Persona : Sea of Extinction

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  1. Who am I? I am…

    (@Taguel Credits to Taguel for ideas)
    Year XX24,

    As the world gain it’s peace once again, many of the human race decided to live side by side and without any conflict and that is until several years ago, a massive impact crash landed the earth nearly wiped 3/10 of the human kind. Scientist hypothetically said it was a meteor, Believer said it was the sign of the end, while other said it was alien. Until right now there’s no evidence to prove these following hypothesis correctly. New research was found by the scientist that crossing to other dimension through space warp are possible, though it’s only Japan that believe it. The impact causing several country declare wars among each other except the Eastern side of the world, the whole Asia except China, Indian and Arab, those 3 were know as the trinity wall.

    Over the past few years the war has calm down but problem arise, as there are several missing person in Japan. Without any evidence, police are powerless to solve the case but rumor said if you’re look at the mirror during midnight something interesting could happen…

    YOU ARE...

    -The Fool












    -Hanged man








    1. NO ONE LINER!

    2.POST AT LEAST per 3-4 days




    6. if you don't want this place to mess up I can create a new album in character vault so we have a clean rooster on it and this place will be ooc chat.

    7. don't fight irl

    8. have fun~!

    Social Link:
    Social Qualities:
    You'll get 100 point to spent among this 5 status (this will effect the rp)


    Arcana: (Magician, Empress, etc (DON'T CHOOSE THE FOOL))



    Persona name:

    Brief history of the persona: (just copy paste wiki if you're lazy)

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  2. CS:
    Celena Kalypso
    Age: 17
    Social Link: (What do I put here? ^^;;)

    Social Qualities:
    Understanding: 15
    Knowledge: 20
    Courage: 25
    Expression: 15
    Diligent: 25

    Arcana: Lover

    Celena is very outgoing and loves to mingle with others. Also she has a tendency to talk to quickly for others and likes to ask a lot of questions. Despite this she will sit down and listen to people's concerns and is very attentive to others emotions and feelings. Unfortunately the fact that she is very attentive only works on others and can be completely oblivious to what is being directed at her. Having a bottomless stomach, a sweet tooth and a fast metabolism it is hard to find her without any sweets or cakes near by. Furthermore she is completely loyal to her friends and is very choosy when it comes to finding true friends. She also will not stand for disloyalty and lies and she walks the talk by not lying or being disloyal to anyone who has gained her trust. The way she tells someone that she trusts them and believes in them is when she gives them some of her lollies to eat which no one else is allowed to touch.

    Her mother passed away just before her 6th birthday whilst traveling on a plane to come see her baby girl. Her father distraught from his wife's passing blamed the whole thing on Celena and shunned her locking her away in the household. The staff and family members all told her she had nothing to do with it and they would help her in anyway they could. Believing in those words she sealed comfort one night but overheard a conversation between her mother's brother and her mother's old personal maid. All she heard in the whole conversation was "Celena killed her mother". Torn from the comment Celena began to be more rebellious and became even more out spoken than she already was.

    Several years past and the incident with Celena's mothers passing became something that no one spoke about. Her father never spoke to her and completely ignored her existence. Not letting that bother her Celena went out to town and bought her cat Luna, she confined to her cat about everything. Soon Luna's presence became irreplaceable to Celena and Luna became Celena's best friend. The two of them did everything together and Celena was content with the way things were keeping up her cheerful expression.

    One day her father brought home a young boy claiming that he was his youngest son. Even though Celena didn't find any interest in the boy at first. One day she heard him singing by himself drawn to his voice Celena quickly became friends with the young boy. After hearing his name was Adrian and that he was her step-brother Celena felt bad for the boy who had been dragged into this insane house-hold. The three of them (Celena, Luna and Adrian) became the three musketeers doing everything they could together.

    Persona name: Ishtar

    Brief history of the persona:

    Ishtar is the Babylonian goddess of love and fertility, the Babylonian equivalent of the Sumerian goddess Inana. She is the personification of the planet Venus. Her father is uncertain, sometimes claimed to be the daughter of Nanna, the moon god, or Anu, the sky god. She is also known as the "Lady of Battles" because she is known as a very violent deity. She is the creator and guardian of life. Her symbol is the eight-pointed star, and her holy city is Uruk (or Erech). Uruk is a town of sacred courtesans - part of her cult was devoted to prostitution.
    Ishtar's sister is Ereshkigal, the goddess of the realm of the underworld. Ereshkihgal cursed her sister, and Ishtar died. With Ishtar dead, the earth withered and would not produce, and neither animals nor human beings would bear young. With great effort, the water god Ea used magic to revive Ishtar, and Ereshkigal was not pleased. She demanded to trade her sister for someone else, finally deciding that her husband Tammuz (Dumuzid) would replace Ishtar for six months out of the year.

