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  1. Howdy! I am the user behind the extremely racist nation of [nation]Perus-Suomi[/nation]. It does in no way reflect my actual attitude towards gays, lesbians and Somalis. But in Finland, where I live, is a political party called Perussuomalaiset. They claim to be "immigrancy critical", but let's face it, they're racist. I created this NationState country just to laugh at them.
    But, to business. I have now arrived to the forums because [region]British Isles[/region] and [region]Mordor[/region] have gone more and more quiet in the aspect of role playing, and I hope to find more of that here. So, you lot, you've been here longer than I, so have you got any conquering with post-1700 technology (without Star Wars aspect) going on?
  2. Hi there person from Nation States! >:3 welcome to the site! Hopefully we can sate your roleplay needs since we're a roleplay-only forum!
  3. Well thank you! And yes, NationStates. It was a bit surprising when you mentioned that, as I've only done this stuff in NationStates communities. But yeah, I'll start looking for the appropriate RP right away. But first I'll get rid of this ghastly black theme.
  4. Hey, welcome to the site!

    If you have any questions feel free to ask me :D