Pet Peeves- Part 2

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  1. The last thread I had made was about things that annoyed you about other people and the world in general.

    But what about yourself? O_O They do say, point a finger at another and three are pointing back at yourself.

    What habits/feelings etc about yourself do you find annoying? How do you deal with this? Do you try to change things or leave them as is? Any tips for others who wish to overcome their particular self pet peeves?
  2. I have the logical reasoning of a twelve-y/o. Outside a computer, I am good at little else than performing simple chores and staring mindlessly into the sky.

    Does that count?
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  3. @IntrusivePenDesperateSword - Well, it's it's something that annoys you about yourself, I supposed it does :3

    Though mindlessly staring at the sky sounds super fun and relaxing to me.
  4. Yes...

    I really wish I could do the following things better.

    1. Actually do things when I say I'm going to do them, even when I can't get to them right away.
    2. Assume something will go wrong before even trying it for the first time
    3. Staying up all night like I am right now

    I don't think that third one is something I have to care about during the summer, but it is super annoying when I randomly stay up too late when I actually have to do something the next day. It just saps the fun out of the next day. The only thing that I've found works for this is making sure I have some form of activity to tire me out during the day, and to avoid the internet like the plague late at night.

    The other two are a work in progress, but hopefully I'll eventually grow out of them. Adulting is hard...
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  5. I can relate to this so much. It's something that annoys others about me as well o_o.
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    • My anger issues and impatience. I don't anger easily, but push me over the edge and I just blow up.
    I haven't found a surefire way to deal with my anger issues, but when I feel it boiling up inside me, I tend to just keep to myself for a while so I don't break important things or scare anyone off. But mostly because I don't want to break important things.
    • My obsession over cleanliness.
    As for my mild case of OCD, well, it wastes a LOT of my time. I literally spend most of my free time cleaning. Last year, I donated or threw out about 70% of my things because I felt like they were a waste of space. Most of them were books I just wasn't interested in anymore, the rest was sentimental bullcrap I had felt compelled to keep until that point because they were given to me despite the fact that I had no real use for them.
    • Inattention.
    Right now I have about a gazillion tabs open. I can't focus on one thing, and sometimes I tune out of conversations completely. I've tried numerous times to fix this, but no dice.
    • My indifference.
    What's bad about this is that sometimes I DO care about trivial things. Like cleanliness, for instance. Not so much when it comes to the important stuff.

    As for the tips, I have none. I mean, I'm already having trouble figuring things out for myself, so...
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  6. This is one I have a lot of problem with as well v.v It doesn't annoy me too much, but if it reaches it's peak, I do stupid things.

