Persona-like Craving

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  1. Young Woman looking for rp partner to expend her plotting horizons
    Said partner should be willing to plot and talk about anything related to the rp in a conversation while the main work would be made in a IC thread.
    Ability to come up with diverse characters and settings along with clever plot twists are of course encouraged.
    The rp itself can range from a sole short term piece, a series of short and sweet rps, a lengthier story or even an epic spanning many arcs.
    Your gender or sexual orientation don't matter to me, as long as your character is believable I'm all for unusual characters!
    Should you have any limits or unusual kinks, or even something you would like to try, please give me a head up in our convo, and we'll see if I'm up to it, I'll do the same with you!
    Each post will have to have at least two paragraphs, and be uncolored, for I understand that both light and dark backgrounds are equally popular in this community.
    Spelling and grammar should also be fairly polished.
    The sexual orientation of our character should of course match, but that they may be male, female or genderfluid is all good with me.
    While I would prefer most of these to be in a modern-ish alternate world, similar to the Persona normal world portrayed in the games, historical and futuristic are also accepted.
    With the groundwork settled, let me explain my craving.
    I want to make rp where the main conflict could be aptly summarized by the switching of a tarot card of the Major Arcana from its reversed position to its upright one, or vice-versa.
    Each tale would start on a set date and end exactly one year later.

    As this is a mature project, no character shall be intimate 'on screen' while being below sixteen years of age.
    Again, sex and violence will be a very present theme, so tell me your limits, please!
    Thank you for your time!
  2. Hello there! I've been interested in a persona style rp for a while and while I admit I've only played 4 (like 100%ed golden) I hope thatas enough to rp with you. I've been meaning to do a bigger style rp for a while and wouldnt mind rping ya.
  3. Sure! As the idea was only flavored by the social links, no real knowledge of the games is necessary. Do feel free to pm me with your ideas/character design/wanted arcana/all of those whenever you feel like it!