out all unknown life destroying these nasty creatures that have been killing wary travelers. What was supposed to be a breakthrough in technology and the true leisure of sight seeing and discovery turned sour in a heart beat as these soldiers were sent to slaughter these planetary life forms for the greater good of "The Oracle".

    Months later, the soldiers return claiming to have wiped out all life forces on these planets allowing safe travel to the Arcs. Feeling relieved the embassy once again reopened their vessel for intergalactic visits sending visitors to planes unknown and sights unseen through the mighty Arcs. Things seemed to go back as they were, for a while. But one dark day, which was labeled by all beings and races of the universe as "Blacksun", the Arcs malfunctioned. A massive black hole emerged in every part of the galaxy.

    A darkness came from it and hazed over the many galaxies covering the planets in a black gas and slowly making it's way towards "The Oracle." The Arcs suddenly started spawning creatures from this black haze flooding planets with a fresh, new breed of monsters even more deadly and vicious than the previous ones. Soldiers were immediately deployed to once again exterminate these monsters, but they were simply just too strong. The soldiers were outnumbered and destroyed almost instantly.

    Having no choice but to use emergency procedures, "The Oracle" and the thousands of inhabitants on board went warp speed into neutral territory, a virtually tiny galaxy that the darkness has overlooked. Afterwards a powerful energy shield surrounded "The Oracle" for extra protection and trapped everyone on board with it. The only way of escaping "The Oracle" was to use the Arcs and venture to these darkened worlds to find answers to this strange phenomenon.

    Luckily, a backup signal was implanted on each Arc across the universe allowing anyone willing to teleport near them and investigate the happenings without fault. But the only way back for any adventurers going into the depths of space, was to fix the Arc and decontaminate it of the darkness, and the only way that would work, is if the mother spawn, or master creature of the Arc planet was destroyed also killing its spawn and its kin, purifying the Arc entirely. With no other hope but to ask any and all willing inhabitants on "The Oracle" to fix these Arcs scattered about the galaxies of time and space, the embassy waits in silence and humiliation to find ways of fixing their giant mistake.

    It is present day. YOU are an inhabitant of The Oracle. You have the know how, the capabilities, and the power to be one of the many on this very important mission to save the universe, The Oracle, and any survivors trapped on those monster filled planets. You feel compelled to volunteer in the effort regardless of what you've done in the past, or what you were about to do before hearing the bad news.

    Time has passed quite a bit since The Oracle's last adventure of wiping out creatures across the universe, new races, classes, and soldiers have been formed from all walks of life. The variation of species and talent on board is boundless and limitless, so what better way to look for help than to seek it on board this mighty ship. Your journey begins in The Oracle's entrance lobby, where nearly everyone interested in joining the cause against "Blacksun" has gathered to form teams, trade goods, and find a solution to this disaster. You are now a warrior of the embassy, make your choices from here on out wisely soldier, your life and the lives of others, depend on it.

    So....basically whether you played the Phantasy Star series or not, I kind of wrapped up what the series is about for you then added to it at the end with my own little twist. So you don't really have to be a gamer of the series to jump right in and join the cause.

    I really want to make this last and be exciting and fun everyone, which is why I have expanded the races and classes from the original series, into a concoction of my own interesting ideas for races and classes while still including the old ones. This allows for a wider range of characters and fellow roleplayers to join in without feeling binded and restricted by the original game's preset character creation options. This will be far more interesting.

    The Races



    The Newmans are not nearly as physically strong as the Humans or the CAST, but they are small, clever, fast, and have tremendous aptitude for the Photon Arts, which is the magic of the universe. While they can ably use and wield weapons, they are unrivaled in their ability to use, learn, and withstand the immense value of Photon powers. These are beings that are completely in tune with the universe, and adapt much more easily on unknown planets and terrains than others. They are more at home in a grounded setting than in space or on a ship. They feel confined otherwise, which is why they make for great guides and tactical wizards in battle.



