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  1. Valentine was moving into his new apartment with his father. Why they moved was still a mystery to him but the teen didn't care. He liked the town he lived in before but it soon became boring to him and a place dead of romance. He helped his father haul in the boxes. Luckily they were on the third floor and not any higher. The building was rather tall but the room's were small. Each floor had about 7 apartments. The one they picked had two rooms, one bathroom and a kitchen/living room space. It wasn't big but it would do for the two men.

    "So do you think you'll be the new kid at school or will no one notice?" His father asked him. Valentine shrugged. "Maybe, maybe not. I heard the school is pretty big so hopeff no one tries to pick a fight." The young adult preferred peace over fighting but if he did hhave to fight he did it from a moral aspect. "Well if anyone pesters you just tell me and I'll contact their parent's." Valentine's father was a tall masculine man so not many messed with him and if they did he always taught them not too. The day slowly passed as they unpacked.

    Valentine woke up for school. "Damn. It's already time for school? But weren't we just unpacking?" The teen went and showered, his father off to look for a job. Once he was ready for school he took off and headed towards his location. He lived only a few blocks away so it took him no time. The morning was nice and cool, no clouds in the sky. Val stepped through the front doors and went to the main office to get his schedule.
  2. That morning, Nihil lazed around as usual before finally getting out of bed. With the lethargy of a thousand teenagers, she reluctantly got ready for the day. She hated going to school, but it was required and it was better than staying at home, so she couldn't really complain all that much. As she turned around to leave, she announced, "Bye, I'm off to school."

    There was no answer. She didn't expect one. Nobody else was ever home in the morning.

    She arrived a little early, as per usual. Nihil always liked to have a little buffer time in case something went wrong, to help prevent tardiness. It was nice out though, so she didn't have a problem. Inside, she thought she saw a new face, but just watched as he walked past towards the main office. She was curious, but there was always time to ask later. She stood around, in an attempt to bide her time until right before classes were supposed to start.
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  3. Yuji was sitting in the main office being chewed out by one of the teachers, he wasn't paying too much attention to the conversation but it was mostly about responsibility and not skipping school, especially on the first day.
    Which he wanted to say wasn't completely true but seeing as he was dragged here by a police officer his opinion wasn't going to fit in well here.
    The officer to his misfortune had been patrolling and noticed him in the arcade moments before, when he approached Yuji and asked why he wasn't in school, Yuji as politely as he could told him to 'get bent' before he was forcibly removed from the machine he was playing on.
    After was seemed like hours the teacher finally stopped her voice almost hoarse at this point before informing him he should make sure not to skip if he didn't want to be held back again.
    "I wasn't skipping, why would I go to the arcade in this stupid uniform. I was just going to come in later," Yuji said shrugging at her.

    After another heated explanation on being a responsible student he was given his schedule and sent on his way, with a small 'tch' he stood up and walking over to the door threw it open only to see a young man about to enter.
    Narrowing his eyes at the student he bumped into him to move him out of the way as he made his way down the hallway irritation clearly written on his face as he shoved a hand into his pocket.
    "Have fun," he said over his shoulder before disappearing further down the hall.
    While walking he noticed a girl standing around and shaking his head stepped around her before looking at his classes, his eyes twitched a little before he crumpled the paper up and tossed it over his shoulder.
    He took a seat on the stairs resting his fist on his cheek as he waited for the bell to ring, he'd slip away when the crowd came and take a nap somewhere, half his old classmates were already in their next grade and if he heard one more time to call them by their proper title he was going to snap.
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  4. Valentine looked at the other male when he bumped by. He shook his head and shrugged. Grumpy and rude were thing's he stood clear over and made sure not to over react and yell at the other. When he was told to have fun he laughed softly and began his walk to thw front desk. He looked at the woman and smiled. "I am Valentine Ai. My father called and my paper's should be transferred." The woman looked on the computer and nodded. "Here you are. Now I hope you're not a trouble maker like Yuji." Valentine laughed. "No I am not. I am assuming that was the guy who had an attitude?" She nodded and handed him his schedule. "There you go."

