Pet Peeves

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  1. Pet Peeves

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    Pretty self explanatory. What get on your nerves? What are those things that really push your buttons?

  2. When people use the sugar spoon to stir their coffee, and then immediately proceed to replace the spoon to the sugar jar.

    Rage. All. Around.
  3. I hate it when people don't close cabinet doors or closet doors. It takes TWO SECONDS to close the door. Why are you leaving all the doors open?! D:<

    Or not putting up the condiments.

    Or using your instead of you're.
  4. I HATE it when people ride my bumper while driving. D:< Also, people who call the clinic where I work and automatically assume I know who they are just because they told me their first name.

    My ultimate pet peeve is when the hair clippers we use at work don't get CLEANED after being used and end up being covered in hair and usually blood. It takes all of two minutes to completely clean and disinfect them! DO IT. I will hunt people down for that shit. >.<
  5. I hate this too. I usually break check them a couple times until they stop.
  6. When people pop their knuckles. =__=; Pop anything, really. It sounds so gross, it's bad for you and it's just annoying. I ended up punching a classmate that would not stop popping his fingers... I'm passive aggressive. The rage built little by little until I exploded. I had to then excuse myself from class and not sit by that guy anymore, of course. Ay yi yi.

    I also hate it when people spell anyways. There isn't supposed to be an S there, gaw dammit! *karate chops a table*

    Oh. Another one... When people ask where I live and I say Washington, I fucking mean Washington. So why the hell are you asking me "DC OR DA STATE? HURR! :B" If I lived in DC, don't cha think I'd of said that? >:[
  7. I have a HUGE pet peeve about people who try to make me beg them to do something or give them a compliment. @______@ When people go "I'm a bad roleplayer/artist/chef/banana. :/" or "I'm ugly." or "Do you REALLY want me to do it?" or "I'm leaving the site." or just any situation where they keep trying to back me in to a corner of HAVING to compliment them.

    I will give the compliment the FIRST time, because I -mean it- the first time. After that, I refuse. I am not going to waste thirty minutes trying to boost your self esteem when you're -obviously- determined to Self Fulfill your Suck Prophecy. x_______x
  8. It takes much for me to get angry but when I do, the thing I hate the most is being asked if something is wrong or trying to be coddled. I just need to be left alone and in a little while I'm fine.

    I hate when people talk during movies and I'll be the one to tell them to shut up. I, and everyone else, paid good money to watch the damn movie, I won't abide someone talking. I don't care who it is.

    I generally don't like people being bullied. I won't necessarily go around defending strangers, but if I know someone, either bullied or being the bully, I'll usually tell the person to ease up.
  9. People who leave shopping carts in the middle of the parking lot.
  10. Person: "How are you today"
    Ike: "Alright I guess"
    Person: "Something wrong?"

    It was a bit hard to explain (I mean just in words. Soooo I put it in an IM form) but it pisses me off so much. It just runs something down my spine that I just become irritated so much. When I say "Horrible" or something like that, that is when you should ask if something is wrong.
  11. When people mix up 'is' and 'are'. That's the big one, but most grammatical mistakes usually tick me off to some degree.