    Humans are balanced, adaptable to all areas, space or otherwise, and very resilient and resourceful. They are the jack-of-all-trades but master of none. They can succeed in any pursuit. Close quarters combat, ranged, or the demands of the Photon arts. Granted, they won't be nearly as powerful as other races in some of these categories that are more focused and channeled into them separately, but they make great companions, team members, and allies. Humans are surprisingly one of the first races sought by others to join in missions and hunts, mainly because they are so well balanced and they make excellent planners and help others keep a level head. Humans are masters at conversation but lack the specialized talents other races have.



    The CAST are fully robotic and have unprecedented strength and endurance. They are pathetically weak in the Photon Arts, but where they lack in that category they make up for in unmatched precision and fighting abilities. The history behind the CAST is that they were created by the embassy as an emergency backup plan if too many living soldiers were killed in battle. They did their jobs well and survived much longer than organic beings, but when it came to Photon attacks, these robotic creatures were helpless. When the malfunction in the Arcs occurred and the "Blacksun" had went into motion, the CAST suddenly formed minds of their own, allowing them to teach themselves more resilience and prosperity, to individualize themselves from others and think clearly. They are now well known for their extraordinary teaching in physical battle skills and their undeniable spirit on the field. They are usually the bronze of any team. This particular species is currently working on how to increase their defensive capabilities against the Photon Arts to make them more capable in battle.



    The Dragnok are a newer species that travel far and wide to constantly seek new lands in order to expand their kind. There are dangers everywhere and these creatures are always migrating. Scaled and spiteful, these beasts joined the embassy's cause not because of the "Blacksun" but because they want the planets for themselves, and they are only helping so that they may one day take over some of these planets once purified to forge kingdoms and raise armies and claim the universe as their own. They prefer working in duos or trios, teams are not their style. Reluctantly joining the cause, they'd rather match up with CAST and other races that seem strong and sturdy in battle to have that chemistry of toughness. The Dragnok have very chiseled and stern skin which lets them take a pounding along with tribal and cultured armor. They prefer swords and blunt weapons for battle. Their kind knows very little about Photon arts, but those that do cannot wear heavy armor, instead they dress in a paint and a cloth setup to show indifference and magical appeal. These creatures are terrible with guns and long ranged weaponry, they are all about close combat. And they usually go off instinct and their own rage when it comes to battle, which makes them great for the front lines and to draw attention. They are sadly considered the meat shields and berserkers of the embassy.



    The Fulf are experts at ranged and tactile attacks. They are most well known as the assasins of the embassy and are a necessity of any group. They are masters of technology and can easily utilize any gun or piece of equipment of any sort at their disposal. They are usually one of the first to be snatched up for a mission. They are also masters of sneak and stealth often scoping out ahead to inform the rest of the team it is safe to proceed. They are very much team players in every aspect and do terrible alone. In their families and fellow kind, they travel in packs that never break away from eachother. They usually utilize Photon Arts in their weapons rather than honing energy from their body, they like to focus it in their ammo and technology for extra fire power. They are the only species that can transer Photon energy into guns and unfortunately, cannot use Photon power any other way but for their weapons. They are terrible with swords, close combat, and close ranged weapons. Under emergency situations they'd often use their teeth and claws to make the foes back away. They work specifcally well with Humans and like the Humans, love to plan ahead.



    The Slimin are the most strangest and yet mystical creatures The Oracle has ever boarded. Nobody knows where they came from or their origin, but these are self thinking, playful, and yet deadly beings. They have the ability to shapeshift into anyone, especially their enemies. However, they cannot do this without keeping their green skin color. The truth is, nobody really knows what they look like all the way, due to their constant changing of identities, some enjoy keeping the identities of those they shifted into long ago, either due to a special connection or otherwise, and don't often change back into anything else. Rumor is their original appearence is simply a large blob of goop. These are creatures that are hugely superior in the Photon Arts, rarely do you ever see them use weapons, they rely heavily on the power of Photon and magic to get them by, partially also because they use supplements of Photon power to change forms and shape shift, while also using it for offensive and defensive spells. These are very cautious beings that don't gain trust easily. When they are selected for a team it is usually for covert operations or simply for comedic relief. Some are specifically chosen due to their high Photon energy and magic talents. They wear little to no armor and prefer to stay back with caution than go head first into battle. However, they are a little more couraegous than the Fulf and wouldn't really know what to do with a weapon if given the chance.