    Valentine looked at the paper and tried to remember as much as he could so he wouldn't have to keep referring to the paper. He left the office and noticed Yuji on the stairs. Then he looked over to see Nihil. He decided to talk to her first. He walked up and smiled. "Hello, my name is Valentine. I am new here so I was curious if you could help tell me the easiest way to my classes." He held out a hand. "Also is there anyone I should avoid?" He said looking over at Yuji.
  5. Nihil had already gotten her schedule and looked it over. Oh, the perks of being early to school. When she noticed the grumpy student coming out of the office, she inwardly snickered. "Looks like he's having a fun time," she muttered to herself sarcastically after he had walked by. Nihil didn't know him personally, but she had heard about his infamous slacking abilities.

    Before she knew it there was another guy next to her. She wasn't too surprised to see that it was the new kid. He introduced himself and she thought for a moment. "Mm, Valentine, that's a nice name I suppose," she mused to herself as she shook his hand. "Nihil. Nihil Sugiyama." She grimaced. Nihil didn't really want to play tour guide, but she figured she should help since she had nothing better to do. "I'll show you where your classes are at if you tell me the room, or let me see the schedule." She thought about his question for a bit, "Mm... People to avoid? Can't really think of any." She noticed Valentine was staring and turned to look at Yuji. "Him? Don't worry 'bout it. I'm not really enthusiastic about being here, either."
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  6. Yuji tapped his foot impatiently wanting to get away without the teacher's seeing him, he started to wonder if he could slip out somewhere for a little bit. The roof wouldn't be too difficult and he rarely saw staff go up there during class. Even if they did if he sat behind something they more than likely wouldn't see him and he could enjoy peace and quiet for a few minutes before someone dragged him back to class again.
    Yuji picked up a conversation nearby and normally he'd ignore it but when he looked up to his surprise he noticed someone look in his direction, his eyes twitched and he stood up from his seat as the woman who was apparently named Nihil added her own comment.

    "You got something to say to me," Yuji said shoving a hand into his pocket his gaze moving to Valentine.
    Yuji started towards the two pushing someone out of his way as he wasted no time closing the distance stopping only when he was directly in front of Valentine, reaching forward with his other hand he grabbed Valentine by the front of his shirt pulling him towards him as he removed his other hand from his pocket curling it into a fist.
    "You were staring at me like you had something to say, if you wanna talk to me that badly I'm standing right here."
    Yuji grip on his shirt tightened but his gaze moved past him to a passing teacher and knowing he'd have to not only deal with that that but a crowd of students he released Valentine though he clearly didn't want to do it.
    Reaching down he snatched his homeroom paper from him before looking at it, tossing it back at him he pointed towards the stairs mostly because the teacher was watching at this point.
    "Valentine Ai was your name right, your class is that way should be the second door on the left," he said waiting until the teacher continued before taking a step back. "Let me give you some advice since your new and all. Watch your back when I'm around Valentine, cause eventually I'm going to properly introduce myself to ya. Sugiyama I don't know you but I'd recommend putting some distance between him when that happens, I don't like witnesses."
    Yuji turned and walked away from the two deciding not to wait for the bell and walked up the stairs heading down the hall.
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  7. Valentine smiled when Nihil said she would help but that smile went away when Yuji walked up and grasped his shirt. When the other told him where his class was he smiled. "Thanks." The threat didn't phase Valentine and he just watched Yuji walk away. "Idiot. If he wants to fight so be it but someone as cute as him its a shame we couldn't have been friends or more." He looked at Nihil. "Thanks for trying to help me. It was nice meeting you Nihil."

    Valentine then took off to his class. He didn't want to get lost and be late. He headedd up the stairs and turned to look at Nihil. He had a feeling he'd see her again. With that one glance he took off again and found his room. The door was closed so he waited until he heard the bell and when the teacher opened the door he walked in. The teacher looked at his schedule and assigned him a seat. So far so good. Just a threat from a cute boy and an innocent bystander who he felt would soon become a friend.
  8. Nihil watched the two in silence. School hadn't even technically started yet and she felt like she was about to go on an adventure. Fun times. She raised an eyebrow at Valentine's comment and looked over at Yuji, her head tilted slightly. Cute? Mmm... Yeah. She could see it. Maybe if he were a bit les grumpy. She wondered if people usually think about going on dates with people they saw for the first time. Eh.

