Persona 4 - Seeking a Male OC and a Rise!

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  1. Hello everyone! I'm seeking someone who can post at least four good quality paragraphs per post and who would be willing to give me a writing sample, that it may be from a previous work or rp or simply an improvised scene. I also seek someone fun who will enjoy chatting and plotting OOC as much as I do, as, if all go well, we will make many roleplays together!

    Now, let's get down to business, I want someone who will be able to post at least once a day and will be willing to double as Rise Kujikawa and a male OC for my Male OC and my Kenji Tatsumi respectively. Yes, that means both a MxF and a MxM relationship in the same roleplay *gasp*! I am looking for someone who is ready to take some artistic licence on the original game plot or willing to go completely AU with it, why not?

    To summarize, you must me willing to make an online friend of me, be able to play both male and female convincingly and be able to post at least four full quality paragraphs per post to apply, I shall be chatting a bit with those who do apply to come up with a proper plot and will be willing to take up to two different plots on those pairings, so don't get discouraged if you're not the first to respond!

    Now, here is a small sample from me:

    Three Paragraphs Snippet (open)
    She was awaking to new eyes again, the colours slightly different from last time and her new body alien to her still. She had no name, not while still forced to awake a new person every time she slumbered. That was all right, though, as it was yet another incentive to seek her real self... her real body. The memories were also new, yet felt old, slightly faded, and she idly wondered what her true ones were about, what life she led to make her like this, lost and without a proper home for her soul and mind. She would get up again, go on her day and learn as much as she could, for a small portion of that knowledge would go over her next reincarnation of sort, making her just a bit more aware of what to do to get back to her proper place.

    A warm body was beside her this time, and she knew she still was a she this time,her body feeling light and soft and her now long hair spread like a light halo around her head. Baring the slightest glance at her companion, she noticed his masculine face and thus satisfied her curiosity as to who would share her day. Waking was always a new experience, after all,and it could be so lonely... no, she had to get dressed and ready for the day. Slowly extricating herself from the warm comfort of the bed she lied in, she padded her way, naked as the day she was born, the a door that lead to the bathroom if her new memories were correct. She had still so much to do today...

    Getting her bearings, learning something she didn't know and keeping others from getting suspicious was hard work, and perhaps she deserved a warm bath? Yes, she could afford it, she thought as the soft and heady scents of bathing products reached her nostrils along with the sight of an expensive and massive-looking tub. Preparing herself a bath, she toed her way in the hot water and relaxed with a sigh. Maybe she could just... and she felt back asleep.
Thread Status:
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