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  1. Code Name: GeekOut

    Status: Roleplayer

    Rank: Classified

    Access Authorization: Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Steampunk, Spec-Fic, Modern, Other

    Case Report #1429, Excerpt.

    Prince John rapped drummed his finger impatiently on the intricately carved wood. Supposedly he was receiving reports on crop yields or something of that nature, but the man's voice was like the buzzing of a fly. A fly that would not stop talking. He cracked his neck, leaning his head side to side. "Guard," he spoke to the soldier on his left. "Where is Marian? I wish to see her. Now." Prince John waved his hand dismissively at the speaker. "Good, good. Leave me." The man began to splutter a reply. Prince John inclined his head, and the guards nearest drew their weapons. The man left, bowing clumsily and apologizing as he scuttled away.
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