Persona: Equilibrium; a Persona Fandom RP idea

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  1. I mean, you should already know after reading the above if you'd be interested in this, but I figure it'd be nice to actually show you my ideas for the running of the RP so you can have some assurances as to its quality.

    First thing, it's not going to be a fast posting speed. This doesn't mean I'm going to require large posts, just that the pace is going to be relaxed.

    Secondly, I like collabs. We're probably going to be doing a lot of them. This will work into the above thing, about the slower posting speed.

    Thirdly, there's going to be 'mechanics' behind things that you can and can't do but yeah like, you should know that, it's based on an RPG so some semblance of balance is expected.

    Fourthly, and perhaps most unusually, there isn't going to be a standard CS to accompany this RP. Instead, you will be given a brief amount of information on the setting, where you live, go to school, and then you'll fill in a brief 'normal' CS before having your character respond to a 20+ question interview process... that will have happened IC.

    The premise of that is that the RP is going to be following a theme; balancing responsibilities and leisure. The interview process? Will be for a part time job that your character, and the characters of the other players, will be working at on certain days after school. It'll be the thing that ties your characters together initially although you are free to have them know each other prior to meeting at work.

    Fifthly, you will not be deciding your Arcana or who your Persona is. Instead, based on the results of your interview process and other factors you will be given an Arcana that's "more or less" appropriate for your character. Then, based on that Arcana, a specific Persona will be given to you. You may or may not be privy to knowing it ahead of time; I'm undecided on that.

    Sixthly, because you do not get to choose your Arcana or Persona, you should also know that you will not have the standard 'make your own' one later on as well. You'll have your earlier one, and then after significant character progression and story arcs you will unlock a more powerful evolved or whatever you want to refer to it as Persona. These will be following a core mythological theme that parallels the theme of the RP... which is, again, balancing responsibilities and leisure. What you want to do and what you have to do.

    If my intentionally downplayed rambling on the notions behind the RP have not killed your interest in it, then that means that we're golden and you're likely a good fit. There will be a pretty small player limit, and before I even wrote this up some people have made characters already; the interview is technically already available to do things with. I will link it if this gets enough interest.
  2. I'm liking how these mechanics work. Count me interested.
  3. Hmm. Which Persona are you basing the lore of the RP on? Or will it be original? I've watched P4:A and gotten through about half of P3, so I don't know if they mesh somehow, but it seems like they happen roughly in different universes...especially since I believe PQ just pulled everyone from their respective worlds.

    And I guess on that note will there be spoilers?
  4. There won't be spoilers as the plot of this RP will be completely disjointed from the plots of the Persona games. It's a fandom RP insomuch as it's in a 'pretty much Persona' universe but you won't be hanging with Kanji nor Junpei. The barrier to entry with regards to what you know of how the Persona worlds work is pretty low, and you could comfortably fit in and follow through with only a cursory knowledge of how things work with regards to lore.

    That said, the specifics of where you're fighting things and how you bring out your Personas will be a bit more in line with P3 than P4 (insomuch as you'll be using an evoker, and <REDACTED>) but I won't be saying too much just yet because... well while not spoiling the games / animes / mangas / other types of whatevers it may spoil the RP!
  5. Colour me intrigued.

    Will the persona we get be taken from canon, or will you be throwing original ones into the mix?
  6. Plops down interest because.
  7. The personas will be 'original' in that some of the characters have been used before for personas, but they'll be redesigned for thematic reasons, possibly even put in a different Arcana (usually one that I find more appropriate for the mythical character). Others will be entirely new. Given I don't know what Arcanas the players will end up with who actually do the RP, I can't say if it'll favour entirely new or redesigned personas more.
  8. Sounds wonderful! I'm definitely interested. o3o
  9. Interested, but I'm much more familiar with the Shin Megami Tensei World than the Persona World.
  10. Ooooh, sounds quite interesting. I would love to attempt this.
  11. It seems interesting enough, I'll be at a little ambitious in a couple respects. Well, 'ambitious' isn't exactly the word but people not being able to decide their own Arcana will maybe lead some people astray or set others off.


    I think you know what I mean. But other than that, this seems like an interesting idea. I'd be happy to join.
  12. I'm interested :3
  13. I've only played half of one Persona game, so I wouldn't consider myself an expert on the lore, but the wikis exist for a reason. I'm certainly interested.
  14. You know my interest, Ely!
  15. Whoa hey I'm not dead

    So before moving on to the OOC which would require just, buckets of extra work for me to do, I'm going to go ahead and just link to the character creation process and see both the level of persistent interest and the quality of stuff put in! Then based on that I'll decide if I table this for now, or go ahead with it. Yay!

    Here's the link!
  16. Whoa, that's quite a bit. Should be really fun, and a brilliant way to develop pre-existing characters (which I have a tendency to use). Looking forward to this!
  17. I´m interested. if your still up for candidates, i´m on it. Just send me a message with instructions on what to do.
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  18. Man this interviewer alll up in our shiz.
  19. Done, I filled in all the interview aspects, just going to wait in case there is something else that is needed from me.
  20. Well, in the meanwhile while I decide if to actually do it (still on the edge, sorry! Kill your hopes, be pleasantly surprised if I do it~) if you could give me any input on the interview process, both with respect to this RP or as a process of making CSes in general that'd be greatly appreciated! I love me some feedback!
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