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Phantasm Quest: One of the most popular, highly rated MMORPGs ever made

Choose your weapon and enter the realms of magic and monsters. Complete quests in exchange for rewards; you're most interested in gold for new equipment. The more you level up, the more superior you will be.

These journeys cannot be made alone, though. In time, you'll find that some adventures are better completed with a team. You need allies; you need a guild. For 10,000 gold, you can create one. Or, you can join one. Some require invitations, others welcome characters of all races and levels.

There is something truly… Magical, about this computer game. Once you make the purchase of a guild hall, which is a wonderful upgrade, you are sucked into the game itself. You become your character and you are trapped. Trapped for eternity, unless you figure out the secret of breaking free.

The objective is to become the most famed and successful guilds in the lands of Lyria. If you can reach the final destination with the most powerful boss in the entire game, you will unlock the riches of your dreams. Rumour has it that this all powerful creature lives in a castle in the sky! Every dedicated player of PQ hopes to meet that end and expects something truly fantastic.

You are a member of Skyland Knights, a guild created by Victoria Newton, but she's address by her character's name: Spyte. She intends to pursue this fabled castle thinking that her wish to return to the real world will come true. It's her plan to grant her guildies the same desire.

Skyland Knights... Are you willing to take on the challenge?
Game Master: Me, Fluffy! If you have questions, please ask them. You can also ask Seiji. He's helped me develop this game, so it's only fair I give him Co-GM privileges. :]
Genre: My intention for this game is a dorky fantasy with violence and romance. There will be some serious parts, but I don't mean for it to be dark, cruel or depressing in any way. Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Action and Romance are the describing words.
Rating: I'll have to say it's rated R, since there will be gory scenes in the video game itself and you have the ability to seduce NPCs. Sexual content will not be explicit, though.
IC Location: Because this is bizarre, mix-genre and unique, I'm putting this in Misc. There are modern people in a fantasy world that started as just an animated adventure on a screen. CLICK HERE FOR IC THREAD.

1. Be respectful, courteous and patient with others. I know these are repeated requests, but I want to remind everyone that you must treat others the way you want to be treated. I will not think twice about kicking you out of my game if you're being a complete jerk in and/or out of character.

2. If you go inactive for, say, a week and a half without first warning me, I will hijack your character to move the plot along. If your absence continues past that, I'll kill your character in a creative, dramatic fashion in game. So, please make sure you tell me ahead of time that you'll be gone. I'll understand. <3

3. This is going to be played like a good ol' fashioned fantasy adventure. A party of unique individuals traveling together with the same goal in mind. This is a good chance to practice teamwork skills in game! It's important to be a team player so we can be successful on our quests. : ) Of course, I understand there may be some personality clashes. I'm positive there have been disagreements via microphone between players in the past!

4. Make updates to your character sheets when you learn new spells, buy new items, gain a different familiar, etc. This is very important to do so we can keep track of what each other has. This also means you MUST actively look back at the OOC for updates. I cannot stress how important it is that we communicate in our OOC.

5. Now, gold… This isn't too easy to keep track of in writing and because we won't be starting out at level 1, it's hard to say how much we all have. I'm going to say we have something close to a million saved in a chest at our guild hall that ANY of us can access to make deposits and withdrawals. We can teleport to the guild hall, so don't worry about having to make long trips.

6. I will allow multi-class, but a maximum of 2. I expect you to be responsible in making added weaknesses so you're balanced, not a powerhouse. ;)
Please read the information on classes and races carefully to avoid any mistakes.

Warrior: Melee fighters with brute strength. They fight with swords, hammers, axes and other heavy weapons only they are capable of carrying. You can opt to dual wield weapons to increase attack or carry a shield to increase defense. Using a two handed weapon is optional as well, which has a slow attack speed but delivers powerful damage! Ideally, you want Warriors to lead the way to take the damage since they have so many hitpoints. Their disadvantages is they cannot use magic. Good piece of advice: carry lots of health potions!

Rogue: Stealthy, agile and strives for accuracy. They are the type to hide in the shadows while they wait for the perfect time to strike an enemy in their most vital weakspots. Like warriors, they cannot use magic, but they do have special abilities every party needs. These abilities are lock picking, trap setting and thieving. They also have great knowledge on poisons. Uses crossbows, daggers and throwing knives.