    The Classes

    : Hunters are melee brawlers and close quarter experts. They prefer to hone in on enemies face to face using a variety of hand to hand weapons, mostly blunt weapons like swords and maces, but they can use anything close range really. They use a mix of power and agility to bring their foes to rest. Constantly being in the heat of battle, Hunters have exceptional tolerance for punishment and posess uncanny defensive abilities as well. Heavy armor is a necessity for these brutes.

    Ranger: The Rangers are the experts in longe range and tacticile upper hands. Rangers stalk the battlefield, look ahead for danger, and pick their targets carefully. Rangers are almost always asked first when it is ok for the rest of the team to move ahead, but sometimes the Ranger takes it easy and lets the rest of their group be the deciding factors. They have alternate methods to hold their own if the fighting gets too close, but are more at home behind the back lines taking out prey from afar. Their defensive abilities outweigh their offensive techniques. A medium armor is best for this class allowing for both minimal noise, and ease of movement.

    Force: Master of the Photon Arts, this class is deadly on the battlefield. Entirely dependent on their magic and rarely on their weapons, they are able to perform a powerful attack one moment, and help or heal an ally the next. Forces are incredibly vulnerable to damage, but have unequaled control of their magical technique. Their ability to harm or enhance makes them an unparallel asset on the battlefield. They take good care of their magical prowess and be sure to stay back and take a breather if they use too much of it. The Newman race can tolerate the Photon energy a bit more than other races. Due to the high volume of Photon energy they must manipulate, they can only wear light armor or light clothing.

    Technic: Technics are the tinkerers and technology dependents of every team. They can enhance any weapon or piece of technology with Photon magic. They can also almost virtually fix anything broken and forge makeshift ammo from almost nothing if ammo runs low for any team. Fulfs are the only race that can do this without being such a trained class, but they are not nearly as efficient at it as those trained in Technics. Technic warriors prefer being in between a team. Not behind, not in front, but right in the middle of a team to be most sufficient in aid. Technics also do best in large groups, utilizing those around them to enhance team weapons, including their own, regardless of close or long range. A unique asset of Technics is, they share and feed off the Photon energy of fellow team members. The bigger the team, the more powerful Technics are. Once their weapons are enhanced, Technics use smart tactics to attack the enemy at the best angle. All Technics and Technics only are equipped with a calculatory scanner head piece fused into their brain cells, which gives Technic probability ratios, outcome percentages, and energy level readings. This head piece helps maximize their enhancing skills and allows them to know when a safe time would be to restock, refuel, and strategize. Light and Medium armor is recommended for this class.

    Healix: The Healix class is based strictly off healing methods. In terms of weapons they only use staves or poles of a sort to focus their healing chi and hone their Photon powers. Unlike the Force class, the Healix class cannot do anything but heal, mend, and resurrect the dead. They cannot enhance anyone's abilties, but they can do protection spells which makes damage less harmful and heal those in need of it. They can resurrect those that die, but only once every 24 hours. They must recharge their Photon energy to resurrect again. Healix classes are best utilized far behind their team and away from danger. They can harm and attack foes with minor and basic energy Photon attacks or whacks of their staves or weapon if need be, but their Photon energy is collected best in an open space gathering energy of the universe and focusing it into healing methods. This class is adaptable to all races and doesn't require a huge focus of Photon energy, just a strong will and a kind spirit more than anything to help adapt the Photon power into a guided way to heal and enlighten. The Healix prefers clothing and robes rather than any sort of armor to free them of binding and give them a maximum output of energy.

    The Sheet












    T_T R U L E S 0_0:

    1. No God Modding.

    2. No one liner/really short RP posts.

    3. No flaming or spamming other players.

    4. No excessive in character OOC posts. For example:


    Jake attacks the monster with a huge slash. ROFL.

