OFFICIAL EVENT PFFT: Poetry Fantastic Fanfare Talk! #2


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Poetry Fantastic Fanfare Talk


"Don’t laugh at the flower in the gray hair, for time has never washed away beauty. Poetry and stories stored in the heart, is the true beauty of it all." - Folk song

The time has come for a second round of PFFT: Poetry Fantastic Fanfare Talk. The place to be to turn a brainfart into poetry!

PFFT: Poetry Fantastic Talk is an invitation to all members of Iwaku (present and future) to share their love for poetry! Whether they are a veteran who knows all the classics, or a beginning appreciator only dabbling in. PFFT is open for all who wish to challenge themselves and to grow by providing a platform where they can share their appreciation for the art of poetry. Inspired by the old PIPS (Public Iwaku Poetry Spotlight) event PFFT hopes to continue the tradition of writing and discussing original poems written by members and as such inspire each other. PFFT aims to take place twice a year, with each iteration focussing itself surrounding a set theme after which each participant is allowed to unleash their own interpretation and creativity to write a poem.

Note that PFFT will not be a competition. As such there will be no votes or opportunities to review, nor will there be winners for all participants are winners. Participants and members are however encouraged to discuss what they liked about the works of (other) participants, or discuss their own process and understanding of reading or writing poetry, for both are an art by themselves!

PFFT will exist out of two parts. The first part will be the submission period which will run from November 13, 2022 until January 31, 2023. The second part will be the live-reading in the Discord server of Iwaku, organised on a later notice.

The theme of this edition of PFFT is:

"The passing of time."

All forms of poetry are welcome, as long as they are original works, written (or translated) in English, and match the theme. Need some help with writing poetry? @MaryGold has an excellent thread on what poetry exists out of and what forms of poetry there are! You can submit by sending it in PM to @Nemopedia with the PM title reading: "PFFT Submission" using the following form:

[b] Anonymous:[/b] Yes/No
[b]Permission to read:[/b] Yes/No