Petitions to continue Silent Hills Reaches Over 25,000 signatures!

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  1. Signed. But does Konami own Silent Hill? If they do...
  2. But it's up to the creators whether or not they want to invest all the money into making it. >>' I don't think a petition will do anything about it if they've truly cancelled it and aren't just trolling.
  3. shhhhhhhhh, T_T let me have my Hope lol
  4. That is the major problem here, it's still owned by Konami. I'm definitely in support of Silent Hills getting back on track and such. Just....this won't end well....
  5. not if all these people are willing to throw money at them to make it and its not really about the game at this point, its about the concept, Kojima's vision and del Toro's Knack for this kinda stuff. The dream team for Silent hill got sacked because Konami Pulled their dicks out of the Nww york stock exchange del Toro and Kojima BOTH have expressed wants to move further on the game.
  6. Oh noes...they own our hopes of Norman Reedus in Nightmare world. I cry.
  7. I don't really mind if Reedus doesnt come back, I just want Kojima and Guillermo dammit lol
  8. But if we can have the trio, I want the trio. I think Norman's face and acting chops fit with the whole Silent Hill vibe.
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  9. fair enough. :D
  10. They do.

    Forbes ran an article on this, interestingly enough. There's no particular telling what's going on over there. Looks like it's just another piece of abandonware. Oh well.

    The petition is silly though. You're petitioning for what, exactly? For the company to force Kojima to work on the project, when the two of them don't seem to want to produce it together? This is how you get rushed, crappy games: When the relationship between publisher and developer is driven solely by public desire for product, rather than internal desire for product. It's not like they cancelled it for shits and giggles, that's a huge franchise they've just strangled in the crib: There's probably very good reason for it, whether we like it or not, and a petition would neither benefit us or them at this point.

    I'm adopting a "wait and see" philosophy, like a wise old sagely ferret. Maybe Konami will do something else with the franchise with Kojima out of the way. Maybe they'll sell the franchise to Kojima in the future. Maybe this is just the beginning of the end and Konami will crash and burn, and just like X-COM & Homeworld before it, we'll see another company swoop in on the decaying remains of Konami to pick up the Silent Hill franchise. Lots of possibilities, limited information on the present situation. Let Capitalism do its thing, save petitions for things of actual merit that require public outcry or inquiry. :ferret:
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  11. Beat me to it.

    Also, it's been in my experience that petitions usually accomplish Jack and shit, and Jack just left town.
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  12. I don't understand why this is gaining a lot of people. Kojima/Konami don't want to make the game anymore; yet, fans will force them to do so. If you force someone to do something, then it will turn out crappy and people will bitch about it. Happens to me when someone wants a drawing, that I don't want to do, done and it looks like shit because I rushed it or I haven't mastered it yet.

    Kojima/Konami will move onto other games. Just because they cancel one game, doesn't mean that the company will die.

    Also, I think that petitions are getting out of hand. Things like this prove it; but, that's for another topic.
  13. The best damn use of an evil dead quote :D
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    *swings a giant phallic sword around, even though he has no psychosexual link to this particular narrative*
  16. I have to agree with most others here.
    It's bad to pressure a game release before even knowing the real reasons behind it.

    However I'll note I say this from the luxury of not being a Silent Hills fan myself.
    So there's no fan boy pain of seeing a desired game canceled.
  17. Make me!
  18. It's not that Kojima and Del Toro don't want to make the game. Konami and Kojima have apparently had a falling out, and part of the damage is that this project is getting canned.
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  19. So if we sign the petition, Konami will realize they were being silly and that everyone wants them to get back together.

    *mixes the Friends theme with Hometown*
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