    Jealousy is another thing. It really irritates me how easily I feel jealous about things. It's a flaw I've had since I was a child unfortunately.
  7. Oh jeez, where do I fucking start...
    • I'm way too sensitive. It's so easy to send me into a self-loathing episode just from one negative thing happening to me.
    • I'm constantly comparing myself to others in really unhealthy ways. It makes me feel like my own issues aren't important and that I'm just making a big deal about nothing, because other people have it worse so of course I'm just a big baby who can't deal with the small stuff, right?
    • I can't even focus on the things I actually enjoy doing half the time.
    • I get addicted to things way too easily. I'm probably the only person here pathetic enough to have needed to take "caffeine addiction" seriously in the past and step on my soapbox like "caffeine is a drug!! be careful with it!!" even though no one has needed to be as careful with it as me, because it's just caffeine. It shouldn't be that big of a deal.
    • I'm rambly. I spend three paragraphs to say something that could've been said in two sentences if I was only more concise.
    • I apparently can't deal with negative emotions without making comments about it online, directed at no one, like I'm pleading for attention but I actually don't want it. It's probably just a coping mechanism, but I still feel like an attention whore about it, which just makes me feel even worse about myself when I'm already in a bad mood.
    • I feel like a horrible person for seeing my own personal quirks and habits show up on other people's posts in the original pet peeves thread. Even when I personally feel like I'm in the right and there's nothing wrong with what I'm doing, I still feel awful for contributing to someone else's pet peeve.
    • I feel like I'm too soft and I want to turn the whole world into a hugbox. And sometimes I'll feel totally ok with my personal worldview and won't hesitate to defend the things I believe in, but then other times I feel pathetic just because I see posts from other members on the site about how we should expect other people to be functioning human beings and not have to hold their hand and it makes me feel like the only reason I feel the way I do is because I'm an inadequate human being wanting to create a world where people like me can be pat on the back and helped back up after making mistakes. But that's not what this world is. I'm the one that's wrong -- not the world I live in.
    • I feel like I present an extremely one-dimensional, flanderized version of myself who's only capable of talking about ADHD, Fandomstuck, and the Beatles -- and I just feel like other people probably find it really annoying to see me only talk about such a small range of topics.
    • I feel like I draw attention to my ADHD so often, spending so much time talking about it, and, yeah, sometimes I feel justified in it because it is such a big part of my life and effects so much of what I do, but I still feel like an attention whore about it.
    • I also feel like I'm blabbing on about first world problems when I spend four paragraphs talking about all the ways ADHD inconveniences me only to find some other post about someone else with a mental illness who has things a thousand times worse than me and that just makes me feel like I have no right to complain.
    • People's attempts to compliment and comfort me always feel so hollow because I keep focusing on my own flaws and inadequacies so much that their message falls apart. You saying "you're perfect, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise" doesn't actually mean anything when I can already recall a thousand and one things that I do that you've already condemned -- not directly at me, but still, you said it was a bad thing and made me feel like a bad person and now you attempting to tell me I'm perfect really doesn't mean anything when I'm clearly not. Not even by your standards.
    • Sometimes I just can't deal with seeing opinions I don't like, and it makes me want to block that stuff out of my life and just focus on things that already agree with me, but then that makes me feel close-minded. I want to be a good person and be open to differing opinions in my life because that's a good thing, right? But then I see so much shit that annoys me and, even worse, makes me question my own beliefs which I just don't want to do sometimes. And it just makes me feel terrible about being so obviously close-minded that I can't even stand to expose myself to anyone who feels differently than me.
    • I feel like such a fucking hipster talking about my vinyl collection all the time like it makes me special or something.
    • I'm supposed to be an art major, but I never seem to have the attention span to do art in my free time. How am I supposed to improve if I never practice?
    • I have a bad habit of picking at the skin around my nails and it's really getting out-of-hand. I go through at least three band-aids a day because I'm constantly picking and peeling and biting at my skin to the point of bleeding. Even when it's so bad that it becomes painful to type, I still don't learn. Even when I know that the next clump of skin I peel at is going to result in pain and bleeding, I just don't stop myself. I keep a nail-clipper right next to my bed and fiddle with it every night because it helps me peel my skin, and I get anxious when my nail-clipper isn't on-hand. I know it's bad, but I just feel like I need to peel at my skin. Why is this so hard to break?
    • I'm too worried about what other people think about me.
    • I come up with way more possible Fandomstuck characters than I'll ever have time to actually make.
    • I come up with way too many ideas for drawings or comics than I'll ever have the time or attention span to actually make.
    • I seriously do have an overactive imagination. I imagine more things than I'll ever have uses for and it's just annoying, really, and constantly reminds me of my own executive dysfunction and how all of it will just be trapped in my own mind and never see the light of day.
    • I'm probably the only person who's ever been able to spot someone else being a hypocrite and found a way to make myself feel like I'm in the wrong because of their hypocrisy. Somehow.
    • And the worst thing of all:
    • Even though I already know how much I hate all these things about myself, I just can't fix them. Even if it's something as simple as talking about the Beatles too much on public forums like these, I just don't stop, because I'm pathetic and I have no self control.
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  8. I complain a lot. It's how I kind of de-stress, but it's certainly not something everybody else wants to sit and listen to all the time. It annoys them and me both.

    Does hair count? Mine is big and poofy and frizzy and looks like a cotton ball or something. It's super hard to tame and a royal pain in my ass. I hate it.

