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  1. ✬ Another search to add to the pile!! ✬

    Here be:
    Lots of fandoms
    Some originals
    Semi-originals based on book or movie plots
    Lots of MxM
    Occasional FxF or FxM
    Super LGBT+ friendly plots. Fuck yeah trans characters!
    Fantasy, historical, supernatural, scifi, and LOTS OF ROMANCE

    ✬ ABOUT ME
    ✬ Call me Jasper, Jas, or Phantasm. Whatever you want.
    ✬ 20 years old
    ✬ Male
    ✬ Employed part-time, but with a rather erratic work schedule
    ✬ My writing level is probably somewhere between adept and advanced.
    ✬ Varied post length and frequency, though I always prefer multiple paragraphs. I have severe OCD and anxiety, which does unfortunately effect my writing. It slows down the writing process considerably, which means while I am entirely capable of long posts, they are quite time-consuming. A shorter, less complex RP will get quicker replies from me.
    ✬ I may go a few days here and there without logging on. I appreciate patience. I welcome a little nudge if you see me repeatedly replying to others and not you, however, as that's something I might do myself.
    ✬ Friendliness!! I'm a big baby and I can't handle working with people who are standoffish.
    ✬ Open to pretty much any writing level, as long as you have a good grip on grammar and spelling.
    ✬ Communication is key. Please tell me if you want to drop or put our RP on hiatus.
    ✬ MxM is my comfort zone, and preferred romantic pairing, but I don't have any gender pairings I won't do. That said, I avoid doing MxF with MxF-exclusive roleplayers. To put it politely, I'm gay af and I just don't mesh well with straight-only types. Sorry! I would, however, LOVE to do a MxM or FxF with someone who's new to it.
    ✬ I like to have at least a big possibility of romance in my RPs. Romance is my forte, I'm great at writing it, and I'm tons more interested in stories that involve it in some way.
    ✬ Doubling is a possibility IF it makes sense for the plot. I'm not really into the whole "love interest trade-off canon x oc" doubling concept.
    ✬ Smut is a possibility with adult partners, when and where it fits into the story.
    ✬ Thank you for reading all of this! It makes me a great deal more comfortable when my partners know what they're getting into.

    ✬ Plots
    No Sound But The Wind -- scifi | futuristic | survival
    Inspired by "The Martian" and "Interstellar"; a sort of hybrid of the two. Our two characters are space explorers. Their ship begins to malfunction while they are in a distant solar system, but they manage to make a crash landing before it breaks down. They end up stranded, the only two surviving crew members on a planet seemingly unpopulated by intelligent life, with no way to communicate Earth. This would be a fictional planet, so we can choose for it to have Earth-like vegetation if we'd like to skip over the science-y 'how to grow food on a planet where nothing grows' stuff. Whether it is actually unpopulated is another thing that can be discussed.
    Wandering Daughter -- romance | mxm | medieval | trans
    A medieval king is the doting father of a beautiful princess. As is the duty of any young princess, she is raised to be the perfect bride to a powerful man who will become king one day, and to bear the next heir to the throne. The more she matures, however, the less she desires being a queen -- king, she feels, might be a more suitable title. Living life as a gender other than what you was announced at birth is unheard of, and the blooming prince realizes he must explore his identity away from the kingdom. Employing the help of one of his favored castle knights, he runs away, determined to only come back home once he's proven himself a man.
    ✬ Pairings and Settings
    ✬ Medieval
    ✬ Victorian
    ✬ Monarch x Servant
    ✬ Addict x Rehab counselor
    ✬ Soldier x Soldier

    ✬ FANDOMS ✬
    ♥ - most wanted
    * - plots in mind
    ✬ Dragon Age ♥♥♥♥♥
    ✬ Alistair x Warden ♥*
    ✬ Zevran x Warden
    ✬ Morrigan x Warden
    ✬ Fenris x Hawke ♥♥♥♥*
    ✬ Anders x Hawke ♥
    ✬ Anders x Fenris
    ✬ Isabela x Fenris ♥
    ✬ Isabela x Hawke
    ✬ Isabela x Fenris x Hawke
    ✬ Anders x Fenris x Hawke ♥
    ✬ Dorian x Inquisitor ♥
    ✬ Cullen x Inquisitor
    ✬ Sera x Inquisitor
    ✬ Dorian x Cullen ♥*
    ✬ Dorian x Iron Bull ♥
    ✬ I just love this fandom so much, any other ideas will definitely be considered!
    ✬ Trans!Fenris and trans!Inquisitor/Hawke/Warden are options.
    ✬ Attack on Titan ♥
    ✬ Erwin x Levi ♥♥♥*
    ✬ Jean x Eren
    ✬ Armin x Eren
    ✬ Jean x Armin
    ✬ Levi x Hanji ♥
    ✬ Levi x Hanji x Erwin
    ✬ Trans or non-binary Hanji is a must (no canon gender = perfect opportunity for a trans character. Let me have that). Trans!Levi and trans!Armin are options.
    ✬ Avatar: The Last Airbender ♥♥♥