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  3. tumblr_n3cuceRHRx1sje2ugo1_1280_zps27d6c215.jpg
    Social Link: Magician
    Social Qualities:

    Understanding :27
    Knowledge :20
    Courage :19
    Expression :14

    Arcana: Magician
    Personality:losing his parents at a young age Ken grew up more mature than his age.To fight his loneliness he brought in a stray dog into his house and has name him chu chu (based on an animated character he loved as a child). Ken may appear head strong and capable of handling stress a a high level- but he can also get very emotional and when he does he chooses to bubble it up inside.He can get attached to people easily if they should him acts of kindness. since he is never one to approach people he really takes warmly to those who approach him and include him.

    Bio:Despite having distant relatives who asked him to move in after his parents death, ken chose to live alone in a small apartment in a complex his father used to own(so he lives for free there and gets to collect the rent money of the residents to himself-that is his source of living.This actually makes him rich for his age). Ken spends his free time playing video games- he is an x-gamer who just loves to play more than anything else.

    Persona name:hermes

    Brief history of the persona:
    Hermes, the youngest of the Twelve Olympians, is the messenger of the gods in the ancient Greece. He is the offspring of Zeus and Maia, and also recognized as the patron of travelers, commerce, athletics, literature and poets, sometimes of healing and invention, even of thieves and liars. He was well worshipped by the ancient Greeks and apparently his figure appeared in many of their myths. As an infant, he created the first Lyre, which he gave to Apollo, who in exchange decided to let him keep the immortal cattle that was stolen by him. His main task is to aid travelers in their journey, also to guide the dead to the Underworld, where he could enter or leave without any hindrance. He is known to wear the winged cap and winged sandals and to possess the Caduceus, a herald staff adorned with wings and entwined by two serpents, nowadays often to symbolize medicine, in the medical services. Hermes is the analogue of the Roman god, Mercury.
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  4. accepted
    social link meaning you pick the magician empress and all that stuff but pick only 1 and don't use the fool
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  5. Can I reserve Devil, and the Tower?
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  6. Show Spoiler

    Name: Feliks Gethen


    Social Link:
    Fortune / Wheel of Fortune

    Social Qualities:

    Understanding - 15
    Knowledge - 30
    Courage - 15
    Diligent -15
    Expression - 25

    Fortune / Wheel of Fortune

    Personality: Is fairly humble, preferring not to speak up unless he's trying to keep his friends from fighting. While seemingly sweet and caring on the outside, Feliks holds a mysterious air about himself that hides his rather cynical view of the world. Perfectly willing to be the universe's plaything one moment and its favored son the next.

    Bio: Born the son of a Russian woman and a British immigrant to Russia, Feliks's family was caught up in the blazing conflicts of Eastern Europe after the meteor hit. At a young age, 5, he came face to face with tragedy as his mother was killed by a stray artillery shell meant to hit a group of insurgents fighting against the Russian Federation in the name of Ukrainian independence. His father gave him barely time to wipe his tears away before planning their escape to the east. Soon, the two had escaped by plane and arrived in Japan.

    Once there, Feliks's father started his own financial firm that managed to be quite successful despite his status as a foreigner. Soon, the young boy's heart began to heal from the pain of loss. As he grew up, Feliks proved himself quite the impressive student in school, winning several academic awards in school and holding the potential to join his father as an accountant. However, Feliks himself felt bored with the work set before him and began to consider if he should instead become a writer of some kind.

    Before his choice could be made, tragedy struck once again as his father suddenly died as a result of the stress of his job and a case of severe pneumonia. Just as with his mother, the death scarred Feliks, leaving him terrified of becoming an accountant and dying like his father had. For the two years since he's graduated from high school, he has stated no plans to continue to college as he lives off the money he both earns from maintaining ownership of and working part-time at the firm his father started.

    Persona's Name and Appearance: Fortuna

    Persona's History: the goddess of fortune and personification of luck in Roman religion. She might bring good luck or bad: she could be represented as veiled and blind, as in modern depictions of Justice, and came to represent life's capriciousness. She was also a goddess of fate: as Atrox Fortuna, she claimed the young lives of the princeps Augustus's grandsons Gaius and Lucius, prospective heirs to the Empire.
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