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  1. Your owners are going on vacation and so they leave you with their closest friend, Jenny Lane who happens to have a few pets of her own! What will you do? Will you try to make friends? Start a fight? Annoy the heck out of your fellows? Or will you cower under your pet bed until your owner returns?

    1. Domestic cats and dogs only.
    2. Act like an animal not a human. Animals have paws not hands etc.
    3. No godmodding or killing.
    4. At least five sentences.

    Appearance: [Real picture]
    Age: [Human equivalent of your character's age. Ex: If it's a puppy the human equivalent age would be 5-11. Adolescent would be 12-17. And adult would be 18+)

    - - - - - -

    Name: Pirate
    Age: 21
    Gender: Male
    Owner: Jenny Lane
    Personality: Abrasive and a loner, Pirate does not enjoy the frequent pet stays that his owner, Jenny hosts.

    _ - _ - _ - _ - _ - _ -

    It was safe to say that Pirate wasn't looking forward to the arrival of the 'guests'. Jenny had had guests over before and they never failed to annoy the hell out of him. If they were puppies, he could usually just climb up onto the highest piece of furniture in the room and try to drown out the sound of their yapping. But if they were cats...Well...Then there was no escape. Cats were the absolute worst beings on earth. And not because of that stupid human stereotype about cats and dogs being mortal enemies, but because felines could get into just about anything. They were a handful and a major pain in the ass.

    The dreaded 'ping ting!' of the doorbell, interrupted the borzoi's thoughts and he cringed when his owner, bolted towards the door yelling, "They're hee-re! Pirate come and say hi!"

    With a groan, the dog trudged towards the door, not at all excited to see the 'guests.'
  2. Appearance: image.jpg
    Name: Brutus
    Age: 11
    Gender: Male
    Owner: Zaki
    Personality: A big softie, always getting into trouble, hates being told what to do, and hates being alone

    The second the door opened was the second the Pitbull lunged for the door out of sheer excitement which caused the short male to struggle with the supposedly vicious dog breed's leash.

    "Hey...sorry that this is such short notice again...but thanks for watching Brute...I'm warning you now, he may be a handful." Zaki said, despite his stoic expression and monotonous voice he was worried that Brutus will cause trouble.

    All the while Brutus was jumping up and down, as his body wiggled to and fro "Hey!! Hi!! What's your name!?" The pit puppy exclaimed happily to whom ever heard him he didn't care if the humans couldn't understand him he just loved the attention and being heard.
  3. Jenny smiled pleasantly and shook her head, "Oh don't worry Zaki! I've held pet stays for over three years, I think I can handle this little bundle of barks." She said, the end of her sentence turning into a coo as she watched the pit puppy jump about excitedly.

    Pirate was on his way to the front door, when the puppy entered, and he immediately skidded to a stop. Recoiling in a mixture of disgust and unwillingness to indulge the little thing, Pirate loped up the steps and glared down at the younger dog, from the fifth step. The pup's yapping reminded him of a trio of poodles that almost always came to stay at times like this. He dreaded their inevitable meeting, and thought to try and force the pit to settle down immediately.

    With a low snarl, Pirate bounded down the steps until he was sitting on the last one. "Will you shut up, already?" He huffed.
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  4. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Name: Benny
    Age: 2
    Gender: Male
    Owner: Lizzie
    Personality: Outgoing, energetic, annoying, playful, and troublesome.

    Lizzie was taking Benny for an adventure today! She told him they were going for a walk and had clipped his green leash onto the matching collar before herding the playful puppy into the car. On the ride their Benny was wiggling all over as he watched the cars pass. When the car finally stopped Benny prayed that it wasn't another trip to the vet. Lizzie opened the door for Benny to hop down and Benny took to exploring the new land eagerly. He sniffed his way as his owner knocked on the door and opened it to another nice looking lady.

    "Hey Jenny, Thanks so much for watching Benny! He shouldn't be too much of a troublemaker, but I make no promises" The young blonde girl said as she handed the older girl Benny's leash. "Like I said, I'll be back in a few days! Thanks again!" With a kiss on Benny's head he watched his owner close the door behind her and leave.

