Persona 4 Cravings!

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I have a huge craving for Persona 4 roleplay lately, and I will be outlining each pair with the understanding that they can be either romantic or platonic save for those involving Nanako who is too young for romance. I'm flexible with the amount of character we can use, as well, so merging of pairings or ideas is also welcomed as long as you got a good idea for it.

Expectation Checklist:
- Take some care in each of your post, and try to leave as little typos or grammar mix-ups as possible. I'm not a robot, however, and can be perfectly happy with the occasional goof. Keyword is occasional.

- Be ready to plot and take control of both your characters and the storyline itself when it is time for you to post, I want an active partner that is as willing to stir things up as I am.

- Talk to me, I want us to be friendly, and I swear I don't bite! :)

- Nothing Libertine, please. I can handle violence and drama, though, so bring it on if it make the plot better! Swearing is also fine in case of Kanji.

- Please post at least a couple of paragraphs! I'll always strive to give you plenty to respond to, so please give e the same courtesy.

Okay! Now that the boring but mandatory laying of the rules is done, we can get to the interesting stuff!

Any cutesy bonding with Nanako. I love this kid.



Kanji/MC (Yu/Souji)

That may not be a huge list, but feel free to suggest! Do know that my knowledge of the later game has dulled, so I don't feel confident about playing with or opposite to Naoto... sorry!
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