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  1. So today, out of the blue, some people just came to visit us. I had just finished all my chores, felt exhausted and drained from all the heat, and then suddenly... Tada! Guests. Guests who didn't even call ahead of time to inform they were coming.

    As you will probably assume correctly, that is a major pet peeve of mine. Dropping in on a person is not A-OK in my books. What if they're really busy doing something? What if they're sick? What if- etc etc.

    Anyway! What sort of pet peeves do you guys have?
  2. -Asking me at the last possible minute to do something.
    -Blowing cigarette smoke in my face.
    -Calling me at 2 am in the morning asking if I am asleep.
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  3. People who drop by unannounced is a huge pet peeve.
    People who just can't put things back where they found them. (Retail makes me a bitter person.)
    More importantly when I spend a crap ton of time cleaning the house up after people who just can't manage to ever clean up after themselves they just come home and make things dirty again.... That's the one that makes me contemplate homicide.
  4. Attention whores. I can't stand them! Especially the ones who post vague Facebook statuses lamenting over something then say nothing at all when asked what's wrong. If you have something to say or something's bothering you, come out and say it! There is nothing more annoying then when a person tries to make you jump through hoops to figure out what's bothering them. Fuck those assholes. I have more important things to give my attention to.

    People who give too much information and post things that are extremely inappropriate. This also relates to Facebook. I don't want to see a bunch of naked people getting it on all over my newsfeed. I don't care what you and your partner do in bed. Keep that damn shit to yourself! Seriously, it's disturbing what people are comfortable posting online.
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  5. Kids crying.
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  6. THE Dark Cloud of Unthoughtful Behavior and Eternal Self-centeredness.
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  7. More than kids crying, I dislike it when parents don't try to help the situation.
  8. Well, I can sympathize — parenting seems exhausting as hell. Don't think there's a lot they can do to stop it either. Kids are ruthless.
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  9. For sure! My sympathize to them. I mostly mean those who can do something but chose not to. It disrupts things for everyone else.
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  10. Kids crying. People chewing loudly, having extreme coughing fits, burping, breathing in a weird way... I don't know. Lots of sounds produced by people just existing seem to irk me. I'm a terrible person.
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    • People giving me jokes when I want straight answers.
    • People using the term 'ADHD' like a synonym for 'hyper' or 'crazy' and just generally perpetuating stereotypes about it.
    • People who act like actual ADHD doesn't exist and/or that we're poisoning the youth by prescribing medication for it.
    • People who generally act like any mental illness doesn't exist and that medication is bad.
    • People who act like any man-made substance -- including shit like vaccines, multivitamins, and medication of any kind (including shit like ibuprophen) -- is bad for you and that it's always better to find "natural" alternatives.
    • People who shit on others for being "too sensitive" and telling others to just grow a thicker skin. Because, yeah, I'm sure so many people choose to be deeply hurt over tiny shit. Surely not a single one of those people wishes that it could be so easy to just brush shit off. Because everyone chooses to go into another self-loathing episode just because of some small thing someone said. Yup.
    • People who claim that the internet and social media causes ADHD.
    • People who clearly need help with something but refuse to accept any.
    • People who laugh at "trigger warnings" and "political correctness" and any other "Tumblr-ish" ideas, therefore making it difficult to even have a serious conversation about these kinds of things because you assume you'll just be laughed off if you actually try to defend trigger warnings unironically.
    • People who are quick to spread around rumors that John Lennon was a rapist/abusive/homophobic/anti-semitic/whatever. (Look, I know he wasn't a perfect person, and I could list some of the shitty and questionable things that he actually did -- but rape and abuse are not on that list.)
    • People who shit on Yoko Ono for "breaking up the Beatles". Like, if you wanna shit on her music, that's fine -- it certainly isn't for everyone -- but acting like she's a horrible person just because she fell in love with John? And ignoring all the other reasons why the Beatles broke up? Just... just no.
    I feel like I'm forgetting some. I might come back later.
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  11. Pet peeves threads. >:[

    Really though, people irritate me in a lot of ways. The biggest one is just any kind of personal space invasion, especially if I don't know them, but even family members piss me off with that nonsense.

    People trying to talk to me in public when I have headphones on and am reading or doing shit on my phone. The people who try to talk to me despite those barriers are almost never after anything important, they just want to randomly chat with a stranger about whatever. I hate it.