Sorcerer: This class is solely dependent on spell casting. Their armour is always the lowest rating and they have a very weak hand attack, along with fewer hitpoints than most. Luckily, their variety of spells make up for it. The spells of sorcerers focus on damaging opponents, but they know useful buff spells that can increase another fighter's attack temporarily. Protecting your Sorcerer is very important; you need his/her magic. Necessary items are a spellbooks, mana potions and a staff.

Cleric: The backbone of every party. Clerics have the ability to heal you and cast defensive spells to protect you. Their spells are holy and don't do damage to anything but undead monsters. Like Sorcerers, their armour, hitpoints and hand attack are low. Clerics can cure sicknesses too, and resurrect you, thanks to their high level of mana. Essentials are the same as Sorcerer: spellbooks, mana potions and a staff.

Druid: A special sort of class that can specialize in either tanking or healing. They focus on shapeshifting and summoning, all of it supportive nature magic. Being so in touch with nature, Druids can communicate with animals and restore plant life. A lot of time is spent crafting their weapons from trees. Therefore, they aren't interested in buying weapons from shops.

If you choose tank, you gain the ability to transform into a carnivore that fights with tooth and claw, and you can summon a bear to fight by your side. Leveling up will strengthen this bear and yourself. If the bear dies in battle, you lose 500 hitpoints.

Healing will gain you spells similar to the Cleric, except they are nature themed. You'll get the ability to summon a faerie that also has healing magic and you can shapeshift into a merfolk so that when you enter water, you grace it with healing abilities your party can take advantage of when they drink it.

Ranger: This class uses bows and arrows or glaives for weapons. Like the Rogue, Rangers are highly dexterous. Each one has an animal familiar to assist them in combat. The higher you level up, the stronger your familiar. A Ranger can be relied on to find your way out of a forest and to identify all sorts of species. Rangers focus on attack speed so they can fire more arrows in less time. They also focus on improving the skill of animal taming.

Bard: Bards are musically talented. With their instrument of choice, they sing and play songs to support their party for attack, defense and healing. The music can be destructive as well, but at an expensive cost of mana with limited uses per day. Bards are likely the most charismatic of the group, which would allow for more haggling in shops and sometimes, extra gold when taking rewards.

Human: A common race in the game. They suit any class with no advantages or disadvantages.

Giant: Tall, strong and brutish people. On average, they are 7-9 feet tall. They generally look like humans with bigger muscles and more height, sometimes with horns and fangs. Recommended for the Warrior class because of their additional strength and their pain tolerance, as well as lack of intelligence.

Orc: Green skin monsters with terrifying underbites. They have negative reputations, but you'd be surprised to find how good natured many of them are. Orcs are physically stronger, like the Giants. Because of this, I recommend the Warrior class. Sorcerer is also an option, because some Orc villages have magical instructors.

Dwarf: A very short race who proudly grow their beards out. Because of their unique size, their armour and weapons are crafted specially. A Dwarf can play any class, but would be most effective as a warrior with a two handed weapon.

Elf: Human-like creatures with pointed ears and are usually tall. Their skin is pale, often times tattooed with something to represent their tribe. An Elf can be any class, however I suggest they be a magic oriented one such as Sorcerer, Cleric, Druid or Bard. Being magically gifted since birth, an Elf gets bonus magic damage and mana points.

Catfolk: Humanoid creatures with cat-like reflexes and the ability to see in the dark. Basically, they're human shaped beings with feline ears, a tail, slit pupils, claws and fangs. Although they're capable of learning magic, the Rogue and Ranger classes are highly suggested because of their agility and heightened senses. Cannot be a suitable Warrior.

Halfling: These creatures are about half the size of a human. Although their size and lack of physical strength is a disadvantage, it can be advantageous as well. It allows them to run swiftly and hide in a variety of places. I suggest the Rogue class for a Halfling, but is capable of magics. Cannot be a suitable warrior.

Lizardmen: Scaly humanoids with spikes along their back, strong jaws, claws and dangerous sharp teeth. Even without a weapon, they are hazardous opponents. Armour upon their scales makes them an excellent Warrior tank in combat! Any other class is selectable, though. Ones with a magic profession aren't likely to wear armour at all. On the downside, they cannot speak English, or be a Bard because of the inability to sing and play a weapon without destroying it.