    5. Have fun and be respectful of other players and their posts. Regardless of writing style and abilities.

    And that's it everyone! I feel this is going to be a fantastic roleplay with an in depth story and a deep connection with the characters and the setting. I can answer any and all questions either in here or in a PM. If you wish to be against the cause, and a creature of the "Blacksun" please ask me beforehand and I will see what I can do, otherwise I mainly want everyone to work as a team and do what they can to eliminate the enemies. If this goes well, I may do this RP in parts depending. Have fun, that is the most IMPORTANT thing! My character sheet will be made accordingly, I want to see what others come up with and how many express interest first.

    ADDED NOTE: Just because some of the races say they are better at one thing than the other, the real deciding factor is class. So for example, if your a race more heavily based in Photon Arts, you can still pick Hunter, and likewise for anything else. The class is what really matters.

    Here is the IC link:
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    My character.

    Name: Baynin





    Personality: Baynin is an incredibly rebellious individual. He loves to persuade and trick people into getting his way or doing dangerous things such as shady deals, deadly missions, and hunts for hidden treasure. He only gets along with those with a taste for adventure and a willingness for danger. He is very selfish and likes to be a one man show with an ego the size of a mountain. Regardless of all this though, Baynin has a caring and kind side that he rarely ever shows. If you can gain his trust, there's a chance he can show that to you. Baynin is also very in tune with his power and a master of the Photon Arts using his abilities to his advantage and enjoys intimidating others with the power he can use. He has a thick head, so he often goes into a battle without thinking believing to be superior to his enemies at all times, which can hurt him more than help him.

    Stave of the Slime Champion. Baynin possesses a stave that is always connected to his back which he uses for close combat when enemies get too close. He was rewarded the stave after winning an arena competition on his home planet destroying countless enemies and beasts and prevailing as the planet's reigning Slimin champion. It is made of Dragnok skin and a high grade space iron with a pointy and dangerously sharp hook at the end. The staff has a slimy outline allowing Baynin to stick it to his skin for easy access.

    Enemies: The spawn of the Blacksun, and anyone getting in his way of any goal he desires.

    He usually gets along extremely well with fellow Slimin and occasionally the Fulf.

    Origin: Planet Equinox, a slime covered planet that was taken over by the Blacksun's dark forces in a galaxy three light years away. It was a resourceful planet that the Slimin thrived on.

    Baynin lived on the planet Equinox with his brother, Ronin. They were engineers of docking space ships and any shuttles belonging to the planet, or visiting from far away. Him and his brother were two of the few people that were advanced in engineering and survived quite well on their own with the business they received. Because they were made of slime, they could easily fit through deep cracks and crevices of any ship and fix any problems they saw needed tending to. One day, a large Pirate Vessel docked at their business location and demanded their hull be fixed without pay or they will burn their entire dock yard to the ground. Resilient and unafraid, Ronin refused to fix their ship unless they got paid a sum of money for their survival. The captain of the ship then burned Ronin alive with a pyrotechnic rifle and ended his life in a flash.

    Baynin cried out in terror and obliged by the pirate's commands. He fixed their ship after what seemed like decades of repair, but the captain of the ship didn't leave without one more devious action. He burned the entire stock yard to the ground and threatened Baynin with his life if he tried to stop their escape. As the ship took off, Baynin stood breathless and completely void of any emotion. So many thoughts ran through his mind. Finally, after moments of thought, Baynin caught up with the ship in a miniature vessel of his own and crashed into the very same hull he repaired. Because he was made of slime and much more durable than the pirates, he survived the crash as the ship went down some yards away from the dock station. Many of the pirates died from the crash.

    Baynin was injured, but still breathing. He made his way to the captain's cabin shape shifting into one of the pirates on board for an easier way to get at the captain, and bashed down his door. The captain was also injured, and looked incredibly confused. A deep rage filled Baynin's eyes and an aura of energy surrounded him. Baynin then shape shifted into the captain himself and said a small farewell; "You will not leave without revenge for what you have done. You will die staring at this horrible image of yourself, yet you will never forget me." After his powerful words, Baynin slaughtered the captain with a focused shot of Photon Energy obliterating him in two.

