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  1. I'm very, very bored. But, there's this idea I really want to try out. It's nothing special. In fact, the idea doesn't even have a straightforward plot. With that said, and if you're still here, I'll finally tell you what that idea is.

    ...I want to do something anime-related. It would pretty much just have loads of sex in it, but as it continued on, I think something could develop. The RP wouldn't just have one thing going on at a time. Instead, it would have about two or three different ''plots''. All, perhaps, in different worlds or settings, but still have that anime feel to it. I'm weaboo trash, so this idea is like heaven to me. Though, honestly, I'm probably not getting the point across of what I want to do.

    Okay, okay. I want to do a role-play that starts off with our characters doing almost nothing except bang, and then it starts to develop into an actual story, somehow. Oh, one more thing, I prefer to play the male. I can do dominant, switch, or submissive, but for this role-play I'd like to do a switch. Okay, well, I'm just gonna go now. .-.

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  2. Uhh... I think I'm interested, but can you be a little more specific with the plot?? Cus idk what the setting and stuff like that is...
  3. That's what I'm having trouble with. I want a lot of sex in it, but I know it needs a plot to go with it. So, I guess me and you would probably come up with something?
  4. One more bumparooni!
  5. I love the plot idea. About how the plot will develop later on. Since it will get more interesting. Do you do Yaoi? And a anime feel is what I'll try to give! Let's roleplay with each other, shall we? ^_^
  6. perhaps a corruption one?
  7. Would you like to roleplay with me? I have a couple ideas.
  8. Oooh that idea sounds pretty cool. I'd be interested to try it out.
    Starts off with a buttload of banging and sexual tension and kink like that and then jumping to some sort of conflict that then leads to a plot?? Haha seems laid-back enough.
Thread Status:
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