Naga: The top of half this race is human, the lower half is snake-like. Some of them have fish-like characteristics, such as fins. They travel by slithering and have the ability to breathe under water. Their preferred method is magic, be it sorcery, healing or druidism. Can be very handy with a bow and arrow, though.

Centaur: The top half is human, the bottom half is horse. They run at a terrific speed and get extra space in their inventory because of the freespace on their backs. This race is skillful with the bow and arrow, so a Ranger is recommended. They can be awesome spell casters, too, especially Druid or Cleric.

If you're looking to play a half-breed, feel free to ask about it. I'll most likely be okay with it, just… Well, keep it believable. I can't imagine any human making babies with a Naga or a Centaur. :I Same goes for races you'd like to play but aren't on the list. I'm sure there are a few I forgot to add. I prefer to use known species already instead of made-up ones. Keeps things simple for everyone. Thank you!

[b] Name:[/b] This is the name of the human being controlling the MMO character. A first and a last is required.
[b]Age:[/b] Should be no younger than 12. Seems like a good age for someone to start being interested in a game like this, I don't know.
[b]Sex:[/b] Yeah… Male or female?
[b]Personality:[/b] Put 6 words that describe your player. No more, no less.
[b]How long have you been playing the game?:[/b] I'd say the guild's been around for about 5 years and the game for 8. Have you been a gamer since the release of the game, or are you a newbie? In between?
[b]Relationships:[/b] List what the relationship between each guild member is like, if not just a few of them. Also, if any of them are family members or exes, that is worth mentioning.
[b]Life:[/b] Tell us what your life is like. Are you married? Do you have a job? Do you go to school? Any valuable information that would cut into sweet, sweet game time. :P

[b]Name:[/b] Can't be more than 20 characters long. Spaces are allowed, as are underscores, hyphens, numbers and exclamation points. Make it as unique or as dorky as you'd like. Just, nothing grossly offensive if you know what I mean…
[b]Sex:[/b] This was the first decision for character creation in the game: male or female?
[b]Class:[/b] Choose from the list above.
[b]Race:[/b] Choose from the list above.
[b]Appearance:[/b] If you can't find a picture, then write a good description. Need the details like skin, eyes, hair, weight and height. Tell me how old they look, too.
[b]Markings:[/b] For if you have tattoos or a significant mark representing your homeland. If you chose to put a scar on your character, what's the story behind it?
[b]Weapon:[/b] You get 1 weapon and 1 weapon only unless you're a dual wielder. 
[b]Armour:[/b] Describe what your armour is like or put in a picture. Also, explain how well it protects you. This is more than just breast plates and gauntlets. It's also boots, helms and magic rings. 
[b]Magic:[/b] Erase this if you aren't a spellcaster. Feel free to be creative with this. Name your spells and tell me what they do. Spellbooks can hold up 10 ten spells, so there's your limit. It's okay to start with a few and gain more in game. I'm also okay with using already existing video games and table top books for ideas.
[b]Benefits:[/b] If there are any advantages that come with your race, list them. Helps us keep track and make sense of things. This would, for example, be the spot to say being an Elf lets you cast stronger spells or being Naga lets you breathe underwater.
[b]Inconveniences:[/b] Basically, the opposite of the benefit category. Like, the Lizardman's inability to speak properly or Catfolk being so frail.
[b]Inventory:[/b] Whatever isn't your armour and weapon. This would be potions, lockpicks, resurrect scrolls, teleport scrolls… Assume each item fills just 1 spot. It is wise to stock up. You can carry up to 15 items. Centaurs can carry up to 20. I will allow ONE alternative weapon to sit in your inventory. If you do this, said weapon will take up 4 spots by itself.
[b]History:[/b] Come now, this is a roleplay. Seems right that we give our game heroes at least a little bit of background! Be as brief or as detailed as you'd like.
Victoria "Vicky" Newton



Friendly, compassionate, silly, dominant, artistic, tomboyish

How long have you been playing the game?:
6 years

Will Scott/Extilan: A close friend she's gained through the video game. His in-game affection is timed wrong sometimes, but is otherwise welcomed. Vicky's character is dependent on "Extilan" for quite a few things.