    She was lost in thought, almost not realizing that Valentine had run off. When he looked back at her, she offered a small wave and looked back down the hall. Might as well run off to class. Not a very long distance. She went to class and sat down, ignoring the introduction speeches as usual.

    For some reason, Valentine's words still lingered in her mind. Cute. Friends. It really had been years since she even opened her heart up for a date, much less a friend. The guy seemed to think she was friendly enough. Nihil hadn't had any friends, not after that happened years ago. Maybe if he proved to not be annoying, they could be friends. Maybe this would be Nihil's first step in years toward something resembling a social life. Heh. As if. Although, that lazy kid did have a bit in common with her...

    A "Miss Sugiyama, are you paying attention?" Snapped her out of her thoughts. Now she really had something in common with Yuji.

    "Y-Yes sir! Won't happen again," she stated before muttering, "no promises" and dully looked at the front board and waited for class to end.
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  9. Yuji eyes watched the clouds drift by as he took in the warm weather, on a day like this he couldn't understand why someone would want to spend time inside.
    Reaching up he removed his glasses and set them to the side before folding his hands behind his head, closing his eyes he decided to try and get a nap in.
    Having to wake up early exhausted him and he figured a little extra sleep wouldn't hurt, the bell would wake him up when it was time for the next class, though whether he'd go was another matter.
    However just as he was drifting off he noticed a shadow block the sun and hover over him, he opened his eyes and blinked as noticed another student staring down at him, he had short blonde hair and like his school uniform was pulled out, the tie slightly askew and the blazer opened to reveal the shirt underneath.
    Grinning at him he tossed a piece of candy onto Yuji's chest before taking a seat next to him away making Yuji move his glasses putting them back on as he sat up.
    "Should have expected I'd see you up here," the student said.
    "Go away Kyo," Yuji said putting the candy in his pocket.
    "The roof's big enough for two people man if I linger in the hall I'll be taking back to class."
    "I'm not asking twice," Yuji said lying back down.
    "Man your selfish if we weren't friends I'd be pretty pissed right now, anyway I heard you messed with one of the new students," Kyo said standing up. "Michi got brought in to the office shortly after you did."
    "We're not friends and are you talking about that guy Valentine."
    "Yep that's him he was talking to Nihil Sugiyama earlier, you wanna get him after school? I can call the others."
    "Alright! Wait wha-"
    "Don't bother the new kid, I'll deal with him," Yuji said closing his eyes again. "I'm sure you guys have something else planned, anyway I'll stop by later just leave."
    With a shrug Kyo turned and left out the door to the roof shutting it behind him.
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  10. Valentine heard students whispered before one looked at him. He looked back and raised an eyebrow before the teacher told the students to pay attention. Class felt like is was going by slowly and Valentine was getting pretty bored. He much rather be out romancing someone. It felt like eternity but the bell rung for the next class. The male looked at his schedule and headed to the next room. Luckily lunch was after the up coming class and he could eat. Valentine enjoyed food as much as romance.

    He walked to his next class and the teacher assigned him a seat. More students looked at him and he overheard one. "Yuji is going to fight the new guy after school. I heard the new guy was talking sm..." The student looked at Valentine and didn't finish, he just turned around trying not to make eye contact.
  11. Nihil was somewhat surprised to see Valentine in her next class. Well, at least she had the chance to talk to him again. She had overheard some relatively important news that had to do with him. She had a huge grin on her face. It was at this point a student silently went, "Oh no." Everyone knew that when Nihil smiled, it usually meant something bad was going to happen. Everyone except Valentine, that is. Ignoring all the other students, Nihil sat in her seat, which happened to be to the right of his. She looked away, coughing, and tried to keep her face straight before looking at him somewhat pitifully.

    "Psst, 'ey, new kid," she said, leaning over a bit and making sure the teacher was too busy to yell at her. "I overheard a little something 'bout you getting in a fight after school." She stated. "If you want, I could heeelllpp~ ... For a fee, of course." She paused a bit to gauge his reaction before putting her hands up, smiling, and saying, "Kidding! Kidding!"

    "Sugiyama! This is your first warning, no talking during class!"