    Baynin then destroyed the remains of the ship and fled his planet after highjacking a vessel nearby. He sought a haven on The Oracle, and kept the image of the captain he killed ever since, remaining in his form until he can get over the day his brother has died. Shortly after boarding The Oracle, Baynin witnessed the uprising of the Blacksun, and his planet being taken over. And with a burning rage and passion for battle still in his heart, Baynin volunteers to be a part of the forces against it, hoping to reclaim his planet and reopen his old dock yard in memory of his dear brother.
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    Name: Cordelia Forde

    Age: 23


    Race: Human

    Class: Hunter

    Personality: A very headstrong and emotional girl, Cordelia isn't afraid to speak her mind even with consequences. She keeps her emotions on her sleeves and is quite blunt because of it, sometimes coming off as rude. She also acts fearless to not show weakness, often not backing down from a fight and such, even say the aggressor is a male. However after the layers are peeled back, Cordelia is really a girl afraid of her own faults and tries to hide with said layers.

    Weapon: Cordelia specializes in two weapons and so she is equipped with two, most of the time if not all. Specifically a Pallasch Saber accompanied with a set of Sawcer Slicers.

    Enemies: Because of Cordelia's particular past, she dislikes all Dragnoks.

    Allies: Cordelia hasn't had any of yet simply because she has been travelling with her skills alone until coming to the embassy.

    Origin: The Planet of Ashr'an, a small planet which was was shared between a smaller unknown society of humans and a large population of Dragnoks, located in the small galaxy the Oracle took refuge.

    History: Cordelia lived rather hard life. When she was only one year old, her home along with the rest of the humans on her planent was attacked by vicious territory hunting Dragnoks, leaving only her and her father to escape to a smaller planet where in the future the Oracle would be set up.

    Her father raised her alone on that planet in a frontier fashion where he taught her how to fight with his worn out but still functional weapons which were eventually inherited by Cordelia when her father passed away due to illness when Cordelia was only 20. From then on she continued living, finding her own food and such until after three years the Oracle came recruiting soldiers for their cause, which attracted Cordelia considering it would allow for some human interaction which she had missed.

    And so she entered the program as a soldier, however keeping her home on this planet a secret as she felt it would be better for no one to know that particular information

    Ahh. I hope this is acceptable. I had a problem thinking of a history so I'm not sure if its the best background I've ever came up with. But I could change if its needed TK. :)
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    Amazingly well done. Exactly what I am looking for in a character sheet. Good job! I look forward to your posts. As I mentioned, there are a few others that I am waiting on for character sheets and then I shall leave this open for a bit longer to see if any others are interested then the IC will go up.
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    (Let me if you want anything changed or taken out, I have never played the game so I was unsure exactly how to think of the CAST but, I gave it a try.)

    Name: Sara Banshaw

    Age: 18


    Race: human

    Class: Technic

    Personality: Sara overall has a very sweet personality, she can be overly cheery sometimes and most believe she acts much younger than she actually is. She has an endless curiosity that often gets her into trouble but she never seems to mind and she usually will have a friend or two nearby to back her up just in case. The only times she ever seems to stop smiling is when she is working on something that is giving her some trouble or she is fighting. When working on difficult inventions or something similar she ends up focusing to the point where she a complete disreguard for anything else that happens. In general Sara hates fights, and when forced into one she ends up becoming very somber and even a bit sad until after the fight is long over. This becomes even more apparent when people are killed during a fight, she can end up staying her depressed somber self for hours or until someone or something happens to cheer her up.

    She mainly uses a large custom rifle that she built herself, it has a bayonet attachment just incase she has to get into close range combat.

    She gets along with pretty much everyone however break her trust and you will find yourself on the cold shoulder list.

    She has been friends with Zen for several years now so she considers him a close ally.

    Originally born on Santen with in the capital city but, spent most of her life on Taltus as her dad thought there would be better opportunity on the smaller planet.