Patten/Emdra: Another friend Vicky very much cherishes. Emdra is such a reliable player in game and Vicky adores Patten. She's like a sister to her, if anything.

Vicky shares a two bedroom apartment with her roommate, Trisha. While Trisha goes to work, Vicky attends college with an art major as her focus. She is an amazing artist and plays piano like a pro. So that she can afford her rent, she works part-time as a cashier at an auto parts store. Sometimes, she helps customers install their newly purchased parts. When there isn't work or assignments to be done, she's at home playing Phantasm Quest. Having been homeschooled most of her life, she doesn't make friends very well. Her buddies in Phantasm Quest are the closest thing she has to friends.



Druid Tank


Considerably 'tall' because of the height her snake-like body adds. Spyte's body is entirely white, from her flesh to her scales. On her tail, there is a striped pattern of black scales similar to a tiger's stripes. She has bright, golden, reptilian eyes and black hair that reaches her middle back. Her lips are naturally black and when she smiles, you can see pointy fangs. A human would say she looks to be in her late 20s; she looks mature with some traces of youth. Over her armour, she wears a robe with large sleeves and a hood that is often covering her head. It's black and white like her body is with layers so she can keep warm in the colder areas of Lyria.

The stripe pattern along her snake body continued up her back and along her arms.

A staff crafted from a mighty tree, which took many long game hours to finish. It's topped with a magical ornament acquired from a PVP battle against a Sorcerer. It's black when not in use, but should Spyte need to find her way in even the darkest of caves, it will glow a brilliant white.

Beneath her robes, Spyte wears a metal breast plate so that she's protected in one of the most sensitive of places. She also wears a silver helmet with red threads flowing from the top of it. Along her arms, she wears studded gloves.

Summon Creature -- Spyte has a reptilian companion that fights alongside her. As she's leveled up, she's become most fond of a gigantic turtle. This turtle's reliable shell allows him to take lots of damage, doubling the efficiency of the party's tanks.

Song of Strength -- She sings in an eerie, alto voice that can boost the party's hitpoints temporarily.

Transform -- The spell Spyte activates most often so she can effectively damage opponents. She takes on the full form for a giant snake, therefore losing her arms and human face. Her bite becomes more toxic, her attack increases, she's more intimidating and she can more successfully constrict enemies.

Camouflage -- Can be very costly if she uses this spell on every party member. It allows Spyte and whoever else she casts it on to blend in better with forest surroundings. They are quite literally invisible for a time, allowing for strategic ambushes or escapes.

Entanglement -- If in a foresty area, Spyte can command vines and roots to bind a target. It requires a lot of concentration, though. It works best when she's not in the middle of a fight.

Animal Tongue -- A passive ability of hers. Allows her to communicate with animals.

Earth Armour -- One of the less taxing spells of hers. For a certain amount of time, the armour of every party member can be increased. It's especially useful for Spyte herself when fighting in tank mode.

As a naga, she can breathe under water and is an expert swimmer. She also has a venomous bite that can stun enemies when she bites them. Being a Druid, she can communicate with nature as if it really was a person with feelings. She's also crafty, allowing her to think of good ways to blend in with forests in order to plan ambushes or hide from something fearsome.

Spyte is slow; slithering isn't quite as fast as running. She is also not the best fighter in the cold, especially if it's cold enough to snow. The low temperature will make her slow down to a point of forced hibernation, unless she successfully finds warmth.

6 mana potions, 2 health potions, a potion of everlasting warmth, scroll of resurrection

Spyte began as an aimless wanderer in search of a purpose. She spent most of her time hiding out in forests where few people would bother her. The nature and the solitude allowed her to practice her magics, too. She spent a lot of time crafting her staff down to the last detail, but only after she discovered the perfect tree to harvest bark from.

The journey was becoming lonely, though. And quests were becoming more challenging for a single wanderer and her companion. There was yet another lesson to complete: the importance of teamwork.

Spyte had plenty of gold to spare since she rarely spent it on anything. Without a second thought, she invested in a guild named Skyland Knights with high hopes for success. Fortunately, the creative title, her reliability and her kindness attracted many eligible individuals. Each had their own way of joining.
Interested, if you will have me. I'll post something later, but I'm aiming for Rogue at the moment.