    "Yes teacher!" Nihil said enthusiastically with a salute, pretending to concentrate furiously on the front board. The teacher seemed content with this reaction and continued writing something. As soon as she wasn't being observed again, Nihil went back to bothering Valentine. "So, you really gonna do it? Huh? I'll definitely be there, so don't worry about not having any witnesses. Can't say I'll be cheering you on, though. Don't like the whole 'taking sides' thing, you know?"

    And with that she decided to actually attempt to pay attention and write notes, occasionally looking at Valentine and flashing him a reassuring smile.
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  12. When the bell rang Yuji opened his eyes and sat up rubbing a bit of sleep from his eyes, grabbing his glasses he made his way down the stairs shoving his hands in his pockets.
    He didn't want to sleep through lunch so he figured he'd just nap in his next class, that way at the very least the teacher would wake him when they were finished talking. He was fine with getting a long talk about not sleeping in class but he made a mental note to get an alarm clock to avoid it tomorrow, actually he wondered if he should bring a blanket and pillow as well.
    He shook his head deciding to just bring the alarm clock, it might give his intentions away too easily if he walked in with all three.

    Yuji decided to take the long way to his classes not wanting to deal with the crowds, however as he walked down an empty hallway Yuji noticed a group of boys standing over another student, papers were scattered on the ground and he watched the young boy curl into a ball his glasses a few feet away from him as the four boys stepped on him.
    "Look it's not that hard just give us all the money on you and we'll leave you alone," one of the boys said. "This can end without you getting hurt anymore."
    The boy raised his foot but stopped as he felt something tap his shoulder, when he turned around a fist slammed into his face sending him crashing to the ground, the other three looking up as Yuji cracked his knuckles.
    "Why don't you let me in on this, give me all the money you have."

    The young boy watched as the boy's ran at Yuji closing his eyes as the sounds of screams and grunt came from the group, he opened one of his eyes to see one of them nail Yuji in the face knocking his glasses off.
    Yuji kicked the boy in his stomach before slamming face into the wall causing the boy to close his eyes again.
    When he opened them the young boy noticed one of his attackers fall to the ground his face bloodied and swollen, he looked back up at Yuji seeing him pick up his broken glasses and brush off his now dirty uniform before fixing his tie.
    "Those of you still conscious take your friends and leave," Yuji said glaring in their direction.
    Two of the boys grabbed their friends and lifting them to their feet made their way down the hall cursing at the two before vanishing around a corner.
    Yuji knelt down and started picking up the boy's papers handing them to him once he collected them all, the boy grabbed them with both hands holding them close before Yuji put his broken glasses in his pocket pulling out a glasses case and putting a new pair on accustomed to this.
    "Thank you Nakajima, I appreciate your help. You-"
    The young boy cut himself off as he noticed Yuji walk over and dig into his pocket before pulling out his wallet, Yuji opened the young boy's wallet and grabbed twenty out of it sticking it into his own pocket.
    "Um," the young boy said kneeling down putting his papers on the ground. "What are you doing?"
    "Robbing you."
    " kept them from taking my take my money."
    "Yep," Yuji said patting his pocket. "I'm not that greedy though, I only took twenty out it. I can't take it if they do, now get out of here before they come back with more."
    He went to hand him his wallet but a teacher walked around the corner, his gaze landed on the boy's extended hand towards his wallet in Yuji's possession, then to his torn clothing, cracked glasses, and swollen eye.
    "Well damn," Yuji muttered.
    "Yuji Nakajima!" the teacher exclaimed approaching him. "Can't you stay out trouble for one day!"
    "Sir he didn't-" the boy started but Yuji glared at him making him stop.
    The teacher took his wallet from Yuji and handed it back to him before grabbing Yuji's arm and dragging him to the main office.
    "Your lucky I don't suspend you for this. We'll think of a suitable punishment."
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  13. Valentine looked over at Nihil and laughed softly. "Even if I were to fight him I wouldn't need help. Thanks for the offer though. As for watching, sure I don't mind. Maybe witnesses will make him fight less. He seems like a guy who does his business behind closed doors." He whispered and wheen the teacher got on to Nihil Valentine began to pay attention. He noticed the other kept smiling and he smiled back. Maybe the two could be friends. It would make the first few days less awkward.