    Moving to Taltus shorty after Sara was born her family owned a moderatly sized general mechanics shop. Her Dad was the head mechanic of the shop and he employed several other mechnics to work in the shop while Sara's mom took care of all of the buisness portion of the shop. So from an early age Sara was always hanging around the shop picking little tips and helping without with whatever job they gave her. So by the time she was nine she was doing independent work at the shop fixing whatever they needed her to fix. Around this time the hired a new employee a Fulf named Reclun, he was a good mechanic but, he also was very good at using Photon energy. He was very nice and after a while he started to teach Sara a little about how to use the photon arts in corilation with machines and weapons. Things went on like this until she was about 13 years old. Then one day she was taking a short cut through a back alley on her way back from picking up groceries when she spotted something large in the alley ahead. At first she thought about just going around a different way as she was unsure exactly what was up ahead and she was equally unsure whether she wanted to deal with it. But, after a few second of thought she went ahead anyways, going slow just incase she suddenly decided to turn back. As she got closer she saw that it was a large CAST robot just sitting there leaning up against one side of the alley wall. She stopped in front of the big hunk of robot for a little while and just watch him. This was a bit of an unusual sight since Blacksun as the CAST had gained free will and had been congragating together, and yet here this one was just sitting all alone. It was just starting to rain and after a sudden thought she pulled out her extra rain jacket and draped it over the CAST's head. She then grabbed his hand and tugged at him, gently scolding him for sitting in the rain where he would rust. It took a second or two but eventually she got the him to follow her.

    Her parents were more than a bit surprised when she got home later that evening companied by a ten foot rust bucket but, after several hours of very circular arguing her parents finally agreed although anything he did would be her responsability. It was a lot of hard work reparing ZEN, as she later found out was his name, he had the basics but, most of his other systems were either worn out or rusted through. Even his voice box was shot which would account for his lack of speak up until then. It took her about a year to replace all of the parts but, it was well worth it as Sara had found a very good friend. At eighteen Sara decided that she wanted to see more of the world than the inside of a mechanics shop so she volunteered to join The Oracle, and of coarse as soon as he learned that she had been accepted ZEN jumped on board and joined as well.

    Name: ZEN

    Age: 42


    Race: CAST

    Class: Ranger

    At first Zen can seem really... robotic. His grasp on humor is marinal at best, he works almost solely with cool clear cut logic, and he is horrible at light conversation. But, in truth Zen is a bit like the big brother of his group. He is very protective of those who are close to him always ready to take a hit or lend a hand even if it means harming himself. He can seem exceptionally cold and blunt at times but, he is just to logical for his own good and he really never intends to hurt anybody with his words. Indeed if he can avoid hurting people in general he takes that option but, if he does end up hurting someone he brushes it off surprisingly quick simply saying it was "unavoidable". He does also have a really poor sense of humor and sarcasim which can make things interesting as he hangs out with Sara quite a bit.

    Besides the long range cannon on his back, he has a hand gun equivilent built into his right arm.

    No true enemies but, he will destroy anyone who is out to hurt his friends.

    Allies: He has been friends with Sara for several years now so that counts.

    Originally from the small trade planet Taltus where he served as a fighter in an arena competition.

    He was created to be a fighting robot in a small run down arena competition on Taltus. He was never particularly good so he only ever fought small battles and was often run down from all the strain fighting put on his parts and a lack of funds to replace some of them. One time during a fight he was beaten up badly enough that his owners found that it was best if they just retired him, which basically meant selling him cheaply for scraps. They gave him a new cover and made sure that he could at least walk before putting him on the market, but, he did not have one hundred percent workability. His was bought by a well off merchant, fixed up and given a new start as a body guard for the merchant. That was his job for many years, and he did reasonably well but, age is not for the weak and the merchant felt that it was time to upgrade and so he bought a newer model and in turn sold ZEN off. That was pretty much how Zen's life went until he was approaching 37 years of age. Passing from place to place, working a variety of jobs and basically getting more and beat up as time went by. By this time most of his systems had become very worn down, as he got older he sold for less and his owners wanted to invest even less, until one day he found himself sitting in a charigng station with a couple of other robots, it was the day of Blacksun and suddenly something happen and ZEN awoke. Very confused ZEN just kind of stumbled around for a while unsure exactly what was going on and generally just on the move from place to place. Till one day he found himself just sitting in a back alley, completely worn down and unsure of what to do. Then a young girl approached him and started to talk to him, she gave him her rain coat and she even got him to follow her. From then on ZEN has stuck with Sara, he sees her a bit like a younger sister and he as her protective older brother. When he found out that she had been accepted as a volunteer by The Oracle he was quick to sign up as well.
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    VERY nice! For a newer member it is impressive. Approved! I just need one or two more and then we can start this bad boy! I will try to recruit one more ASAP.
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    Awesome more people! :3

