Persona: A Canon and Original Search!

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  1. Let's Do This!
    Persona: A Canon and Original Search!
    Seeking Skilled Companions

    How may you join this adventure?
    What awaits you?
    The ABC of wooing Scatter into playing with you!
    Mission Parameters:
    First thing first, as this is the PG-13 Version and that both version are similar, I would ask for you all to state which version you applied for if you decided to contact me by PM. As this version abide. The violence and suggestive themes will be toned down for more sensitive individuals and for a younger audience. Do be reassured that all of the selected options in the title can be disabled at your convenience.

    Secondly, this mission need some dedicated and skilled writers, capable of making believable and deepening characters capable of growth as well as to be able to take charge of the plot if need be. A minimum of two well structured paragraphs are needed per post to be applicable for the spot. After that, a good amount of friendly OOC banter and plotting is needed in the comfort of a Conversation, so try to speak your mind, we will get along better and thus the plot will last longer that way.

    The goal of this mission is to make a great tale and to have fun, that it may be a Want of a Nail deviation from the
    Persona 3 and/or Persona 4 games or that it end up being something only borrowing from the themes of the series. A good blend of genres and a certain breathless uncertainty is needed for those tales to work.

    Finally, let us have plenty of pulse raising fun!

Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.