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Do you like Pet names?

  1. Of course!

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  2. Hell no!

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  3. I'm indifferent.

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  4. I wouldn't know.

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  5. I thought this thread had to do with animals.

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  1. For all my relationship people of Iwaku, whether you are in one, have been in one before, or have never been in one at all:

    • What are your thoughts on pet names?
    • Do you like giving/having pet names?
    • What are your favorites?
    • Have you ever had any weird/special ones?
    Let me know! I'm curious.

    As for me, I love giving pet names, as well as having them. It's sweet, I think. Plus I'm a romantic when I'm not uber depressed, and it appeals to that side of me

    My favorites given to me are (in no particular order): Babe, Sir, Hun, Daddy, and Love, to name a few.

    My favorites to give are: Baby, Darling, Princess, and the list goes on.

    As for weird/special: Daddy, Sir, Princess, and a few other NSFW ones are ones I guess not many conventional couples use/have used.
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  2. I don't have much experience with them outside of "Baby".
    But I'm perfectly happy and fine with using and having them.

    It adds an extra layer of "awwww", cuteness and affection to the relationship.
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  3. Scotty and I don't really have any unique nicknames for each other. "Hon" and "Sweetie" (interchangeable between the two of us) are about as much as we get. Weirdly enough, I have much more specific pet names for my friends, like @Pixii Faye who is Pix, Musume-nee-san, and Pixiichu, depending upon the situation <3

    and of course I have that ever-growing Word document of the nicknames y'all have come up with for me :P

    Mini Bunches of Oats is still my favourite

    Edit: My mom and dad had pet names, but they weren't exactly typical. Turkey Breath (dad) and Hippie Shit (Mom) :P They were never an especially mushy couple
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  4. That reminds me, a favorite I liked to give my ex was "honey bunches of oats." I don't even know how that happened, but it did and it stuck.
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  5. Love pet names, I have them with friends as well as my significant others.
    One's I've used in the past including and not limited to: (mixture of friends and lovers)

    Boyfriend (not my boyfriend)
    Task Mistress
    White chocolate
    Carrot top
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  6. Mancake, C3PO, Task Mistress and White Chocolate were my favorites. They made me laugh.
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  7. Mine too- ha ha.
    Also with exception to one- they are all friends pet names. lol.
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  8. I'm gonna assume white chocolate.
  9. How did these two happen? :P
  10. No actually mancake was a partner- the rest are all friends. lol
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  11. C3PO because well, weirdly they look like C3PO, and well it just kinda of fits their personality.
    Google was my nickname by a friend, because she said she could text me anything and I'd always have an answer even when google didn't - it was a little weird if I'm honest. lol
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  12. Even boyfriend?
  13. How did the look like C3PO?
    All I can imagine is something with shinny skin and giant ass eyes.
    So you're like a mini-brainiac/encyclopedia? :P
  14. I call alot of my female friends "Doll"
    My Ex still calls me puppy .-.
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  15. Huge eyes, really skinny guy, shiny head. Just looked the same. lol their eyes anyway. ha ha :)
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  16. I call one of my friend Chewbakka becouse of his snoring :D
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  17. That's just amazing to try to imagine. XD
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  18. It's an identifier. The name given to me isn't unique to me: There are plenty of others with my name. A pet name is no different: It's just an assigned identifier. Both are given, presumable, because someone cares enough about the existence of this specific unit to create a name for me.

    I used to come up with silly names for people, then I encountered people who got offended by such behaviour. Confused, I simply ceased investing any value into names. :ferret:
  19. I have been called "honey" by an American friend. I have also been called "kick" by family, because I used to play football/soccer, and it is a part of my given name (kik is anyway).
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  20. I call my wife darling tea

    Because I thought that was how you pronounced darjaleeng tea

    And I was like "you know what my favorite tea is? Darling tea"

    She promptly corrected me and said I was cute
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