Well, here I go:

"Portrait TBD and may never show up; I have no idea how to handle RL pix."

Ted Brown; 32; Male​

"I only want a quiet life."

Player for: 1.5 years.

Relationships: Quiet, reliable, chats, pleasant, nothing very outstanding. Good relationship with family, has gatherings with them for dinner relatively frequently.

Life: Ted is a skilled tradesman who works in a metal workshop. More details will be revealed about this as time progresses.

--- Log In ---

"... Heh."

Lars; Male; Human; Rogue

Lars exudes forgetfulness; his attire is ordinary, not too grey and drab, but ordinary none the less. It changes from time to time, but again, there really is not anything to say about it. He is the kind of person who one will look over and immediately dismiss as insignificant, if somewhat charming. His smile is kind, but always has a disconcerting hint; somewhat unsettling, somewhat uncomfortable. Brown eyes, messy black hair, and a rather dull body type, athletic, muscular, but nothing invoking virility, with no identifying tattoos. One might say that his most distinguishing trait is his normalness.

Weapon: a dagger. In fact, anything can be a weapon. However, daggers are easy to conceal, easy to unsheathe, and can be wielded with great dexterity in close quarters. This dagger is somewhat special - the edge is exceptionally sharp, 'Damascus steel.' It is the equivalent of a completely normal item (with no +/- attributes, enchantments, or special origins) with abnormally high damage and endurance stats.

Armour: Leather belts wrapped around his forearms and shins.

Benefits, Inconveniences: None

Inventory: 5 potions, 5 vials of obfusctate, 5 empty

History: This I plan to reveal more of as character interaction proceeds. Lars is a bit of Ted unrestrained - while Ted is a rather taciturn character, he is not uneducated and in fact quite well read. He is prone to wax philosophic about large world matters and can sometimes lose himself in delusions of grandeur. Lars is a bit of a nihilist, and to be honest, sees the ingame world as valid as the real one, a template upon which a universe of one's morals may be imposed to shape the fabric of right and wrong.​
I'll play, seems I will have to wait for the 2nd patch to be an assassin though.


Ok, maybe half-breed Catfolk-Human Ranger.

Right on, Una. I look forward to seeing what you come up with. :]

I like that idea, Raiu. Hope to see you build on that idea!
Name: Willam (Will) Scott



Roleplay addict, pervert, loyal, shy, smart

How long have you been playing the game?:
5 years

He is friends with Vicky via the game, though she may be annoyed with him a bit.

Will doesn't have too much of a life, though he does study computer and videogame design as well as work at his family's used book store when he isn't online.

Name: Extilan


Sniper (Ranger-Rouge multiclass)


This is just a picture that looks like him... Before he was abused. Poor him. He looks to be in his late teens, early twenties and stands just below head height with Spyte

Extilan's back is criss-crossed with scars and his tail is cut short, as well as a notch having been cut into his right ear.

Twin Long Daggers of Sorrow (a gift from Spyte upon joining her new guild)

Extilan's armor tends to be tight fitting, armored in certain places (Groin shots don't work), especially on the back and his tail, adding a small spike at the end, as well as black/dark dark green. It protects him quite well and gives him a kind of camoflage in the forests and dark areas of Lyria. It can also serve as a last resort weapon when pinned. It also includes a hood to hide his ears and allows his tail to look a bit like a belt.

Extilan is naturally stealthy, padded step as it were, and he can easily pick pockets.

Halfbreeds like Extilan are hated in certain areas in Lyria and a bit of a slave trade exists there. Don't expect him to be going into the desert areas of Lyria much.

Inventory: Bow of Hope ,
5 healing potions, 4 lock picks, (2 spaces empty)

Extilan never had that good of a past. He was born into slavery and changed hands of various owners quite a few times. The last master that he had... Lets just say that he liked the whip with the hard end. He was eventually rescued by Spyte and joined her newly formed guild. And so began the many many many misadventures caused by the troublemaking Extilan.

When Spyte got her Guild Hall, Extilan took up the role of waiter, discovering a talent of making teas (minor potions, may heal and provide good effects. And taste good.)