    The teacher was going over some history and Valentine just stared to the front. It wasn't his most liked subject but he always managed to pass his exams. He looked over at Nihil. "So is he really going to try to fight me? The way he acted seemed like it was all just for show. He is probably a big baby. Those type always put up a front." He felt some more eye's on him and he noticed a few girls staring and giggling as they whispered to each other. Minutes later when he looked down at his desk someone had slid a note. He opened it and read. 'So are you single? ~girl two seats to the left and up one' He looked up at her and saw her staring. He mouthed. 'Sorry not my type.' She huffed and looked away embarrassed.
  14. "Oh no, he'll try to kick your ass, don't worry" she stated flatly while writing something in her notebook. "You might be on to something about that witness thing, though." She dug around in her messenger bag, grabbing some different colored pens. Nihil wasn't taking notes at all- she was just doodling. She learned better from reading textbooks than listening to people ramble.

    She noticed Valentine turn down the other girl in the class and snickered. "Man, it's only the first day and you're already a heartbreaker! Look at her. Absolutely shattered," she said with a hint of amusement. For the most part, her voice had returned to its normal, dull-sounding state.

    Oh, this year was gonna be fun. "So, what is your type then, if you don't mind me asking?"
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  15. Yuji was sent to his class after receiving a note going over his punishment for his actions earlier, he grit his teeth tossing the paper in a nearby garbage can as he walked past grumbling to himself as he walked down the hall.
    He could deal with being punished normally the most they could do was physical labor or take his time away from school neither of which he really minded.
    It was assigning him to help his fellow students that irritated him the most, he could feel his hands tremble in rage at the very idea and he had to close his hand into a fist to make it stop.
    It was supposed to build community or trust, something meaningless like that over a simple job but all he wanted to do was hit them within twenty seconds of their presence, ten if they were annoying.
    He was already planning what he needed to do just to avoid dealing with it, there wasn't much to worry about since he was well aware his reputation, if he could even call it that now, was pretty low and getting in trouble was pretty easy.
    He wasn't the only one in the school like this and he was well aware of it since he hung out with most of the guys who had similar reputations. Even this seem to irritate him since there was a good chance he was adhering to stereotypes while hanging with such a specific 'clique'.
    Which he learned after having it told to him repeatedly, it seemed 'I got it the first time' wasn't a good enough answer.
    He shook his head mad at himself for actually understanding the situation he was in, personally he believed in this case ignorance was bliss but since that wasn't an option he had to deal with it as is.

    He shoved his hand in his pocket and walking to the second grade classes pushed open the door causing it to hit against the wall, the teacher turned to look at him but he walked in the room ignoring his gaze.
    He didn't pay attention to the others in class so he wasn't sure what was being said or if they were even acknowledging his presence, instead he went to the back taking a seat and laid his head on his desk closing his eyes.
    "You could at least pretend to pay attention Nakajima," the teacher said crossing his arms. "Also your seat is up here."
    "I'm fine like this, go ahead and teach the ones that care right now. Let's just save you sending me out three minutes from now."
    Shutting his eyes he let his consciousness slowly fade letting the outside world drift away as his whole body relaxed and he fell asleep, light snoring coming from him as he shifted in his seat a little.
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  16. Valentine look at Nihil. He saw her drawing and laughed a little. This whole time he thought she was taking notes. When she asked for his type he shrugged. "Well my type is men. Other than that my type ranges." He smiled and waited for Nihil's reaction. Most were shocked and some even disliked him for it. His eye's moved to the front and a few around them over heard him and soon the class was whispering about it. It wouldn't take long for the news to spread like wildfire. Valentine had no problem being open about his sexuality.

    The teacher wrapped things up and took a seat, soon catching on to the whispering. Luckily class was about to end and the teacher didn't care. Minutes went by and the bell rang. Valentine stayed sitting down and watchedd everyone else leave for lunch. He looked at Nihil. "Mind showing me to the cafeteria?" He asked standing up and stretching.
  17. Nihil was coloring in some half-assed version of Godzilla wrecking a city. When she heard him, she wasn't really surprised. She had already assumed something due to that comment earlier after Yuji threatened him. She didn't even look up, and continued drawing some sort of crude lazer beam. "Hah. Same, man. Same. Though I dunno, I think sometimes girls are kinda cute too." Nihil really, really appreciated honesty. She thought it was something like a sign of trust. So with all the whispering right after Valentine told her something that could be considered personal information, she was annoyed, to say the least.