    I've come to loathe potheads since Oregon voted to legalize recreational marijuana. I voted for the measure and I'm totally fine with people using pot, but the thing is I take the bus to and from work and more often than not someone who smells strongly of weed is going to be on the bus for part of all of my ride. That stench is fucking potent, and it means the entire bus is going to reek of weed until a few minutes after they leave. It's worse even than people with bad body odor and people who go way too hard with their perfume or cologne or whatever, and they're pretty terrible.

    I've also recently come to have a lot of spite for people who can't find places by their street address despite having the power of modern technology at their fingertips. This annoyance came from part of my job as a security guard requiring me to help people find whatever office in the building they're looking for (because apparently it's hard to use the huge directory board that takes up most of a wall in the lobby right by the elevators???), and there are just a ridiculous number of people who seem incapable of finding the right building. The street address number of the building I work in is 1515; directly across the street from the lobby doors is the building numbered 1500; diagonally across the intersection right outside the lobby doors is a building numbered 1400. I get at least one person a week (once 6 people in one day) who comes up to me early in the morning asking if they're in the right building. The street address is posted in big numbers right outside, including on the big canopy thing right outside the lobby doors, the 1500 place has their address in big numbers on a sign out front too, and although the 1400 place does not have such obvious markings you would think people could gather from the big 1515 signage outside that this building is certainly not the 1400 one. Apparently a lot of people get directions in the form of "it's right at the intersection of X and Y" and then manage to fail hard at picking which of the four possible buildings is the one they want, and also apparently they couldn't think to pull out their phones (which I know most of them have because they read the fucking address off of their phone when asking me if they're in the right place) to pop the address into whatever map or GPS thing they've got to figure it out themselves. Fucking useless people.

    I think I'll stop now before I get up to essay length rants on how stupid people are in particular ways.
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  12. I love that. Random conversations with strangers brighten my day without fail. Might be a facet of me living in stranger-danger-hub Sweden tho.
  13. Verbal Repetitiveness - ex: "We're gonna meet at 5." A sentence later: "Cause we're meeting at 5." End of conversation: "You heard we're meeting at 5, right?" Drives me up the wall.
    Handsy People - I have a few simple rules when someone is in my presence; don't touch me and don't touch my things. Its not a hard concept to understand. I nearly beat up a stranger bigger than myself because he touched my tea. Its my precious!
    Drama Queens - You know, the ones that try to drag you into their fight with someone else or they try to butt-in on one of your arguments that doesn't involve them.
    Inconsistencies - This is one that is true to pet peeve form, because I can't do anything about it, which makes it doubly annoying. Life is full of inconsistencies. Its a terrible peeve to be sensitive to. x'D
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  15. Same! I wanted to like this twice ^_^'
  16. Boy oh boy do I have many pet peeves.

    1. People who can't take no for an answer or try to pressure me to do something. Don't be surprised if I curse you out.
    2. SJWs and political correctness overall. Need I say more? It's idiotic, moronic, and has no place in this already shitty world.
    3. If you tell that I'm too old to play video games or that I'm this or that, I will fucking cut you. Shut the fuck up and mind your own damn business!
    4. Don't tell me how to act or behave. If you don't like how I am, fuck you cause I don't need you. I criticize myself enough thank you.
    5. People who can't take a hint. If you say something and I ignore you or if I isolate myself sometimes, I DO NOT WANT TO BE BOTHERED! Also please learn when to shut up and stop speaking to me if I'm in a shitty mood!
    6. Overly sensitive people who expect everyone to cater to their feelings. Get over yourself. No one cares about you but yourself.
    7. Shitty arguments. If you can't refute me with something that makes sense or defeats my claim, just keep your mouth shut please because my patience will run out fast with you REALLY QUICK.
    8. Nosy people. What I do is none of your business and this will make me curse like a sailor cause it pisses me off to no extent.

    That's more pet peeves than I thought I would have O.o
  17. Don't forget about what people tried to do to David Bowie after he died D:<
  18. o_o I honestly didn't hear anything about anyone saying bad things about David Bowie recently. All I ever saw was posts from people who loved and respected him. What happened?
  19. Argumentative people. This is probably my #1 pet peeve. Bro, not everything needs to be a fucking argument. I don't want to argue with you. Some folks make this even worse by stating that you 'must be wrong!!' if you turn away from an argument. Fuck off.
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