    Knight, so we can get this moving (I'm very excited to get this started. lol.) may I make a second character? Oh and ET, I think you pretty much got the main concept of a CAST down so no worries. Haha
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    You are far more than welcome to my dear :D
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    Thanks, both of you, for the support. I am very excited to get this started, this promises to make for a very interesting rp.
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    I got a PM from a member that has shown interest, so I am still waiting on her :p
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    Name: Georgia Davis

    Age: 23

    Appearance: Georgia's general form has auburn hair cut into a short, frigid bob that ends just beneath her chin. Her eyes are a piercing gray with a small surge of blue hardly peeking from behind the silvery surface. She is of a slightly short height, only coming up to about 5'4. She portrays herself with a small body making her extremely limber and flexible, able to contort herself into ungodly positions. Georgia normally wears clothes simply comfortable enough to work in while also making sure to wear bits of armor to protect her weakest points. No matter what she's doing, she almost always looks at least somewhat presentable.

    Race: Slimin

    Class: Healix

    Personality: Georgia is a sweet girl, very polite and never rude. She remains compassionate towards everybody, no matter the situation. Due to this, she hates fighting. She hates the thought of hurting others so she instead heals them. Georgia spaces out often, daydreaming and thinking about what she can do to fix issues and stop arguments or fighting. She is a peace keeper, this is true, but she may also cause problems due to her indecisiveness and inability to take the lead when she is needed.

    Weapon: She doesn't often use them, but she holds small knives or daggers with her constantly. She also has an old bow with an odd amount of arrows to go with it. She's much better at fighting with range between her and her enemy.

    Enemies: She has no major enemies for she never offends meaning that nobody has a need to offend her.

    Allies: She hasn't many companions and nobody has ever needed her help making for no allies. It's sort of dangerous, but she's no need for them and nobody wants a simple Healix as an ally, at least where she's from.

    Origin: Planet Equinox ((Wasn't sure of what to put here seeings as I've never played this game and she's a slimin so I decided to follow the living arrangements of Baynin, I hope that's okay!))

    History: Georgia was once a happy girl who made everybody's day just a little bit brighter. An infectious smile always remained on her lips. There was not a person in her town who disliked her besides the bitter kids her age who shot dirty looks at her and deemed her a "suck-up". This did not alter her personality and once she was of age, Georgia began helping out at a small clinic down the street from her. Her largest aspiration in life was to become a renowned nurse or doctor at the hospital. Her dream came true and all too soon; her second day of shadowing a nurse, the Blacksun began to take over. It was havoc. People were rioting in the streets and rebels rose only to be attacked or injured by greater forces. The hospital was flooded with victims and Georgia was completely overwhelmed. In a quick sweep for healthy and capable people, an official with a small space vessel gathered a group of people including Georgia. She screamed once a companion to the official grabbed her and ran. Her family, friends, neighbors and everybody on this planet would be mutilated! She couldn't bear the thought as she yelled and kicked the brute who held her over his broad shoulder. She was brought to "The Oracle" by these people and was deemed fit to board and join the crew. With resentment, she accepted. Where else would she go if her entire planet was over run by evil forces?

    ((let me know if anything needs to be changes, i'll be glad to fix it! :bsmile: ))
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    Everything looks great! The planet choice was just up to you, it could be anything, but seeing as it is now, I see it all works out fine. Accepted! I will get the IC going ASAP.
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    okie dokie, thanks so much! :bsmile:
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    Good news everyone! Another member expressed interest in the RP talk forum about this RP and expect her to join us this week! The IC will be up today, I promise.
  15. Might be a good idea to put the link for the IC here so that people can find it.
  16. Good idea. Here is the link to the IC everyone:

    And I will also put it in the first post so new comers can click it for easy access. Also, I received a private message from Rufiya, unfortunately she will not be able to join after all. I will be trying to do some more recruiting and I guess I will post again in the IC to keep things moving.
  17. Don't usually do this, but gonna try for two.