    Benny sat and barked, sad that his owner was leaving, but quickly got distracted by the sight of other dogs and cats. "Oh! OH! Hi!" He said as he bounced over to the other dogs.
  5. Appearance/Name:


    Age: 15 and 5

    Gender: Male, Female.

    Owner: Victoria.

    Clyde is a huge goof ball and a puppy at heart. He's always full of energy but maintains a short attention span. Enjoy playing with kittens and puppies since he finds it difficult to bond with older dogs. He loves humans. Felicity always thinks she's bigger and tougher than she actually is. She is always found trailing behind older cats or bigger dogs. Felicity is always very playful and doesn't mind playing rough. She often times is a soar loser and sometimes tries to be tough against humans. She loves hanging around Clyde.

    Felicity eagerly paced back and forth in the front seat while Clyde sat in the back with his was out the window, dog slobber flying wildly in the wind. Vic had told them they were going on an adventure today! Clyde at first was excited but refused to leave. It wasn't that he didn't want to go, but if he appeared like he didn't wanna go Victoria would give him a treat and boy was Clyde right. Felicity felt like she had a lot to learn from Clyde.

    Parking the car, Victoria picked up Felicity and opened the car door for Clyde, sighing at the thick coating of dog slobber on her car door. The bullmastiff happily trailed behind Vic, sniffing the trees and plants as they passed. Felicity squirmed around, wanting to follow Clyde but Victoria kept a firm grip on the kitten.

    Knocking on the door, Victoria smiles at Jenny. "Thanks again for watching them. I'll be back as soon as my trip is over." She hardly got to finish her sentence when the big goofball bounded past her and into the house. Sighing, Victoria looks at Jenny and hands her a rag. "Here's a drool rag. You're gonna need it." She said before she left.

    Clyde skidded to a stop, his nails having a difficult time gripping the floor.
    "Puppies! Hi!! Hi I'm Clyde!" He barked happily and sniffed the two small dogs, drool falling onto the floor. Clyde wagged his tail with excitement then looked up at the older dog.

    Felicity jumped down from Victorias arms and bounded after Clyde. She ran between his legs, staining under him and stretches her neck out to sniff the puppies.
    "Hi! I'm Felicity!" She meowed out. Just then a big drop of dog slime fell onto her head, hissing, she jumped back and under Clyde. "Watch it Clyde!" She hissed and Clyde whines out an apology.
  6. Zaki smiles slightly and nods before glancing at his watch "Ah! I gotta go, thanks again!" He calls before he bolts off to meet his parents for their trip.

    Brutus's ears went back and his soft greenish gray eyes widen "But..." he trails off and looks to older dog with a hint of melancholy in his eyes "I'm sorry...I was just excited." he admits in a sad tone.
  7. Benny wagged his tail playfully as he looked up at the big dog named Clyde. "Hi ya! I'm Benny!" the younger pup said with an excited bark. He looked over at the sadden dog and jogged over to him. "Why the sad face bro? He'll be back before you know it!" He chimed to the older dog. Panting hard as he lifted his paw to swat at the dogs face playfully.
  8. Clyde low-hanging lips jiggled at the pups paw and barked with excitement. The kitten quickly scurried away as Clyde lowered down in a playful stance. He barks and jumps, pawing the puppy pack with a gently paw. Clyde had played with Felicity plenty of times so he knew how to be gentle with little animals.

    Felicity scurried to the other puppy, her ears peeking and swiveling the ear to the puppy. "Don't worry about him." She meowed, looking at the oldest dog. She looked back to the puppy and sniffs him curiously.
  9. Jenny was overjoyed to open her door to the newcomers, and she took Clyde's drool rag with a face splitting grin on her face. She was the only Lane family member who was pleased with these new additions.

    Pirate was scowling from his spot on the steps. At the sight of the newest puppy, the massive dog who he thought might be his only relief during this week, but come to find out the big lummox was a puppy in a dog's body. And then there was the kitten...Pirate scowled at her, although her general disposition didn't bother him at all. It was just the fact that she was there and soon her demonic little needle like claws would be digging into his stuff, and his fur twenty four seven. And to make matter's worse, he'd failed in forcing the first pup to tone down and now the little brat was sad.

