Persona 3 roleplay? Maybe?


Renn Lykan

Original poster
If any Persona 3 fans were interested...
I really want to start a roleplay that sticks to the general Persona 3 game-play, (making friends, fighting shadows in Tartarus, and eventually saving the world). ^^ Of course, I would like to add a few twists or so along the way. First being that I would love to see both the male and female protagonists in the same story (ideally, I would like to assume the role as the female mc, and whoever wants to join me takes the role of the male mc). But of course, I wouldn't mind if you wanted to RP as one of the S.E.E.S members.
And also, in this particular roleplay, I don't mind a little smut here and there.

Really, I'm just looking for a Persona 3 fan who knows the game (and thus, the storyline as well), and wants to do this. I'm open to suggestions regarding the plot of this RP, as I want this to follow the basic plot of the game, but with as much originality as I can muster up.

If anyone's interested, I will be sure to discuss this further with you.