Pet Pictures! :3

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I feel like putting up pictures of my pretty kittycat, so I thought a picture thread would be cool. Show off your cats, fishies, dogs, birds, whatever!

My kitty's name is Ember, she's a red tabby. ^_^ Quite rare to have a red tabby, let alone a female. She might look fat in some of the pictures but she's actually in very good shape! She's 15 months today. I have her on low calorie food because even though she's the most active cat ever, she tends to gain weight easily. >.>

Most of these were taken on the day I brought her home. She was quite sick and had eye dirt. :[ She's all fixed up now. The last picture of her is a more recent one. She's gotta darker, prettier fur and is healthy as ever.


Playing wif her new toy.


Pwning my foot.


Nomming the camera.


Making my manfriend share the share.

I know some of you have already seen these pictures before, but this is the thread to place them in. Behold, Paorou and Nic's rascal semi-feral cats:





KITTEHS! They're both so cute :D

Here's Tigger, my baby boy.

Wow, Nic. Those are pretty feral looking kitties. o.o

*Goes gaga over how adorable Bee's kitty is*
behold MIRANDA! sadly my ex took her and now i have no idea where she is

miranda and spike guarding me as people take pictures of me sleeping






in NO WAY did i condone my ex doing this, but as usual we can see who won


she really loved it when i did this


her usual look after we wake her up and tell her to get off the bed, AGAIN

stiiiiiiink eyyyyyyyyyyyyye!

beautiful baby girl
Miranda's a pretty nice dog. What breed is she?
SPACE LEOPARD!!!!!!!!!!!
What a cute doggie! Chihuahua, right? She looks a lot like Tinkerbell, a little dog a family member of mine has. :3

GMK: Where's the space leopard? :o
Miranda is a miniature Pinscher with ears and tail untrimmed. when she wandered onto me and my ex's doorstep she was too damn cute to to give her the normal Pin look
A Pinscher? Gotta look that up.

And Fluffy, GMK is referring to my cat pics. They're thieving cowards.
Marius that is a cute pup. I'm not a huge fan of cats..but I HAVE to admit those are some cute kitties. Nic, that cat looks evil, but aaww look at it sleeping!

Here is Dakota (back) and Niles ( front) was Christmas so I gave them bows and stickers......

I wish I could get a dog.

Here is my cat, she is a vicious huntress of the night!

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Does one of the dogs have a sticker on its ear, Tab? XD Oh gosh they're cute. <3

My friend has a kitty that looks a lot like yours Oct. :3 She certainly looks vicious. I wish I could get a dog, too. Apartment charges too much, though and I have a cat. And I have dog allergies.
Haha yes Fluffy, yes he does! It was Christmas and I was being festive! ^.^

There's my Ember on my rocking chair. She pretty much claimed it as hers. XD
That chair is a family heirloom, dudes. My grammy rocked my mom in it and my mom rocked me and my sister in it!
My Spooky being absolutely adorable :)


And another of her laying on my face. lol

My cat Lilleth (we just call her Lily) in her cat bed next to my bed.

O___O Oh. My. Gosh. I can come up with so many fitting captions to that first pic of Spooky! <3333

Lily looks like she doesn't want a picture taken. XD She's all "Wut?" *Snuggles teh kitty*
Once I get my laptop back I'll put the pictures of our German Lab Ernest T. Bass.

We got him a couple months ago from a friend of a neighbor. He and his brothers had been found at an ONCOR power substation. The guy that found them took them home and his wife told him he could only keep one. So he got one, the neighbor got the other, and we got the runt. Over the last two weeks his colors have been changing and a pattern has come out clear on his fur, giving him the appearance of a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever.

I expect him to grow up to be HERR DOKTOR!!!

Also, the 'T' is for 'Trouble.' Son of a bitch is nothing but a troublemaker...