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  1. Hello! I'm Jessie. I'm new here, but I'm definitely not new to roleplaying. It's been a while since I've had a decent roleplay though. I come with plenty of basic ideas that I hope will interest you, but I'm always open to any ideas you have as well. Post length is not something I'm picky with, and I usually just match my partner. I have way too much free time currently, so I'll be on here a lot. I prefer to roleplay in PMs.

    I have details in mind for most of these. We'll have to do some plotting together though. If any of these topics interest you, PM me or post here for me to PM you and I'll tell you any particular ideas I have.

    Teacher x Student[FxF or MxM]
    Adoption/Fostering by a same-sex couple
    Rich x Poor[FxF]
    Best Friends
    Vampire x Human[MxF or FxF]
    Doctor x Patient[FxF]
    Artist x Muse
    Time Travel
    Broken Family
    Photographer x Model[FxF or MxM]
    Road Trip[FxF]
    Ghost x Living
    Imaginary Friend x Creator
    Professor x Student[FxF]
    Alien Invasion
    Troubled Teens
    Long Distance Relationship
    Vampire x Werewolf[MxM or FxF]
    Single Parent x Babysitter[FxF]
    Boss x Employee[FxF]
    Teacher x Single Parent
    Summer Camp

    Harry Potter-

    Harry x Ron
    Snape x Anyone
    Draco x Anyone
    Luna x OC[FxF]
    Bellatrix x Anyone

    Orphan Black
    The Big Bang Theory



    Doctor Who


    Jeanine x Anyone
    Eric x Anyone

    Orange is the New Black-

    OC inmates

    The Fosters
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  2. I'm interested in this! xD
  3. I'm interested in quite a few of these :3
  4. Love your ideas!
  5. Great! Which ones though?

    Awesome. Are there any your interested in more than the others?

    Thank you! Are there any in particular you'd be interested in doing?
  6. Rich x Poor[FxF]
    Best Friends
    Vampire x Human[MxF or FxF]
    Time Travel
    Road Trip[FxF]
    Troubled Teens
    Summer Camp

    And who do you ship for Doctor Who?
  7. Rich x poor (FxF)
    Troubled teens
    Vampire x human
  8. I'm interested in the time travel one. Shoot me a pm if you're interested :)
  9. I'm interested in the VampireXHuman one.PM me if your interested c:
  10. I'm interested in a few of these. Maybe we can PM and bounce some ideas around?
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