Pet Picture Thread!

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We all have our best friends on 4 legs, right? Well... why not share their lovely mugs!

I'll start with one of my passions, my companions and my teachers. Horses. They all have a history, so I find it only fitting to share it, too.

This is Tana. She's a sweet heart, a love, and loves to please but she's absolutely spoiled and certainly thinks a hell of a lot differently than a normal horse... I got the lovely pleasure of working with her and got nearly run over a couple times. Getting stepped on was interesting, too.

The next beauty, is named Chance. He was neglected/abused and by the time we got him, he was going to be sold for dog food. It wasn't until after he settled in that we realized what an AMAZING horse he is. Loves to run, loves to please and is super responsive. I think he's a pretty damn nifty horse.

Lastly, but not least, my riding partner Shooter. He too, was abused before he came to NWRF. Before he became who he is today, he would always charge people and bite until one of the horse trainers took a frying pan to him as he charged her during feeding time. Since then, he's been the most steady horse I'e ever seen. He hated working, but now... he seems to not mind it so much. I couldn't have become the rider I am today without him. I trust him with my life. Unless he's being a dick, then that's different.. but even so.

Share your beloved pets, too!
everyone make way,
the godly being that is my puppy is coming.


Brittany Spaniel.
Eight years young.
Me in the form of a canine.
'Nuff said.
Fiona Houdini. Tortoiseshell. 7 years old.





Skyliar when she was a puppy. Now she is the same height as my waist tehe.
This is Shelbie! I named her after my car lol.
and this is Boogy
This is my prince, Mercury.
I love him terribly.
He's just a baby still (only five months).
> w<
I want a kitty!!!! -flails.-
But mama doesn't like them jumping on things.
Rex. German Shepherd. 2 & 1/2 months old.



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German shepherd puppy...!
**Grabby hands**
German shepherd puppy...!
**Grabby hands**

Lmao, he's my baby <33
A pure breed German Shepherd, we got him from a police man in the K9 division thingy. His own set had a few puppies and he was kind enough to give us one.

I'm enjoying carrying my baby Rexy-wexy for now, since I doubt I can hold a full grown GSD in my arms later on xD
Also, Ill be posting pics of my other babies later.
Awwwwwwwwww, I want a dog... ;c I took pictures of my cats, so I'll post them up later tonight. : p
Had to bribe my dogs with treats to get them to sit in the same picture. Wicket's the cream colored one, Rigby is the two toned one.
and this picture makes me melt. They're both Dachshunds :3
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My cat. She looks cute, but underneath that fur she is a hardened killer of mice and birds.
I can see the Killer in her eyes.
The other cat I took in - Mercury's littermate, Eris.
They look similar, but Eris is bigger since Mercury was the runt. And Mercury has white patches.
Eris is fluffier and cuter looking too >>;