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  1. These are the small things that bug you. Whether it's about people, inanimate objects, writing, anything. These are just miniscule things that bug you.

    One of mine is in writing. Whenever someone makes up a fictional city/county/state/country in a work of fiction that's in our world. It really bugs the geographer in me when something that large is just made up and placed somewhere. Like, did it replace a real life place? Did you add land? I need more information!

    So, Iwaku, what are your pet peeves?
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  2. I don't like it when my brother doesn't put down the toilet seat or shut the shower curtain all the way.
  3. OMG why is it for men to put the freaking seat down, that and replacing the toilet paper roll.

    My pet peeve currently right now is people bad mouthing Tom Hiddleston for dating Taylor Swift, like how dare you talk trash about one of the greatest and most humble actors out there.
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  4. @Chello Oh my god! Yes! The toilet paper! How could I forget that?! He always sets it to the side, then I'm the one who has to put it on!
  5. Vocalized pet peeves are my pet peeves.

    Irrational senseless irritation at things which are by all admitted parties, pointless and harmless behaviours or activities, which involve verbally berating others for your lack of tolerance, amuse, but typically irritate me. The only way you could be more painfully bourgeois is to start complaining that your Mexican gardener smells weird, or that your Hispanic nanny speaks Spanish better than she speaks English.

    It's fine to be irritated by things that are irrational. We all have em. Just keep those irrational twitches to yourself, we don't need even more social conditioning and restrictions than we already have in society as is, thanks. :ferret:
  6. One of my pet peeves is when my chainsaw gets tangled up in clothing in one of my bi-weekly amputation raids.

    Like, people should be more considerate and wear shorts and sleeveless tops. >:[
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  7. wat
  8. This is kind of an overreaction to a harmless thread about an extremely common topic, don't you think?
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  9. Honestly, I don't get peeved a lot. I know there's all kinds of people in the world and we can't all avoid becoming the source of one's pet peeves, but if I had to really think of one... it'd be people being snobs just to appear classy/sophisticated to others.
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  10. I was asked for my pet peeve, I gave it. I'm irritated by people who whine over ultimately harmless behaviours and gave an ironically smarmy answer for it. If I truly disliked the thread, I wouldn't comment in it. I'm just whining about whining. Specifically: Complaining at others to conform to your irrational twitches is irritating to me. I also mentioned everyone has them, you know. That includes me. Here's some of mine. :ferret:
    • I dislike it when people chew with their mouths open.
    • When I write an RP post that took me hours to work on, and the first thing someone else notices is a spelling mistake or missing word. Ignoring the content to nitpick at the pettiest shit is infuriating. Even if they're technically right.
    • When people kick the back of my seat while I sit in the theater. If it's a child, I wish I had the right to parent better than their parents obviously do and eject the little shit from the theater.
    • When I board public transportation, take one whiff, and realize someone decided to smoke a fuckton of weed.
    • When the guy who smoked a fuckton of weed decides to sit beside me and subject me to a smell so nauseating it makes me physically ill.
    • Yelling in an inappropriate environment, and not listening when being asked to stop.
    • When I wake up feeling more tired than when I went to sleep, then later when I'm trying to sleep, feeling too awake to sleep. God dammit internal clock, I can't be a night owl all my life.
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  11. My pet peeve is when people talk about how their pet peeve is other people who talk about their pet peeves.

    That's right, I'm looking at you @Brovo
  12. Fair enough, bro!
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  13. Oh shit. Someone's onto me!

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  14. I have too many :bananaman:

    But my worst nowadays are narrowed down to two.

    1. People who gossip. Please, busy yourself. Join an online forum, binge watch movies. I don't care what. But stop making people's businesses that don't affect you in anyway your source of entertainment and table talk.

    2. Parents who are entrusting their children to me to teach... and then tell me how to teach them. If you're so good at it... please, keep your child home and teach them yourself. @_@ *flips table*
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  15. My major pet peeve is people who move my mobility equipment without asking first (this includes moving me if I'm in my chair).

    I'm sure they think they're helping but they're really not. I've placed my equipment where I have for ease, so that I, the person they are for, can reach them when needed. If they are in the way, I will happily move them, but people need to ask first. Is that really so hard?
  16. When I try to poop for a while before my shower but nothing comes, and then immediately after I shower I have to poop.

    body pls
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  17. When I spend nearly the whole day cleaning only to have someone mess it up.

    When there's not even enough for a glass of orange juice, any drink, yet the almost empty carton is still in the fridge. I mean why not drink the whole thing?
  18. I forgot to mention another pet peeve of mine.

    Shoes in the house.

    Why, why, why?!?!? You live there dude. Relax a little, stay a while. Not to mention you're dragging dirt and shit inside and all over the floors if you wear them inside.
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  19. customers. Lmao. I've said to you twice that we do not have it in stock. Will I check in the back? Sure, but I'll take a 2 minute break to pee. I know what is in stock I work here!

    Oh it's not in the sale sorry. Sure, I'll listen to your rant about our prices :^)

    I cleaned that stand all for you to mess up right in front of me! You're welcome!
    • I get frustrated when people walk slower than me and I have to adjust my walking speed to accommodate them
    • I hate it when I'm leisurely strolling somewhere and I can sense the presence of someone in a hurry behind me making me feel like I need to speed up.
    • I'm annoyed when someone gets to the elevator at the last possible second and they get in as the doors close and make my elevator ride another 5 seconds long. I pretend to hit the open door button but instead hit the close door button.
    • People who don't hold the elevator are horrible! Throwback to the time I almost was bisected by an elevator.
    • On the topic of elevators, people who don't exercise elevator etiquette (If both 5 and 7 are pressed, don't press 6 if you can take the stairs up or down one flight of stairs!)
    • When someone doesn't respond to a message I send them
    • When someone sends me a message and I feel obligated to respond.
    • I hate hypocrites. :^)

    more seriously, i just love it when someone uses a foreign loan word from a language I know in a context that makes it clear they have no clue (i.e. I'd like a panini)
    but of course i hate being corrected when something i say is wrong
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