    With a sigh, Pirate hung his head. "Er..." He began, his pride causing him to stall. "Fine, whatever, sorry...I'm Pirate. I'm Jenny's dog and I have a few rules for you guys to follow before you can do whatever it is that you do. Number one, nobody" He glowered at Clyde, the king of slobber, "touches my food or water bowl. Number two, no jumping on me, ever. And finally number three, when you're talking to me don't yap or--

    His orders were interrupted by the tinkle of a bell and Pirate groaned. He'd thought the beast would stay upstairs all day and come out at night like she tended to. But no, things could never just go his way for once.

    "Pirate. Pirate. Pirate. Why must you always be such a huge bore?" An elegant sounding voice drawled and suddenly a large white and grey classic tabby began to descend down the stairway rail.

    Name: Bour Josie [pronounced as bourgeoisie]
    Age: 30
    Gender: Female
    Owner: Jenny Lane
    Personality: Proud, graceful, elegant, she's a true lady.

    Hopping off of the end and landing on her feet, Josie began to inspect the Lane house guests. She gave everyone a doting sniff and when she came upon the sad pitbull she gave him a light pat on the head.

    "Don't mind him, he was put on this earth with the sole mission of being a grump." She purred. "Now then, why don't I give you lovelies a tour?" She suggested, her tail swirling in the air behind her.
  10. Brutus wagged his tail excitedly at the attention Clyde and Felicity were giving him and he could already picture them becoming friends "Yeah, you're right!" He yipped happily already feeling better.
  11. Felicity looked up at the elegant she-cat and instantly admired her. She even stood a little straighter like the older cat in attempt to mimic her actions. She turned to Clyde and tried speaking with an elegant voice like the older cat. "Oh Clyde, doesn't that sound simply wonderful? A grand tour of this fine house would be lovely!" She purred out as smoothly as she could.

    Clyde, who was too distracted with scratching his ear to hear the rules or the new comer, gave Felicity an odd look and tilted his head in confusion.
    "Why are you talking like that Felicity? You sound all weird and stuff." He paused an laid on the ground, and for no apparent reason he began licking his back foot before bringing the whole back paw in his slobbery mouth.

    Felicity bristled with embarrassment.
    "Clyde, you goof! I'm being polite! Get your foot out your mouth and pay attention!" She hissed in anger, her fur still prickling with embarrassment. Clyde pouted a little but reluctantly took his foot out his mouth.
  12. Benny's tail was wagging wildly as he hoped around excitedly. He looked at his tail and then began chasing it happily. When he finally stopped, as he was extremely dizzy now, he looked over to Clyde and Felicity and bounded over to the small cat. "Hi there!" He said, as he panted heavily and laid down so that he was eye level with the cat. "I'm Benny!" He barked out and let his tongue hang out as he tried to cool down. He looked over the cat and then looked over the bigger cooling dog, named Clyde. "Are you and the big guy friends? Or sibling?" He asked her as his tail still wagged around behind him. "That'd be cool to have another pet in the house. Lizzie, That's my owner, she says I'm the only pet they need. But it gets awfully lonely sometimes, but you don't have to worry about that cause you have Clyde right?" Benny said, not stopping to breath until his rambling was done.
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  13. Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Titus
    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Owner: Liam
    Personality: Keen, Alerted, Quiet, Friendly, Chivalrous, though in most cases he seems Intimidating and menacing.

    • He secretly likes to cuddle!
    • The quiet but scary type.
    • Minds his own business. In other words he's mostly independent and seen alone, but company doesn't bother him very much
    • He can be aggressive if he needs to be.
    • Gentle giant >~<
    • Spoiled.
    • Cats interest him

    A car stopped Infront of the location and a male got out, temporarily parking his car Infront of the house and going to the backseat, opening the door as he stepped to the side. A large white dog had jumped out freely, sitting beside his master, or father's ankles waiting patiently and quietly. He received a scratch behind the head and his red warm collar was taken off, being replaced with a more name branded collar from Burberry which was slightly loose.