    "Yeah. I'll lead you there myself, even," she told Valentine. Once the teacher had effectively stopped caring, and the bell was about to ring, Nihil abruptly stood up. "You know Valentine," she said, fairly loud for the whole class to hear, "I feel like if people have a problem with someone, they should really come out and say it. To their face." She had that polite-yet-pissed tone of voice, and was practically giving a speech to the whole room at this point. Everyone was silenced as she stared them all down before the bell saved them. She made sure to pack up her pens and her lovely artwork before leading Valentine to the cafeteria, where all the students had gathered for the daily food.
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  18. So far Kazue's first day at her new school had gone off without a hitch. Overall it had been quite uneventful, but all things considered it was better that way. Though, she was a little upset at herself for putting all that time and effort into recreating her image when she moved only to remember that, duh, she'd have to wear a uniform in school. At least there were no rules against hair clips though! And, boy, did she have many. Between her hair clips, bracelets, rings, and necklaces every step she took resulted in a chorus of tiny click-clacks of plastic knocking against each other. And so she click-clacked her way down to the cafeteria.

    Once at the cafeteria she bought herself a school lunch but wasn't sure where to sit. She didn't have a clue who anyone was to begin with, and didn't see anyone from her class either. She hummed thoughtfully as she looked around and found a spot where no one else seemed to be around and decided to sit there. If anyone wanted to sit with her she'd be fine with it, but this way she wasn't imposing or bothering anyone. It was a win-win!
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  19. When the bell rang signifying the end of the morning lessons, Jiro took that as cue to leave the infirmary and eat lunch. He is a morning person but due to a 'little problem' he skips most of his classes. Looking around the infirmary, he started cleaning up his mess which is not big, just some books and his favorite accessory, depositing it in his bag. Jiro went towards the door and opened it, saying in a whisper "I'm off" before stepping outside. The infirmary that he went to was the old one, it is located near the janitor's closet on the 3rd floor. No one goes near the room because Jiro occupied it for himself, a sort of a peaceful sanctuary.

    On the way to cafeteria, he saw students rushing out from their classrooms to get a seat, even getting in a fight for the place. Jiro sighed as he approached one of the starters of the fight. Once he neared the group, silence took over for everyone except the guy who's back is facing him. The guy was surprised but he didn't let up on the harsh talk he was giving. Then he tapped the student's shoulder "Excuse me, could you bring this somewhere else? You're blocking the hallway." his voice was calm, not a tinge of emotion in it. The student replied with a "Huh?! What do you want girl?". Jiro was shocked "Am I not wearing my glasses again?" he asked the semi-circle in front of him and they all gave a synchronized nod like they were practicing it the whole time. A sigh escaped his lips as he retrieved his glasses from his bag and put it on. "So where were we--" he was cut off by the sound of people running away from him. Another sigh.

    The cafeteria is already very crowded the moment he arrived, since he has his own lunch, he looked around for a seat. He spotted an empty spot but a girl occupied it at the last second. Jiro had no problems sitting next to or across a girl so he headed for the seat. He had to pass a table or two before getting to his seat; the ones on the table that he passed looked up and saw him. The student dropped the bread he was about to eat, the others in the table followed his gaze and found 'him'. When Jiro arrived at his destination, half of the noise is gone, come to think of it he only passed two tables so why? Then he remembered the whispers he heard when he passed: "Ah the cold blooded killer is here!" "Oh shit, what is he doing here?" "Shh everyone! I won't let my life end here" and a lot more. Taking a seat across the girl, he stared at the girl and found her sunshine attitude nice. The first in his school life so he decided on a greeting. But before he could speak another wave of nonsense started floating around: "Ahh that new girl is so dead" "I pity her" "Hey go save her!" "I want to but I have no guarantee that I'll survive!" and so on. Another sigh.

