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Let me start off by saying this to those of you who have seen and voted on my last interest check: I apologize for the long wait, I've been absent from my computer. I would like to inform you that the Space Pirate RP WILL be coming and soon. This is a little something on the side for myself and my friend @Diva_Elly

The name is self-explanatory: the Persona series going into Wonderland. You play as a teenager or young adult in London of September 2010. The city is suffering from a pandemic where the children become comatose on the stroke of midnight as they sleep. It has not effected anyone older than 12 until this particular night where you are all pulled from your slumber, entering a bizarre world beyond imagination or comprehension. You are greeted by a peculiar talking white rabbit, and are unwittingly tasked with dethroning the queen of this world. Not all is what it appears however, for when the shadows of the enemy come for them, they will be given what they need to summon the power of their alter-ego, the power of their Persona.

To those who do not know of the Persona Series: You fortunately don't need to necessarily know about the games to be a part of this. Simply this for now: A Persona is the physical manifestation of your alter-ego, taking the shape of a mythical, legendary, or simply fictional entity that best suits the character with one.

Those who do know of the series however: As you can tell by the year and month, this takes place in between Persona 3 and Persona 4, but works like neither of them. For those who knows what it was like, you could say this is more like Persona 1 and 2. There is no calendar system, no Social Links, (though you CAN socialize with each other.) and the ability to use multiple Personae is no longer given to one character, but to all of them. Essentially making this more an Adventure RP than a social simulator RP.

(I'd also like to point out that, yes, I'm aware Persona Q has already done a wonderland stage among other things, however this more focused on the aspect of Wonderland and all its characters and sights, rather than simply a stage.)

Anyone interested?
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