    ✬ Zuko x Katara ♥♥♥*
    ✬ Zuko x Sokka
    ✬ Mai x Ty Lee
    ✬ Azula x Ty Lee
    ✬ Zuko x Mai
    ✬ Toph x Sokka
    ✬ Black Butler

    ✬ Grell x Sebastian
    ✬ Grell x William
    ✬ Grell x Madam Red
    ✬ Aged-up Ciel x Sebastian or OC
    ✬ Grell identifying and presenting as a woman is an absolute non-negotiable must, unless she's closeted in our plot. Trans!Ciel is an option.
    ✬ Captive Prince ♥

    ✬ Damen x Laurent
    ✬ OC x OC, this is such a fascinating universe that I'd LOVE to do an original story based on these books.
    ✬ Star Wars

    ✬ Poe x Finn
    ✬ Kylo x OC
    (note: I tend to avoid roleplaying with hardcore Star Wars fans because I'm a pretty casual fan myself and don't like feeling like a dumbass. I have seen all the movies, though, I promise!)
    ✬ Hunger Games

    ✬ Katniss x Peeta
    ✬ Peeta x Finnick
    ✬ Peeta x Gale
    ✬ Katniss x Johanna
    ✬ Vampire Knight

    ✬ Yuki x Zero
    ✬ Zero x Kaname
    ✬ Kaname x Aido
    ✬ No. 6

    ✬ Nezumi x Shion
    ✬ Non-binary!Nezumi is an option.
    ✬ Fruits Basket

    ✬ Kyo x Tohru
    ✬ Kyo x Yuki
    ✬ Shigure x Tohru
    ✬ Elder Scrolls

    ✬ OC x OC
    (knowledge pretty limited to Skyrim)

    Keep an eye out for more additions, especially more original plots! Please PM me or post here if you're interested!
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  2. I'm interested in the no sound but the wind plot!
  3. Ooooh! I have a few in your list that I find fascinating ^^

    - Trans!Fenris and trans!Inquisitor/Hawke/Warden are options.
    - Yuki x Zero
    - wandering daughter. ^^
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  4. Okay. Listen. Jasper, I love you. BUT I JUST HAVE TO LOVE YOU MORE BECAUSE OF EVERYTHING IN THIS THREAD. I know we already have a story (and I'm working on a post now, actually!) but hear me out for a second.
    1. Your "Wandering Daughter" plot is so perfect I might cry???
    3. I would play Dorian for your Inquisitor any day of the week.
    5. Trans!Inquisitor might be my favorite thing.
    6. Trans!Inquisitor and Cullen would be so cute I would actually barf
    I just love you. Hit me up, homie.
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  5. I'd be into doing the No Sound but the Wind roleplay plot if you're up to it!!
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  6. I can do the skyrim one.
  7. Still looking! Also, feel free to hit me up with any original medieval or Victorian era plots. I'm really craving those settings at the moment.
  8. Still looking, though I only have the motivation for short-post/quick-paced (but still well-written) RPs at the moment. If that's something that interests you, hit me up!
  9. Open for another partner or two! Really craving at least one more original plot RP at the moment, but I am always open to more fandoms as well.
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  10. As of today, are you still looking for partners?
  11. I am!
  12. Hi! If you're still looking for RP partners, I'm definitely interested! "No Sound But The Wind" sounds really excellent, and I really love me some worldbuilding so it would be so cool to actually get to build the world the characters are stranded on together! Plus I love sci-fi, and I think it would be really fun and interesting to have characters figuring out what's safe to eat, how to navigate, finding things to try to build an interstellar communication device to contact Earth, etc.

    I'd also be interested in a Skyrim RP, if you're down for that. I always build up a backstory and lore around my Elder Scrolls characters, so I think it would be really fun to RP as them ( most of my ES characters are trans guys and you said you were cool with that, so...)
  13. Hello! Definitely shoot me a PM, I would be thrilled to discuss either of these with you, and see what we can work out :)
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