    Name: Gina (Gin) Parcel

    Age: 21

    A curtain of long brown hair, a toned, shapely frame. 5'6". Wears a blue t-shirt with a deep crimson vest that has numerous pockets for storing spare items and ammo. she walso wears beige baggy pants with numerous pockets that drape over her combat boots.

    Race: Human

    Class: Hunter/some Technic knowledge

    Deeply ingrained in the Parcel's DNA is the risk-taking gene, which makes them all recklessly impulsive. Gin is no different. Aside from the urge to leap before looking, she also has a bright and enthusiastic attitude that can attract anyone who doesn't know about her family's reputation. She's brave, confident and headstrong.

    Weapon: A collapsable pick-ax and a set of handles attached with a conductive string. Can be used as nun-chucks (sorry that I don't know if this is right or not), but the weapon is energized with photon energy so that the string can cut straight through flesh. As an alternative, all the energy stored in the chucks can be released in barrels set into the handles.

    Enemies: Her only enemies are those who know of her family's reputation.

    Allies: None yet, but she's hoping her family's reputation earns her some.

    Origin: The planetoid Excelsior (a world that doesn't orbit a star)

    History: There's more family history to her than actual history on her account. The Parcels are an old family that has amassed a powerful reputation as some of the greatest explorers and adventures to ever live. They also have a bad name among alien cultures. There are some species where the word "Parcel" means "Death," "Downfall," and "Genocide." Gin's family name is mud to aliens, and legend to humans.

    She wants to live up to the good aspects of her famiy's reputation, while amending the bad. Blacksun is probably the most famous account she has to live up to. A rumor is circulating that during the crisis her mother and father, Jade and Rod Parcel, single-handedly liberated an entire star system. There is, however, some debate on which system it was, so the story's in doubt.

    Gin wants to see firsthand the legendary status of her father, and secure a legendary title of her own. She's inherited the best from her parents - her mother's intelligence, which gives her some proficiency in photon-based technology, and her father's quick reflexes, so she can go from fight to flight in a moment's notice.

    Name: Rodney (Rod) Parcel

    Age: 45

    Appearance: Blonde-brown hair, strong jaw, prostetic right arm. He lost his old one during Blacksun, and the new arm comes equiped with the weapons he uses for battle. He usually wears an orange t-shirt and red vest, like his daughter's but without the pockets.

    Race: Human

    Class: Hunter

    Personality: Cocky and ever sure, Rod is never nervous. He's pulled off so many stupid stunts in his lifetime that he's got this attitude like nothing can hurt him.

    Weapon: His prostetic forearm carries a powerful gun that fires raw photon energy. Also has a grappling hook that fires out of his wrist. Even unarmed, though, he's considered dangerous.

    Enemies: If you ask him, just people who become a problem. Ask anyone else, and they'll say anything that's not human.

    Allies: Pretty much any high-ranking human who's heard of his feats.

    Origin: Conceived and born on the Oracle

    History: Rod lived his first few years aboard the Oracle, and anyone to remember him as a child will testify that he was a handful the entire time. His parents left the Oracle long before Blacksun and raised him on one of the Arcs, where he grew up hopping from planet to planet.

    Travel was as deeply ingrained into a Parcel's DNA as reckless behavior, and Rod quickly made a name for himself. When the fighting first broke out he jumped at the opportunity and soon fell for a young Technic named Jane. She was a genius, and had enough fight in her to make her a challenge worthy of Rod's attention.

    During the famous battle when they freed a whole star system (technically, they only freed three planets from the darkness and destroyed the rest) he lost his arm. Jane built his new one by herself and it wasn't long after that that they had Gin.

    She had the crazy reckless streak as the rest of her family. They decided to settle on Excelsior because it didn't have its own star to act as a giant beacon for the darkness. The planetoid even had small rockets around its protective dome so that it could move. He and Jane raised their daughter on a migrating planet.

    When the threat they thought they had defeated so long ago returned, Rod once again went back on duty. Jane, however, was tired of it, and chose to stay behind. But luckily Gin was there to take her place, and make her own name.
  18. Willing to edit. Will post if this meets approval.