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  1. am desperate for one 0_0 anyone??
  2. Hmm... You got any idea for it, or do you want someone to make it for you?
  3. we can work on it together! nothing complicated. Am thinking of something with the original characters themselves.We can start it at any point in the actual persona 4 plot (ex. before the investigation, after the investigation )
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  4. Alright. I'll admit my Persona Fu is rather weak, being that I only know it through art and fansites rather than gameplay itself. So, let's see...

    The setting will be in the fictional town of Nabemono, also known as the "Melting Pot City" because of the astounding amount of various cultures being exchanged there for a city in Japan (This would justify why we would have various non-Japanese characters, should they come along). Though it has lofty goals in creating a city full of diversity, it's hardly even a town (Population average between 10000-15000) with a fairly small with a population of about 7000. Still, despite the fairly small population, it's a nice enough town. Plenty of things to catch your interest, and generally a safe place. Up until recently...

    There are a couple of local highschools, though the only one we need to worry about is the Nabemono State Highschool. There's also a Nabemono community college, though they mostly serve to help students get ready for university exams. And lastly, there is the Crossroads Cram School, for those who have struggling with their grades or wish to improve it even further (May have some use later).

    There is a Junes in Nabemono, though it has been more openly embraced there than in the original Persona 4. It is still fairly new however, so there can still be some drama around it if the players so desire.

    Our characters would likely be students of the Nabemono State Highschool, or Community College if you wish to play as a slightly older person. Though I'd keep the age range between 15-25 at least. As with the original Persona 4, everyone has a bit of baggage they carry, which is what makes them more involved in the plot later on. It first begins with these strange dreams everyone has. Or more of a nightmare really. That would be their Shadows manifesting in a more coherent way, making their mysterious presence known and giving an idea of just one of the problems your character has. But remember what your Shadow is; it's not just an opponent to be defeated. It's a part of you that you're trying to deny. To reject it is to constantly struggle with it, and to give into it will kill you. Worry not, when you face your shadows, we'll work you through on how to deal with it.

    Now, the plot official kicks off on an average day at school in Autumn. Business as usual, until there is an announcement that everyone is allowed to be dismissed home early that day. And one way or another, the characters would discover that a Senior student at the Nabemono Highschool has been found dead near the Community College (Which will also allow the College age students a free day). From there we can have some of our characters meet up and ponder what happened and such.

    That's about all the details I have at the moment, more to come as I see what our group composition is. I'd suggest that we keep an even amount of players, so six at the most. With you and me, we just need four more players. Here's a bit of a mock CS just so potential plays have something to work off of.

    Character Sheet (open)

    Name: Since Nabemono is a diverse town, just about any name would do. Really weird names might not be believed at first, but anything goes really.
    Age: Between 15-25. Let's not have too many child prodigies though, alright? If you wanted to dedicate your character into being a kickass fighter since he could walk, fine, but that takes a lot of his time. Time that he could be sending doing things like, say, getting an education or learning how to cook.
    Gender: Male, Female, trans, whatever.
    Appearance: Description or image. I'd prefer anime.
    Bio: The history of your character. This ought to cover the general information on their personality and their abilities, as well as what might be the cause of their inner Shadows and what not.
    Other: Whatever else you feel could be added.

    Also a bit of a CS regarding your character in the TV world. Yes, this is where you'll have your Persona, weapons, etc. As some of you may remember, the Shadow Archetypes are a bit based around Tarot Motifs. Do a bit of research on their meanings while you're making your Persona/Shadow. Here is a good place to start reading.

    TV World (open)

    Shadow -

    Name: Obvious. It's pretty much "Shadow (Your name)", though include a name for it's "Boss" form.​
    Appearance: This is it's Battle form. It's assuming that it's initial form is an evil looking you. Feel free to provide an appearance for both.​
    Aspect: The "darker" you that you're denying. If you've done your homework, it ought to be akin to the reverse meaning of your Tarot Motif. And while you can only chose one Tarot, feel free to chose more than just from the Major Arcana; the Numbers and Court suits have some interesting ideas to play around with as well.​

    Persona -

    Name: You don't have to chose a preexisting demon from the Persona series, and indeed you can make one of your own if you'd like. The only condition is that you at least base it a little from some mythology or story, and that it pairs up with your Tarot. The rabbit of antioch is not a compatible creature for say, The Lovers.​
    Appearance: Yeah. It can be pretty much anything that would be appropriate for the character.​
    Aspect: What your inner Darkness could manifest into if you embrace it. The upright interpretation of your Tarot mofit. Again, do some research to make sure you're making a clear connection. There are complex character and than there are convoluted characters.​
    Abilities: A more practical application of your Persona, pretty much how it helps you in a fight. It's assuming that your initial Persona is rather low level, and you will have a chance to obtain stronger demons to use later into the story, as well as your ultimate Persona if your character development warrants it.​

    Weaponry: What your character would use in the TV World. No one should be running about with battleaxes and shotguns in the middle of the day however; this category would refer more to the type of weapons you'd use rather than what exactly your bring with you. A "Sword" could easily be a baseball bat or golf club for example, and there's nothing wrong with using stranger things like a "Whip" weapon being a yoyo or your belt. Though as previously mentioned, also try to think of what sort of weapons you could carry around without people being scared to call the cops on you.
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  5. Name:Ken amada
    Age: 16(first year )
    Gender: Male
    Appearance: tmp_15741--persona-4-arena-ultimax-ken--1224619266.jpg
    Personality:due to losing his parents at a young age Ken grew up more mature than his age(due to all responsibilities he had to shoulder ). He also grew up quite lonely,to fight his loneliness he brought in a stray dog into his house. Ken may appear head strong and capable of handling stress a a high level- but he can also get very emotional (he mostly keeps his emotions locked in inside)He can get attached to people easily if they showed him acts of kindness(the people might not notice he is attached to them due to his inability to express his feelings towards them ). since he is never one to approach people he really takes warmly to those who approach him and include him.

    Bio:Despite having distant relatives who asked him to move in after his parents death, ken chose to live alone in a small apartment in a complex his father used to own(so he lives for free there and gets to collect the rent money of the residents to himself-that is his source of living.This actually makes him rich for his age). Ken spends his free time playing video games- he is an x-gamer who just loves to play more than anything else.

    Fear: isolation/ rejection . People tend to think ken is anti social and very reserved.When in reality he is very simply afraid of rejection. Despite his fear of rejection ken also WANTS people around him.This creates an inner conflict within his heart( source of shadow self!)

    Persona :kala-Nemi

    Kala-Nemi is the pre-Vedic spirit of the Zodiac, encircling the universe like a great serpent. Also referred to as the Rim of the Wheel of Time, Kala-Nemi's association to the zodiac is closely linked to the observation that all seasons are determined by the position of the zodiac in the skies. In the Ramayana Kala-Nemi is a Rakshasa, as well as Ravana's uncle.

    Persona appearance:nemesis

    Persona final evolution:kala-Nemi

    Shadow self : tmp_15741-l_537c4d5027e857ekzv-1587442612.jpg
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  6. Is ken profile okay? '^'
  7. Looks cool to me. Let's try to get some other people to show interest too. I might have a CS in the works.
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