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    Taking time for yourself can be important and doing things daily that make you feel good can keep you from burning out and getting stressed. Doing things for yourself is something that everyone ought to remember, whether the action is silly and takes only a minute or is a little more intensive.

    So now, I ask you, Iwaku - what kinds of things do you do to promote your own happiness on a daily/almost daily basis?
    If you don't do anything, is there a reason and do you think you might benefit from starting or do you feel you don't need it?
  2. Speaking from personal experience I hit burnout a LOT. I'm actually at a burnout point right now, but hopefully that'll change after this week :)

    anyways, it is VERY important to take time out of our days for ourselves to relax, unwind, and enjoy ourselves. Soemtimes for me it's simply getting home, unwinding before dinner, and having a beer. I'm not a heavy drinker anymore but I do have at least 1 beer almost every day to unwind a bit. Or I'll come here to iwaku or get on skype and chat up a few friends.

    REally what I crave sometimes is just a day off but even then I have to be doing SOEMTHING haha. Small get togethers with friends, or simply being able to sleep in a few hours extra. Those are good times. Wish i had more time to unwind and not think about stuff, but hopefully soon! :)
  3. I Roleplay, true story!
  4. I typically come home, have some dinner and watch some tv although that's from an ordinary day. On the days when I'm really burnt out from work or school I'll take a day out with friends, and go to the bar. I'll read, write or draw. Lately I've been learning how to use Photoshop and creating my works of art on there.
  5. My burnouts aren't frequent, but when they happen, they manifest themselves in anxiety attacks and general depression. I'm not able to do much, because the smallest things might cause an anxiety attack. I've lost jobs because of it, because I couldn't force myself to phone in and explain what was happening. Its happening now, to be completely honest ._.

    I used to write and draw to make myself happy, and it worked for a while. But recently, all my art has been doing for me is creating an overwhelming sense of worthlessness. I don't like what I draw. I don't like what I write. And its all I know how to do.

    I don't do things everyday to make me happy, because I no longer know what makes me happy.
  6. When I get burned out or stressed..

    I draw characters. Even though most of the time, I'm not happy with what my characters turn out to be..I still put days worth of effort into it because for me to rush and try and get it all done in one day is adding more stress and will make me frustrated.

    And, as silly as it sounds.. I take a shower and play music. It just instantly makes me happy...
  7. RP, exercise, eating. Having a regular sleep schedule is a great thing as well.
  8. Personal wellbeing?

    It depends. If I'm too stressed with work and study, then, break out of it. Play some game or roleplay- roleplay is good!
    When on the other hand I'm on holidays, I actually need to work to keep myself sane. And not roleplay too much or I become this couch potato RP girl which I don't like. So I'd say, working, reading and drawing are necessary to keep my sanity!

    And then obviously some thing like something sweet to eat- I eat heaps of chocolate!- buying myself new stuff, doing some skin beauty therapy every now and then.

    And cleaning. I can't feel good if I have a mess all around myself.
  9. When I take time to myself, I do various things. First, I love to read! Whether it is on Iwaku or a novelor even a manga. I love to sit back and relax with music in my ear and write in my book as well. I role play, because it takes me away from the reality of the world and troubles. I just dive right into character. I often like to go out at night and gaze up at the moon. Just doing these things brings me peace and takes away my worry and troubles. I don't think negatively on things.
  10. Roleplaying. It's a must-do daily activity. I must do -something- related to it, even if it's just sitting down and daydreaming about plot bunnies for an hour or two.

    My other medium of taking care of me is my TV/Movie time! That gives me a chance to STOP THINKING. I have an over active brain. Filled with plot bunnies, working, stress, thoughts, wheels turning ALL the time. So I need "wind down" time to turn myself off.

    I would LIKE to spend more time reading again. Like, reading more books instead of just RP logs. XD I now have my Kindle which makes random reading perfectly easy, but I haven't forced myself in to doing it.

    I also want to spend more time on grooming/spa-like activities. >:[ I always feel really good and really pretty afterward, but I so rarely do it.