    I'm also one of those people with low as shit will power. Scratching dry skin, impulse buying, can't say no--that's me.
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  9. and one from me because I really have this about myself

    If someone wants to help me, I either say yes that's fine and don't follow up on it or I'll go into such a dark and dreary sort of phase that I want to change everything about myself, from my name or my username online and try something all over again even though I did it really good the first time.
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  10. 1. Externally and by how I word things I seem angry all the time to other people. >.> I'm usually just kind of blank.
    Harsh depreciative humor I guess.

    2. I can never go to sleep when I want to.
    I don't like that.
    I'm going to suffer because of that.

    3. I find my voice annoying. Sometimes it's low, sometimes it's high, sometimes it fluctuates.
    It's like goddamn, choose something voice.
    I will however admit that due to that, I have a wide variety of voices that I can activate at any time. Which would be useful... If I actually wanted to become a voice actor.

    4. I procrastinate so much that I regret it.
    I have less than 30 days before I leave my parents to become an Man, capital "M".

    My room is still a mess.
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  11. I have very little patience and tolerance for people who don't try. This can backfire so easily, and it means I get impatient and angry more often than is reasonable.

    I noticed that over the years, I've grown a bit cold and intolerant of people who complain a lot. I find it hard for myself to open up and tell someone I'm feeling sad, because if I have someone who comes to me just to moan and complain and is not willing to be helped or help themselves.

    I am kind but I always keep at cold distance from others.

    I also don't know how the fuck to interact with women, and it makes female friendships difficult. Wish I could work on that.
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  12. Sometimes I look forward to things so much I end up not doing them at all.
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  13. I have a lot of difficulty interacting with and trusting men. :/ It's not fair and probably pretty offensive to a lot of dudes but blah blah blah PTSD blah blah blah anxiety blah blah blah. I certainly don't want to have such an issue with half of the world's population, that's for sure.

    Speaking of anxiety, I use that as an excuse for everything it seems. I mean, it basically rules over my life, but I still see myself mentioning it way too often... also, I apparently have refused to call my therapist for the past six months because I accidentally missed an appointment, so I'm basically just 'handling' this shit on my own despite giving other people the advice to go see a goddamn therapist all the time.

    I'm very sensitive! In previous therapy sessions I was told that this is okay, it's just a part of who I am, but holy shit if it isn't annoying sometimes. I overreact to a lot of things, and then feel embarrassed when I realize I misinterpreted an interaction and was upset over nothing.

    I constantly make excuses about why I can't sit down and write. If I, you know, spent less time playing video games, I'd probably get a lot more writing done. Though there may be some extraneous factors, what it really comes down to is that I can't - or won't - focus, and would rather be playing video games instead.

    I'm too much of a perfectionist and my own worst critic. People say this about everyone, but I take it to a fucking extreme. I love art, and I'm actually pretty damn good at it, but I find it way too hard to get anything done because if it's not perfect the first time then I just give up because it's not worth continuing. This was also a reason why I had so many issues with school work... I didn't feel like it was good enough so I just wouldn't hand it in. :E

    My stupid brain is my biggest pet peeve about myself basically. Just function normally, you piece of shit.
  14. I get irritated easily and find I need to vent my frustrations.... Buuut people don't usually appreciate this. They usually get pissy about it. Which usually makes me more frustrated cuz they throw a tantrum and it comes off to me like they have such thin skin or don't care or the like.

    I try to just brush it off, but then I get explosive. I try to talk calmly and express myself, but people still get irritable and snappish. I just can't win. </3
  15. I worry a lot. To the point I need to slap myself. I don't want to but I just do, about life in general. I have moments when my mind is relaxed enough not to worry then I go right back to it. I feel, no I know, I'm missing life by constantly worrying. Its an annoying peeve about myself I hope to get rid of eventually.
  16. The amount of times I feel this in life, especially these days. v.v.
  17. Hmm...I suppose my apathy? People always tell me I need to "stop pretending I don't care about things" when I just genuinely couldn't care less about them. It's not like I want to have the emotional capacity of a rock.

    Also, I'm almost never paying attention, so I end up being confused 99% of the time and making tons of stupid mistakes.
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