Personifying inanimate objects

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  1. So I was talking to the mechanic about my car the other day and I realized that I had been referring to my car as "her".
    Now this is not something I normally do, but on further thought I realized that there were a few other objects I had ascribed human traits too. Mostly things I've had for a long time.
    For example I've named my favorite blanket and a potted plant I've had for years.

    Anyone else do this or something similar?
    Is it something you do all the time or only to favorite objects?
  2. My car. Must be an American thing honestly, cause everyone I know refers to their car with her. Could be southern too.

    Computer too, except it's got a name.
  3. I haven't ever done this with my own items.

    But one of my friends has a tradition with his dad of naming cars that follow the alphabet. His was first so it got 'A' which ended up being "Abby". So everyone who knows the care refers to it as a female, and everyone who doesn't know the car get's confused as hell. XD

    Where one time he just happened to be on the same Campus at me (he wasn't a student here, he just happened to be going to see other friends while I was there), I noticed the car and went "Oh look! It's Abby!" and the people I was with basically went "What the hell are you talking about Anthony?".
  4. I've got quite a few. My car is a He, his name is Geralt. My flute is Sly Cooper, My Piccolo is The Murrary, and I have Mr. Snugglebutt my teddy bear. Oh and The BNK3R my computer.
  5. Oh yes. I do this for tons of things. My gaming rig is named Nebula. The tower is bulky and manly, so I consider my computer a 'he'. And I have a baseball bat I call by the name of Garth, short for Garth Brookslyn Smasher.

    There are lots more. My sword and lightsaber are shes, and I've got stuffed animals that are named and such. There are my cleverly named smoking pipes as well, however those are 'genderless.'
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  6. I imagine my blanket to be a total tsundere because it either makes me feel too warm or too cold. LIKE MAKE UP YOUR MIND.
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  7. I used to give all my game consoles (particularly handheld ones) names, but that sort of stopped being a thing.

    I also refer to a lot of my stuffed animals (particularly my favorites) as "he"'s and "she"'s.

    There's also this project that I made in one of my art classes last semester, which I sort of fell in love with and started thinking of as a "he" even before I had finished making it. o.o And he's still fucking adorable and he sits on my desk and holds my pencils for me. Although he now has a smudge on one of his wings that I can't seem to get rid of... 'tis a shame.

    Aaaaand then there's my record collection... where I often personify each record individually based on the artist in question, as well as also sometimes referring to all of them collectively as "my boys" (since I realized that I have very very few female artists...). But yeah, I'll often refer to a disc by the name of whatever artist it is, like, "Paul, you don't have any visible scratches, so I don't know why you're skipping like that" or something. XD
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  8. I talk smack about inanimate objects that in some way wrong me all the time. For whatever reason, I don't usually give genders but many things have personalities, identities, and plots to kill me.
  9. I honestly found it weird when my friend mentioned she was going to name her car, and that it was a 'she'. The previous one was a 'he'.

    The only thing I named was my laptop. It's name was 'Precioussssss'
  10. o.o You know, I should apologize to my brother for saying he is obsessed with cars. Because he isn't. Not compared to this fellow o.o
  11. I personify fucking everything. A lot of my stuff even has names

    Hell, there's silent conversation between me and my cash register

    Register: BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP! <item not found!>
    Me: oh come on, it's a banana, you've registered like, twelve thousand of these today
    Register: BEEP BEEP BEEEEEP! <item not found!>
    Me: well maybe if you calm yourself for two seconds and let me enter the code instead of trying to scan a damn banana like its a barcode-!
    Register: <...>
    Me: *punches code*
    Register: <organic banana, 1.32 kg>
    Me: was that so hard?
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  12. Well I definitely talk to things a lot. I always have an argument with the eggs that spit at me while I fry them ;)

    But I've never given them actual names or genders.
  13. I surprisingly don't, despite being very affectionate about numerous things I own. Hell, I named my truck Clifford the Big Red Truck but I don't think of it as he.

    On the other hand, one of my best friends went around and put googly eyes on every single appliance in his house. It's fantastical!
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  14. Haha that is cute :P
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  15. It's a Ford Ranger, so it's ironic because tiny truck, but it is a faithful steed who should really be a house sized dog.
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  16. My past cars:

    -The Frogmobile (1989 Chevy Pickup Truck)
    -Mable (1994 Mercury Sable)
    -Sheila (2006 Crown Victoria)
    -An '02 Buick nicknamed "The Hoopty"
    -Current car, another '06 Crown Victoria, nicknamed "The Interceptor."

    All of my computers have been named after Roman Emperors.

    My fishing boat is named; The Praetoreon.
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  17. I do this with things I use a lot.

    My laptop is named Mabel (because Mabel Murple was my favourite book as a small child and I'd originally planned on getting a purple laptop, so I thought it was fitting). My mobility aids aren't named but I regularly have conversations with them - particularly when they "misbehave", like when my crutches fall to the floor after I prop them against something.

  18. Totes accurate
  19. "TheBBox" for my computer, since it's traditionally been a beaten up piece of crap I've assembled and upgraded from scratch over time. Every new box has parts from the old box, and those parts get upgraded before I switch to a new box, so it's like constant organ replacement surgery every few months. For a while I had a second box named "BBox Jr" which existed solely as a media box. Jr had old organs though, so, Jr passed away a while back, and I haven't had the money or inclination to revive it.

    If I'm playing a strategy game and any particular unit is performing well above its station, I'll generally get attached to it and give it a name.

    In X-COM, I always give rookies red shirts and name then some variation of "Jimmy." Jimmy's job is to go run out and scout for the team. If he lives, he earns a real name and gets to paint his armour something other than a massive target. If he dies, he goes on the wall of shame, along with the hundreds of other Jimmies who were Rustled by alien fiends.

    I still have a teddy bear named Sgraggles. The name is appropriate, as he's lost like, 90% of his stuffing. I love the little guy though. Still hard to believe I was once his size.

    Sometimes I will curse at my phone as though it can hear and understand me when the Skype app breaks for the thousandth time. :ferret:
  20. I don't tend to do this, but I do name my computers. My labtop is named Astra. I think I tend to do this because I use Astra so much that it is hard not to get attached to it. I mean, I spend over 8 hours a day on Astra... Even if I know someone will provide a computer, I'd rather use Astra just because I'm so familiar with it.
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