Guild Name Ideas:
Spyte's Knights
Oh and Multi-classing is a viable option... Just not well liked, hard to get, and has a prerequest of someone having no life to get it (jk).
Okay, I have a skeleton out. Let me know if it is agreeable, and whether any changes need to be made.
Looks nice and simple, Una. You might want to add SOMETHING for armour, though. If anything, some studded leather, maybe? Something light so that it doesn't interfere with his quick paced attacks, but will still protect him and reduce the damage of attackers.

Raiu, your character is looking good, also. <3

I'll get mine finished very soon. Hopefully tonight. @__@ I'm so worn out right now.
Oddly enough, I always like the idea of a super fragile nukers in MMOs, but the only one I played seriously I was a high DPS tank (knight online). I am trying to keep my outline vague and forgetful; it will fit with his personality, in game class, and the direction I vaguely want to take him in.I'll add some armor.
Hm, might do something for this. How people deal with NPCs is an interesting moral concern...

Also, I *can* imagine a human making babies with a Naga.
Oh no, I said it's interesting because I like the idea of it. It's why so far, the character type I am looking at would be the party's designated sociopath, a mage with extreme damage output and a mind control spell.

That said, I am also considering that they split focus between damage and healing, making them a good party support...

I do think my original wardrobe choice of a pimpin' tuxedo may not fit with your vision, though.
XD Yeah, a tuxedo might not be a suitable thing... Though, I could allow special items from special events. Like for some MMOs, when it's Christmas time, you can come across Santa hats and whatnot that give you a temporary boost to EXP or whatever.

It would be funny to see your character go sadface because his tuxedo suddenly disappeared because the time was up. *giggle*

Anyway, a mage that deals damage AND heals would be neat. If you go with the mind control thing, make sure there's some kind of disadvantage to balance it all out, or a limit on the spell itself. I can see how that kind of magic would be fun and useful, though. >:3 Especially if we're getting swarmed by a bunch of creeps, some of which have weak minds. Hehehe.

*squirms for a moment before running off to go create a character*
Name: Jake Taylor
Age: 19
Sex: Male
Personality: Energetic, hasty, smart, tactical, precise, fun-loving
How long have you been playing the game?: Been playing for 4 years and a more than regular gamer
Relationships: N/A at the moment
Life: Goes to college and used to have a girlfriend who left him for another man.
Name: Rikimaru Akamasu
Sex: Male
Class: Ranger/Bard if allowed
Race: Catfolk
Markings: The markings in the picture. They are to amplify his mystical musics.
Weapon: A bow that can double as a harp, the strings are made of pure mana so that it can be utilized as both without interfering with the other function.
Armour: Leather armor that protects the upper chest and lower half of the bottom. Gauntlets also made of leather that double as vambraces. Has about 8 to 10 earrings of protection and amplification which protect him from harm and amplify his own abilities. They are relatively weak. Wears a collar around his neck and tail which gives very minor protection, the one around his neck also has a binding feature that restrains certain weaknesses such as berserk.
Song of Healing: Lets out a melody that refreshes the body and mind slowly regenerating hp and mp.
Sonata of Death: Rings out a blissful yet highly deadly song that rends the air in two sending waves of high pitched tones at enemies causing internal damage.
True Shot: Fires an arrow that never fails to hit its target (can only be used once per battle)
Eagle Sight: Allows user to see ten times as far as long as it is activated. Consumes mana over time and lowers dodge chance while active.
Benefits: Catfolk have higher dexterity and reflexes as well as being able to see in the dark, can also use its tail to help it maneuver or fight.
Inconveniences: Tends to be rather frail and inferior in close quarters combat. Heightened sense of smell and sensitivity to light can also be a hindrance.
Inventory: 5 potions of healing, 2 potions of mana,2 scrolls of resurrection.
History: Used to be a pretty timid character at the beginning starting off like all the others until he saw a group of pvpers fighting one person. Said person single handedly fought off all of them while protecting another player which inspired him to get better. After that point he went through plenty of quests and such while trying to find the player again. Eventually he got scouted by ----- Guild and agreed to join knowing he would have a better chance at getting stronger and finding that player again.
Guild Name Ideas: Skyland Knights
It does work i had to fix it because it got mixed in with another during the posting somehow.