Personal Quirks?

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  1. I was wondering who here has a personal quirk that they do, either all the time or under certain circumstances? I tend to 'wag' my foot if I'm happy about something while I'm sitting. Do you do anything funny?
  2. When I'm really, really happy and comfortable, I tend to make noises. If you've been on me with skype, you might hear it.

    It's just something I do.... I can't explain it, really. I make.... chirping kind of noises when I'm excited.
  3. It's true. She does.

    For me... whenever I scratch my neck, I follow it up by running my thumb across my chin. I don't really know why...
  4. i tend to paly with my mutton chops. like i twist the hairs together then un twist em when i get bored.
  5. It's because your beard is awesome.
  6. I have a habit of making sounds when it's too quiet...mostly humming or really crappy beatboxing >.> <.<

    I also twist a desk chair from side to side when I sit on it...ALWAYS...

    I sometimes have a habit of finishing all my sentences with "y'know" or the dutch equivalent.

    When there is some mayonaise, or some other kind of sauce left on my knife, I lick it off in some sort of bizarre knife swallowing act...I've been told it's a dutch habit.

    When someone pets me I have a habit of tucking in my neck and attempt to tilt my ears backwards while my chin tilts upwards >.> <.< luckily, it doesn't happen that often...
  7. Oh! I have a habit of sitting in people's laps when possible!

    Biggest record? Laid across eight laps at once....
  8. When I shave my hair down, I have a tendency to rub my head, always from front to back then back to front.

    I like to say "I like this plan. I think its a good plan." Even when--actually, especially when--its a plan of questionable goodness.

    By the way, I'm back. =D
  9. Yeah; three different buildings. I'll have them up probably tomorrow? I don't want to make a bunch of places and then have everyone so spread out they never interact xD

    And it's Spring
  10. After I'm done with dishes.
  11. Ill let wolf get a word in before I introduce my bubbly girl
  12. i have a tendency to play with my goatee (when i have one, damn drill weekends) when i'm doing anything
    when i 'm drunk my irish brogue comes out and i occasionally flip between cockney and russian as well
    i randomly reach out and poke people in the side of the head
  13. I DO THAT TOO!
  14. I rock back and forth when I'm sitting and completely comfortable/content.

    I will also bounce my right knee up and down while sitting, or back/and forth while standing if I'm excited or nervous.
  15. I have to sleep with the TV on, not the volume, just the picture. It's weird though, I mean if the TV is off i can still fall asleep, but i like to have it on.
  16. The knight looked at his friend uneasily for a moment, before giving a small nod and continuing down the path ahead.

    As expected, it didn't take the two long before they reached Zora's Domain. There wasn't much to see either; large elevation on either side of them, some wildlife here and there, but nothing that was out of the ordinary.

    It felt different to be upon the bridge of the domain once again, now that the Calamity was over - much different. Link hadn't been to the place for long after Ruta was freed from the hands of malice. The place gave off this strange aura of both celebration and happiness, but at the same time there was this lingering bit of grief still trapped away within the residents.

    "So, your father? We start with your father?"
  17. Same.

    I also tend to say y'know a lot, I never noticed until one of my friends pointed it out.
  18. Finally done. Hope this is at least a tad interesting.
  19. I have the.... looking for the right word here.... addiction (suppose that's as close as I can come) to being as close to a person as I can. I will hug a person repeatedly, snuggle them, and massage them.

    I also apparently yawn and sneeze with cute noises.
  20. I play with my hair like a faggot sometimes, excuse me for having great hair.