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  1. Many of us have animal companions in our lives. Whether they're house pets or farm pets, animals can touch our lives in great ways. I haven't been able to find a post like this in my searching, so I thought I would make a thread for us to share our animal companions adorable faces. Who doesn't love adorable animals?

    I have one request. While I don't want this to erupt into spam comments, if you're going to post a picture of your own pet(s), please don't do it without also saying something positive about the pet of the person who posted theirs before you. Thanks!

    Without further adieu, here is my rabbit! He's a Flemish Giant named Fezzik (get it?). At fifteen pounds, he's actually a little small for his breed, but he's big enough for us, and we love him to pieces!

    August 30th (open)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    January 1st (open)

  2. BUNNAH! I love bunnies, they're so cute~ I alway thought it would be cool to have a pet bunny. Or, uh, rabbit I guess in this case; pardon my ignorance, I never really bothered to earn the difference.

    Anyways, my pets consist of two cats and one turtle; all of which are strays that my family took in, not even kidding you. Even the turtle was a stray, I found him just lying in the middle of the street one day.

    Pictures (open)

    Here we have Meeka.


    And this is Jinx!


    And this is the two of them together~ (which is a rarity might I add, seeing as how Meeka doesn't like Jinx very much.


    Oh yeah, and let's not forget ol' one-eyed willy, poor guy hasn't been getting too much attention lately.
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  3. Yay for kitty bits and turtle friends!

    Mr. Tibbs! (open)

    Duffaline (open)
  4. @Hatsune Candy, pretty sure "rabbit" and "bunny" are interchangeable. Hares and rabbits are different, though.

    Having any pet can be extremely rewarding, but bunnies are really high maintenance and expensive. I recommend doing a lot of research if you ever intend to get one.

    OMG! I don't know if it's the angle, but Jinx looks twice the size of Meeka. They're both adorable!

    Aww. Are turtles hard to take care of? Does he really have only one eye? What kinds of things can you do with turtles to interact and "play" with them?

    @nyther, holy crap! Look at those kitties! They're so cute, but Mr. Tibbs looks pretty annoyed. hahah
  5. Oh my god your rabbit is so adorable!!!!<3 <3 <3
    I love how photogenic your turtle is xD Looks like he's posing haha

    Here is my beautiful kitty. Had to beg and beg and BEG for her. I'm very much so a cat person, have lived with them all my life, and after my step mum moved out and took our hoarde of animals with her, I was left empty handed.

    So I went and adopted this little cutie

    Shuffles (open)


    I'm sure I have a better picture of her, but this is the best one I can find. She likes to lay on her back with her legs flopping all over the place.
  6. She says: "Look at my belly dammit! It's so fuzzy."
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  7. @Rainjay, isn't he, though? I love him, and he adores all the snuggles!

    Look at that fluffy belly! It's just begging to be rubbed even if it might result in a scratched up hand. hahah What's her name?
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  8. Her name is technically Shuffles, but I just about call her anything but. Lately I've been calling her Itty Bitty, even though my dad insists she's not a tiny cat :P
    Oh man, it is. She only rarely lets us pet her belly, though. It's like a luxury!
  9. I'm the same way with my cats. Here's the list so far

    1. Mr. Mittens
    2. Mr. Muflons
    3. Sir Tibbothy McMittens
    4. Teeb Bob
    5. Tibbus

    1. Duff Butt
    2. Duffaline Cutie
    3. Baby Duff
  10. hahah This is exactly how I am with my rabbit.

    • Fezzik (his real name)
    • Bubby
    • Babaloo
    • Bahboo
    • The Bun (much inspired)
    • That Bun (very create)
    • Bunny (wow)
    • You Poop
    • Pooper Scoop (he does a lot of bad things that irritate, okay? hahah)

    I think there might be more, so I'm really not surprised that he doesn't seem to understand that his name is Fezzik. >.>;;
  11. He is veeeery soft~ As for age, I'm not too sure, like I said, they were all strays. We got/found Jinx in the early 2000's and he couldn't have been much older than six months at the time, so he must be somewhere between 8-10 years old. I have no idea about Meeka's age, though she's probably only a little bit younger than Jinx is.
    Really? Actually, can kinda see that.

    I likely won't get a pet bunny anytime soon, I'm not responsible enough to take care if it.

    It's not the angle, Jinx is a biiiiig cat, though, I wouldn't go so far as to say that he's twice the size as Meeka. Meeka just likes to curl up into a tiny little ball, whereas Jinx prefers to stretch and lay it all out there.

    Turtle are pretty easy to take care of. The most you really need to do is keep the water at a warm temp. and feed them on a regular basis. There's more to it than that, of course, but most of it's pretty simple, such as changing out the water every couple weeks. As for interacting with them... there's not really much you can do, if anything. I know that Willy likes snap at your finger if you press it up against the glass, but that's about it. Oh, and yes, he really does only have one eye; I presume it was because he was neglected by his previous owner, I mean, I did find him slap dap in the middle of the street (luckily the roads where I live aren't that busy).
  12. I've got a list too haha.

    1. Baby
    2. Baby Kitty
    3. Kitty
    4. Itty Bitty
    5. Princess Fluffybutt
    6. Baby Shuffles

  13. My dog turned 14 years old on Halloween. I've had this since he was six weeks old. My brother named him "Cheech"

    It's been a real journey, watching him grow up and grow old.

    So, here's a picture of him sitting in a chair. Because my dog is a smartass. Like owner, like pet, eh? :D

    Cheech! (open)

    Oh, and Shuffles looks like an adorable cat, @Rainjay ;D
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  14. My fish are jerks, they ignore everyone. XD
    But I've conditioned them to associate me with food so I'm the only one they don't snub.
  15. Aw, thanks. I love your dog! So cutes!!
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  16. @Alan silly dog! Chairs are for humans.

    But then I had a cat who thought he was a dog, so his name was dog.

    Picture of said 'dog'.
  17. My old cat Shadow, my dog Cole Train, my leg cause I was lounging and reading.


    I like animals. They're nice.
  18. Cole train baby!
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  19. Aw the dog is so adorable!! I also love cats as well. Dammit fur allergy!!!

    My favorite dog in the world! I miss you bud, R.I.P Quincy
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