    Liam lead his dog, Titus to the place and hanged out for Atleast five minutes with the dog. Before talking to Jenny."He sheds a lot, eats about anything, and is quite large. He's very respectful and obedient nonetheless and likes to cuddle." Liam finished after his long speech to jenny. Liam then looked down at Titus and hugged the giant dog tightly."Oh! Be good boy!" He said, kissing the dogs head."Yes!" Barked the dog loudly, despite not trying. But of course it wasn't like his human father would understand him anyways and Liam grinned as he left.

    Titus turned around inside the house. He wasn't used to this stuff, it felt crowded in his opinion... Not enough space for lots of pets, especially his size and the fluffy white lion-like dog cocked his head to the side with ears perked up. The dog let a breath out through his nose and decided to wander around the house. His large paws dragging around.
  14. Felicity jumped as the puppy named Benny parked in front of her. His own hyper actions rubbed off on her a little and she jumped about a little excitedly, pawing the puppy's nose. "I'm Felicity! Me and Clyde are siblings! He's my big brother! Were not from the same litter though, obviously." She meowed out happily. To her, there wasn't much of a difference between her and the bullmastiff she called her brother.

    Felicity looked towards the large newcomer. Automatically she tried to puff up herself and looker than she actually was. She had, as her owner put it, a serious case of 'little man syndrome' where she always thought she was bigger an tougher than she actually was. But the moment the dog began walking she deflated a little and scurried over to her own large companion for company, nestling between his front paws. "He's so big.. And.. Uh.. Fluffy. Like.. A papa cat." She said, looking up at Clyde.

    Clyde perks his ears slightly at Felicity's comparison.
    "A papa cat? He looks nothing like a papa cat! He looks like those big thingies that were on the moving picture box from last night. What did master call them? "Pillar beards"?" Clyde tilted his head as he tried to find the word he was looking for.

    Felicity sat down, her tail resting in front of her paws and her ear twitches to Clyde.
    "It wasn't beard, goof! It was bear! Ya know, like your favorite chew toy Barry? Pillar bear!" She meows with confidence. Her head even raised as she spoke, of course not realizing that she was incorrect.

    Felicity looked from the fluffy dog to Clyde, then back at the fluffy dog. Deciding to work on her stalking skills, she got low and scurried behind a table leg. She stayed low to the ground, peeking around it and at the dog. Then Felicity scurried under a nearby reclining chair just a few feet behind the big dog. She arranged herself to get ready to pounce, her tail swaying as she waited.
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  15. As Titus finally came around, knowing the place truly and confidentially to himself he trotted down the stairs and immediately froze. Paw up, and ears perked in a classic 'pointing' position indicating his keenness. He crouched his head down, grumbling lowly yet quite deeply as he put his left paw down and snorted out, sensing the situation to be harmless as he spotted Fekicity and trotted along pass the reclining chair.

    Was she.. Trying to scare him? It would be near impossible but nonetheless he trotted along rather nonchalantly. He'll scare her once she pops out, and the male licked his lips.
  16. Benny jumped up excitedly at the new comer and bounded over to him full of energy. "Hi! Hi! Hi!" He said as he wagged his tail and ran around the fluffily white dog. "You're big! and fluffy!!" He commented eagerly on the appearance of the big mountainous dog. "I'm Benny! I'm 2!" He said as he towered over the small feline as he sniffed Felicity's head and licked it. "You taste funny Felicity" He said as he let his tongue hang out while he panted, trying hard to catch his breath. "So do you think we get fed around here?" He inquired curiously.
  17. Titus perked his head up at the bustling energy the pup held."I'm Benny! I'm 2!" Introduced the puppy before running over to the feline. The Tibetan mastiff cocked his head to the side, both concerned and confused as he slowly trotted over to the pup, tail swaying side by side limply and grabbed him by the nape of his neck with his mouth and slumped down. Dropping the pup between his paws and licking its head."You should rest.." The giant dog groaned as he groomed the pup and trapped him between his paws."I'm Titus. I'm 19." The white dog barked lowly. The type of 'ruff' bark as he lovingly groomed the pup like he was the parent or so.