    "Nice to meet you, I'm Jiro Shikaku" and he went with an introduction, his voice still calm and gave a smile. Another collection of gasps have been heard but he paid it no heed, Jiro was used to this kind of lifestyle yet he hopes the girl across him can be his friend.
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  20. Yuji lifted his head from his desk as the bell rung in his hears causing his eyes to twitch, he slowly opened his eyes sitting up as everyone moved out of the class making their way toward lunch.
    Yuji stood up from his seat placing his glasses back on and walked out of the room glancing at the teacher who gave him a sideways look himself before returning to cleaning the board, with a shrug he turned and headed down the hall holding his stomach as a low growl came from it.
    He didn't like admitting it but even cafeteria food sounded good right now, he was pretty sure Kyo was going to be in there which made it tempting to eat somewhere else but he decided to figure that out once he got there.

    Yuji's eye twitched a little as he walked into the cafeteria an immediate wave of disgust flowing through him as he felt his stomach churn as his eyes scanned the crowd of people in the room.
    He hated crowds and the noise in this room was almost deafening to him, yet for some reason he could still pick out some individual conversations, more than likely because they were directly next to him. Wasting no time he bought his food needing to get out of this place as soon as possible, the amount of mess on the floor and the tables, the constant yelling and laughter going on around him, it was almost sickening he could feel his appetite slowly leaving him.
    He paid for his food and turned around to try and put some distance between him and the cafeteria, however he bumped into the young boy from earlier who's eyes widened seeing him.
    "Nakajima...oh listen about earlier-"
    Yuji slammed the change of the boy's money into his chest causing him to grab it and stare at the remainder of his twenty before Yuji turned his back to him.
    "It never happened," he said walking off. "So shut up and forget it."
    He let the loudness of the cafeteria drown out the voice as he walked away from him, he was glad to see him vanish in the crowed but he had walked further into the crowds now. He found himself slowly approaching his limit as he heard not only loud whispers in all this noise but clacking on top of it all.
    His eye twitching he immediately stopped and turned towards the source of the clacking noise an almost blood-thirst behind his gaze as he looked at Kazue.
    "Who the hell is making all that damn noise?!"
    His angry expression seemed to soften slightly as he noticed the source of it was a young woman who had sat down, until eventually his normal narrowed eyed gaze returned.
    It seemed a young man had sat with her and seemed to be the source of the loud whispers at least that's what he figured seeing some were staring at him as they spoke and he found what little calm he managed to muster slowly dissipate.
    Feeling a hand on his shoulder Yuji glanced over to see Kyo standing near him his eyebrows drawn down as worry was clearly written on his face.
    "Yuji dude calm down," he said giving him a pat. "You cool now?"
    Yuji didn't respond instead walking over sat his tray on the edge of the table the two were sitting at, walking over specifically to person who said 'I want to but I have no guarantee that I'll survive' he grabbed their tray.
    In one motion he turned it over spilling their food on the floor before tossing it back on the table.
    "You're damn right you won't if you keep talking like that. It's not whispering if I can hear you over the damn crowd you tone deaf pieces of-"
    "Yuji! I think it's time we go man," Kyo said interrupting him glancing in the direction of the staff.
    Yuji glared at the group again before walking back and grabbing his tray, picking up one of his sandwiches he set it on Kazue's tray narrowing his gaze at her before turning and walking off.
    That was the closest thing to an apology he could muster in his current state, her accessories were still annoying to look at but yelling at her wasn't going to change anything, she just happened to be in the line of fire when he snapped.

    Yuji ended up giving Kyo the slip and made his way to the roof having taking most of his food off his tray after leaving, lying on his back he put his food on his stomach and torso as he took in a deep breath closing his eyes to try and calm down.
    He was ashamed he lost himself like that, it wasn't even for a good reason. All that noise just got under his skin on top of all the mess today though he knew some of it was his own fault.
    It was only the first day and things were already like this, he figured he'd make it to the second day at least before ending up on his teacher's lists.
    "Ah who the hell cares," he said taking a bite of his sandwich.
    He did what he needed to do so he was fine with that, at least he acted instead of standing around doing nothing.
    In the end it didn't matter what list he was on or who he made enemies of, he just had to deal with it as he always did.
    "Easier said then done," he mumbled taking another bite.
    He was already in trouble and had to deal with Valentine on top of that, he wondered how his schedule got this full of things already.
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