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  1. So as some may know, RolePlayer Guild sadly went kapoot. It lost all its data, everything. I had a Persona 4 rp I was GMing, and I was thinking of restarting it up here on Iwaku. (luckily I had all of my information saved in on my computer)

    Here is the information you'd need to know (ideas for plot, rules, etc):

    1) I know it's a little unfair, but I do want people to have played Persona 4. (at least enough to know the premise, how battle works, etc) This knowledge will be invaluable to the rp. However, having played Persona 3/Persona 3 Portable and Persona 4 Arena is optional (but I would be using them in the rp as explained below)

    2) This would be based on Persona 4, with similar events, but in a different location with different characters (except for the lovable mascot Teddie, he stays).

    3) The plot would be loosely based on P4, with different "villains"and a different ending. (meaning semi-spoilers mostly because of Teddie)

    4) I don't like designating main character replacements, so instead I'd adding in members from the Kirijo Group from Persona 3 (those who have played Persona 4 Arena might understand how this would work) They would be the initial gateway into the TV world. They would also attend school with the group and give out evokers (so pretty much everyone can start out with a Persona)

    5) On the topic of Personas, they could be canon ones from the game, or your own creations. Regular student Personas would start with the basic moves while Kirijo group members could have slightly stronger ones (though everyone would equal out pretty soon into the rp)

    6) I won't lie, I would be very picky on characters. This doesn't mean I'd pick apart everything (or that your character is bad if I do) but this rp requires a certain...standard? I would be specifically picky on Shadows and characters' personalities (mainly they would need a "weakness" for their Shadow to exploit, if that makes sense)

    7) I would be kinda picky on grammar, sentence structure, spelling, etc. I know that I am by no means perfect, but there is a level that I would like to see (and since Persona 4 is technically rated M, I'm assuming that most people who would join would be mid-teens and up). I think the main thing I hate and would call out is run-on sentences. Please break up sentences. I prefer sentences to be too short than too long.

    8) No one-liners. In order to keep the rp going, I would generally continue the story about 5 days after my last plot post. This means you could take about 5-ish days to come up with a good post reacting to everything. Interaction between character within that gap is fine, but I wouldn't want things clogged up with posts every hours.

    9) Romance is a-okay! In fact, I encourage it! However, I think Persona handles it nicely with a fade to black with the phrase "MC and so-and-so spent a long time together". If you want to continue this romance, bring it to the Mature section or do it in PM. (but remember, keep within your age group!) Also, don't force a relationship on anyone. Let it develop naturally. I know it stinks when you want your character to get with someone but they can't, but that's life, am I right?

    10) Not important, but I do like to make character icons for people! Here are two examples:
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    [Disclaimer: I don't draw them, just edit them (add borders, change colors, add color, etc)]​

    This is just an interest check. I'm not really sure if I will make it or not (I'm not a fan of only being allowed 1 IC thread here on Iwaku). However, if enough people are interested (like, really interested), then I might give it another try.

    Please post here or PM me with any questions, comments, etc!
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  2. I'm interested! I love Persona 4! And Persona 3! (not to mention I was part of the RP before RPGuild crashed)!

    I still have my CS, but I see that you said you already have all the data from the original RP, but I can post it again if necessary should you decide to restart the RP.
  3. Dude, Xylime! I was just about to make my own Persona RP. I'm glad I stalk you guys a lot, since I don't think I'd ever find this thing if I hadn't; this place is huge!

    It's been a long time since I finished Persona 4(and I'm just starting on Persona 3) so I might be a bit rusty but my love of it has just reawakened, especially from looking at Persona 4 Arena ULTIMAX (sadly, I can't play it, since no console).

    If you're willing to allow it, I'd join this thing so hard that kicking me out would result in the death of Iwaku as well.
  4. Hmm... I kinda like the idea of combining the two games in a way that's different from what was in Persona 4 itself. While it may have been a while since I've last played three out of the four listed games, you can count on me joining if you decide to do it.
  5. I'd definitely be interested in this! The Persona series is one of the best out there.
  6. Great! I'm glad to see so many people interested! For those who say it's been a while, no worries. I just wanted people to have played it (because let's be honest, it can be hard to explain everything about Persona to someone who hasn't played the series)

    First off, I want to say this right now, this rp with take place in Kobe, Japan. Why? Because that place is well known for being a common place to find foreigners, so it will makes things toooons easier should someone play a foreigner (like Liam)

    Second... Persona 4 Rp - Burn My Lies - OOC <-- Follow the pretty link!