    Titus stopped grooming the pup. He disliked how it over worked itself -which was somewhat good-, but resting was a must. Atleast two or more for a little while and he slid the pup under his chest, allowing its head and front paws to be out.

    { Benny is so cute o//u//o }
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  18. (Thank youuu :3)

    Benny smiled in a sense, his mouth curved up in a smile like way. He let the older dog groom him lovingly as he chewed on his paw. His young energy made him restless and energetic at almost every hour of the day. He usually ended up crashing at some point during the day. Benny felt intimidated by the older and larger white lion dog. So he laid still and chewed his black and white paw, as his tail twitched from side to side.

    When the older dog was done Benny rolled over onto his back and looked up at the older dog before rolling back and being sandwitched between the floor and the older dog. As he squirmed to get comfortable under the older dogs fluffy white fur he laid his too-big-for-his-body head on his front paws as he looked onward towards the others. He wasn't a fan of being kept down, or resting, or anything that wasn't running around or playing fetch really, but he didn't have a choice in the matter so he watched the others as he squirmed again and again.
  19. Name: Princess/Loki
    Age: 4/21
    Gender: Female/Male
    Owner: Isabella
    Personality: Sweat/Rude/Happy/Smart/Curoise/Trickster

    upload_2014-8-26_18-41-27.jpeg [​IMG]
    Guess who's Loki!


    "Loki! Loki! Loki! Loki! Loki! LOKI!!!!!" A little kitty yelled out looking around to find the older cat. "where did Loki go?" she started to sorry for the owner. he can find anyway to get out the house. "oh what if he got away Isabella would be crying when she finds out a-and I don't like it when mommy is sad" she said starting to cry only to get pawed on the head by Loki. "stupid Child I was just looking around" he said with a sigh. "you child are dumb and.... I hate it when she sad as well" he said the last part softly but Queen heard him. "Yeah!" she said looking up at him and tackled him. which shocked him at the sudden contact. "you mortal cat off me child!" "but I love you daddy!" the older man was shocked. the cat believes I'm her father? well Maybe I can let her think that she is just a little kid... wait what am I think I am Loki a God I don't care about this little thing! he was about to say something when Isabella came in and picked them up. "Ok you two I'm going to leave you at My friends house ok! Good lets go Nana Can we hurry will miss our plan! she called out and put the two of them In the same cage. "Loki Watch Princess for me ok! Good" she patted Loki and kissed him and then kissed Princess. "Ok lets go!"

    Once they got to the house Isabella started to cry. "I-I'm Going to miss you two Give me a hug!" she said and hugged her two cats. "Ok now go play with others and Loki Watch her and don't try to take over the world" she joked the last part then let them go and left saying by to her friend.

    Loki Sighed. "What do you want to do" "EXPLORE!" Princess yelled and ran off with Loki behind her. "Princess don't get to far I have to watch you!" "But Father!!!" she stopped and turned giving a pout look. "Don't give me that Look Missy!" he glared then picked her up by her fur of her neck then walked to see where everyone was. siting her down gently and looked at her "stay in this room and Explore here" he said and sat near the door. so she did get any ideas. "Your a big meanie father.." she pouted then walked around to see some dogs and cats as well. she just didn't know what to do so she sat down and looked at everyone.​
  20. Benny was resting with his head on his front paws. Bored and a bit tired, he didn't have much else of a choice. He was and would have drifted off to sleep if not for the door that opened up and let in the two black cats. Benny's ears perk up when the two black cats arrived. His instinct was to get up and run after the cats, he just wanted to say hello! He squirmed under the massive weight of Titus as his claws screeched across the hardwood floor. He pulled his body out from under the bigger dog and took off running. He skidded to a sudden screeching halt in front of Princess and wagged his tail at the little cat. "Hiya! I'm Benny!" He said and got down to her height. He looked over to Titus again and ran back over to the bigger dog and bit his ear playfully.
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